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Lost Ark: Super-Express Mission – alle Infos

The Super Express mission should help your character in Lost Ark to level even faster. In this guide you can find out:

  • What is the prerequisite for the Super Express mission
  • What rewards there are
  • How you can change the character afterwards

Do you want to make your character even stronger? Then use jewels. In our guide we tell you how you can melt the gemstones.

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Prerequisite and event period of the Super Express Mission

The Super Express mission is a temporary event that takes place until July 28th. You can only start the task until June 30, 2022.

At the start of Lost Ark, a ** Quest screen opens automatically, in which you select the character that is supposed to complete the Super Express mission. Remember: only one character from your squad can participate and only this will get the rewards.

However, there is a prerequisite for participation in the Super Express mission: Your character must have reached Level 50. In addition, the item level may not be more than 1,100.

If you want to change the character during the event, this is possible once. Open the mission menu and click on the gift icon at the top right under the minimap. There you choose a new character and confirms the warning that this is only possible once and cannot be undone.

Caution: If you delete the character , which takes part in the express mission event, you do not have the option of participating again with another or a newly created character.

Super Express mission: All rewards

If you successfully finish the event, you get the Super Express citing box . You get the following valuables from the lootbox:

  • 1,000 gold
  • 3,000,000 silver
  • 1x relic selection chest: relationship
  • 20x card package: legendary – rare
  • 10x card package: legendary – epic
  • 3x legendary card package
  • 1x legendary selection chest: card package
  • 3x legendary selection chest: relationship
  • 5x non -identified mighty stone of swinging up
  • 10x selection chest: navigation coin
  • 20: Selection chest: Epic engraving instructions
  • 20x selection chest: Epic combat engraving instructions
  • 20x growth support: epic accessory chest
  • 30x creation fragment
  • 10,000 RAID seals
  • 10,000 victory seal
  • 10,000 adventure seals
  • 50x leaps of honor

Lost Ark SUPER EXPRESS Mission Guide! Which Character is best?! And HOW to!
* 500x destruction stone crystal
* 1,500 Guardian stone crystal

In addition, your character will receive a reinforcement buff for equipment. As a result, he has a 20 percent more chance of success, The splinter costs are reduced by 40 percent and there are two stages per successful upgrading, which can be expanded to up to 12 levels.

that awaits you during the super express mission

You can find the tasks of the Super Express mission in the menu. There are a total of four mission levels with six missions each. In addition, there is also a bonus level. Among other things, you have to complete chaos dungeons and guards and do unas daily tasks.

Above all, you should devote yourself to Unas’s tasks at an early stage, Since they are updated every day. If you end it early, you can relax the dungeons.

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The Doom Developer refutes the initial Super Nintendo manual as well as disassemble among the theories of followers

Given the magnitude and relevance of that tuit, Romero has actually addressed strongly specifying that Doom does not take place in March 2022 , rejecting straight what he placed in the handbook that had the video game in Super Nintendo. Makes certain that this paper needed to take a date, yet did not place it from Software application ID, so DoOM is timeless for him.

Other events do not such as the developer of the legend. Through a shared message in your Official Twitter account, John Romero wanted to mention a magazine of a user who shared on March 15 a capture of a photo in which it was specified that Doom occasions happen During March 2022, specifically in the middle of the SNES version.

That a saga was premiered decades ago does not mean that it does not follow today, as well as Doom is an excellent instance of it. The series of ID Software program meant an in the past and one later on for computer game as well as the Shooter category, and still today we have both brand-new releases as events in the kind of compilation.

Doom is atemporal John Romero Nonetheless, Romero desired to proceed answering the area that follows him, joking concerning this truth and regarding the video game as a whole. After watery the party he wishes us all an excellent day, and also if we asked him concerning whether there are demons on Mars’s moons he will tell us that he is encouraged of it.

Doom (SNES) - Part 1 of 14

It is worth keeping in mind that John Romero has additionally been news in current weeks on the event of the war in between Ukraine and Russia, when accomplishing a advantageous effort with the magazine of a new degree of Doom 2 whose benefits are predestined to humanitarian aid. Right now he is receiving a good action from people, with even more than $ 25,000 accumulated.

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No Super Smash Bros. At Evo: Nintendo pulls the plug

Evo has announced that the tournament 2022 without Super Smash Brothers – games. This was announced by the tournament organization on its official Twitter account. Evo is a series of popular combat game tournaments, which has made aware of Super Smash Brothers tournaments. The games that will be 2022 part of the tournament will be announced live on March 8 at two o’clock German time. In the same moment, Nintendo decided not to continue to cooperate with EVO.

Nintendo and tournaments – (k) a love story

Nintendo has a more than a conflicting story with the tournament organization Evo and Smash Brothers tournaments in general. In 2013, for example, you had tried to keep Evo from streaming a super Smash Brothers Melee tournament. This attempt met with great protest of the Melee-Fangemeinde and Nintendo returned the original decision.

In the following years again, the relationship became a little better. Nevertheless, Nintendo had threatened numerous other organizations with legal consequences if they use such modifications for Melee or Brawl . Nintendo continued to be a particularly sympathetic impression compared to the respective communities.

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2021 Evo was bought by Sony. In the course of this announcement, Nintendo announced that they evaluate their own options for the future. Since then, with Global Panda you have found your own tournament partner and announced to organize 2022 tournaments for Melee and Ultimate. This is a possible justification for the retreat Nintendos.

Why has Nintendo withdrawn?

More detailed reasons for the end of cooperation are still unknown. It is speculated that the cancellation of the EVO tournament 2020 could play a role. Originally, the tournament 2020 was canceled as a result of the Covid pandemic. Implementation as a purely digital event was also canceled after violent allegations of sexual harassment of a minor to the CEO of the organization, Joey Cullar, came to light.

In the course of these allegations, Cuellar was released from the company, a new CEO was used and the digital tournament canceled after companies like Capcom had withdrawn.

EVO DROPS Super Smash Bro's! Nintendo PISSES OFF The Smash Community!

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To what extent can be drawn here is still unclear. The fact is that we will not see Super Smash Brothers at EVO 2022. The tournament 2022 will be the first on-site tournament since the beginning of the pandemic and should take place from 5 to 7 August in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sources: Evo, Wccfech, GamePot, Kotaku

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& Lukas Schmid
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New advertisement of Super Smash Bros Surprise fans

The battling video game series Super Smash Bros. from Nintendo, launched in 1999, features an array of computer game characters from various franchise business. There more than 80 usable personalities throughout the collection, primarily sourced from Nintendo franchise business but with a variety of third-party ones also. There are likewise various other non-player characters that take the kind of adversaries, employers, and also power-ups.

A new Super Smash Bros. The announcement has surprised fans as well as Super Smash Bros.ultimate Support comes to an end. After years of ignoring the market and going after the tournaments organized by fanatics, Nintendo has announced that it is being associated with Global Panda for what will be the first licensed officer. Super Smash Bros. Circuit in North America (United States, Mexico and Canada). The tournaments are scheduled to start at 2022, and they will count not only with the aforementioned SUPER SMASH BROS.ULTIMATE, but Super Smash Bros. Body to Body as well as.

For now, due to the pandemic, the rating rounds for the competition will be limited to the online ones. However, the classifications in person are in the plans and will begin once large-scale events are possible again. Meanwhile, the winners of these qualifying rounds will compete in the Grand Final, which will presumably be in person, if possible, although at this time there are no details about it.

As expected, this announcement took many fanatics from the series by surprise, not only because Nintendo has done very little to encourage and support the competitive scene of Super Smash Bros., But because we are very involved in the last delivery cycle Launched And, of course, nobody expected Nintendo to realize Super Smash Bros. Body to Body and its competitive scenario after actively trying to hamper it for so many years.

Today is the first day of a beautiful future, he writes a prominent Hungry box, from the news, on Twitter. Thank you for acknowledging the competition Termed confuse and for providing support to both scenes. I look forward to what you can achieve with both parties working together. This is going to be something very special.

«In a week when we have arrived Naruto Characters in Fortnite, to Here Towing, Sonic unleashed 60FPS, a new db game and a Warner Bros plaster game, somehow Nintendo is associated with a real organization of electronic sports and mentions Confuse is the most crazy, adds Games.

For now, it remains to be seen if Panda Global and Nintendo will be able to fulfill their promise, but it can not be denied that today s novelty was a big surprise for many.

Super Smash Bros. - Gameplay & Quest for the amiibo!
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Pokemon sword and shield top Japanese charts in the first week of the year 2020

The top 10 will be dominated by switch games again.

Famitsu has published data for the first week of the year 2020 (ended 5 January) for the sale of video games software (hardware sales are not yet available), and the new year has begun like the previous year Pokemon sword and Schild Once again the sale dominated (as last week and every week since its publication) and sold over 196,000 units.

Just like the previous week, every single game in the top 10 this week is a switch title. Luigi s mansion 3 continues to show surprisingly long legs and remains with over 52,000 units sold on second place mario kart 8 deluxe at third place follows only a gap of less than three hundred units.

Much of the top 10 is dominated by games, which we have recently used in these charts, including such as Minecraft, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Ring Fit Adventure, Super Mario Party, and more. Dr. Kawashima s brain training, The company, which debuted last week on the eighth place, has actually recorded more sales this week and has space 7 with over 41,000 units sold.

You can check the full top 10 below.

Software sales (followed by lifelong sales):

01 . [NSW] Pokemon Sword / Shield – 196.925 / 3.185.059
02 . [NSW] Luigi s Mansion 3 – 52.434 / 558.432
03 . [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 52.195 / 2,711.204
04 . [NSW] Minecraft – 46.963 / 1.192.902
05 . [NSW] Mario & Sonic at the Olympics: Tokyo 2020 – 44.605 / 239.733
06 . [NSW] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – 43.274 / 3.496.326
07 . [NSW] Kawashimas Brain Training for Nintendo Switch – 41.455 / 76.151
08 . [NSW] Super Mario Party – 37.903 / 1.301.613
09 . [NSW] Fishing Spirits: Nintendo Switch Version – 30.705 / 367.700
10 . [NSW] Ring Fit Adventure – 30.432 / 526.071


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