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Ivan Lendl becomes coach of Andy Murray

Andy Murray's coach Ivan Lendl
After the tournament in Miami, which ends early April, Lendl and Murray therefore plan a multi-week training block in the United States. Murray, after a long injury break currently stands in place in the world ranking list, recorded its greatest achievements under Lendl. The native Czech and today’s Americans led to the British such as Olympia Gold 2012 and 2016 or winning the US Open and Wimbledon. Lendl was also coach of the German top player Alexander Zverev, but the cooperation of the two ended after less than a year. As a player, Lendl belonged to the big rivals of Boris Becker in the 80s and 90s. He stood at the top of the world rankings 270 weeks and won eight Grand Slam title.

Government, among this week,

Last week, the US government announced the export control measures in the United States, and the government will discuss the US government and export control in this week.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Normal Kwon, Han-gu, and the head of the Normal School is attending the ‘professional trade emergency meeting’ held at the Seoul Samseong Trade Center on the 28th.

Welcome to the president of the meeting, “We plan to concentrate on the US and to concentrate on the United States, regarding the US Salary export control issued last week.” In addition, the Industrial Department shall conduct the US Department of Commerce Industry in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (BIS).

On this day, the meeting was held to examine the import and export status according to professional trade, import association, and Ukrainian disagreement. After Russia’s Ukraine invasion, we discussed the impact on import and export status and response measures such as logistics, raw materials, and payment, and the effects of international community.

The professional trading company attended the meeting is now responding to the expansion of the cost of the current raw material, but it was concerned about the recipient of the raw material, logistics transportation disruption, and the payment of the logistics transportation disruption,

In addition, it emphasized the importance of providing rapid information on the industry and to raise uncertainty related to the export control measures for strategic materials that the US government announced by the US government.

The Industrial Department is in a full-fledged operation from the “Russian Desk” in the Strategic Material Management. We are providing related information and consulting by receiving a total of 60 inquiries about the sustainability of Salary export by industry, and the sanctions of Salaran by two days.

How is power divided in the United States government? - Belinda Stutzman
We are scheduled to strengthen the support of information sharing, logistics, transaction disruption, liquidity supply, legal consulting, etc. through the recent recent businesses that have recently established to the KOTRA and trade association related to Ukraine.

“Because the Ukrainian monitage is not unpredictable, it will not be unpredictable, so it will not be able to maintain an emergency response system,” and “rapidly changing local trends,” I will go to the policies. “

New advertisement of Super Smash Bros Surprise fans

The battling video game series Super Smash Bros. from Nintendo, launched in 1999, features an array of computer game characters from various franchise business. There more than 80 usable personalities throughout the collection, primarily sourced from Nintendo franchise business but with a variety of third-party ones also. There are likewise various other non-player characters that take the kind of adversaries, employers, and also power-ups.

A new Super Smash Bros. The announcement has surprised fans as well as Super Smash Bros.ultimate Support comes to an end. After years of ignoring the market and going after the tournaments organized by fanatics, Nintendo has announced that it is being associated with Global Panda for what will be the first licensed officer. Super Smash Bros. Circuit in North America (United States, Mexico and Canada). The tournaments are scheduled to start at 2022, and they will count not only with the aforementioned SUPER SMASH BROS.ULTIMATE, but Super Smash Bros. Body to Body as well as.

For now, due to the pandemic, the rating rounds for the competition will be limited to the online ones. However, the classifications in person are in the plans and will begin once large-scale events are possible again. Meanwhile, the winners of these qualifying rounds will compete in the Grand Final, which will presumably be in person, if possible, although at this time there are no details about it.

As expected, this announcement took many fanatics from the series by surprise, not only because Nintendo has done very little to encourage and support the competitive scene of Super Smash Bros., But because we are very involved in the last delivery cycle Launched And, of course, nobody expected Nintendo to realize Super Smash Bros. Body to Body and its competitive scenario after actively trying to hamper it for so many years.

Today is the first day of a beautiful future, he writes a prominent Hungry box, from the news, on Twitter. Thank you for acknowledging the competition Termed confuse and for providing support to both scenes. I look forward to what you can achieve with both parties working together. This is going to be something very special.

«In a week when we have arrived Naruto Characters in Fortnite, to Here Towing, Sonic unleashed 60FPS, a new db game and a Warner Bros plaster game, somehow Nintendo is associated with a real organization of electronic sports and mentions Confuse is the most crazy, adds Games.

For now, it remains to be seen if Panda Global and Nintendo will be able to fulfill their promise, but it can not be denied that today s novelty was a big surprise for many.

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