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2D search Act “Lost Epic” on July 28 PS5/PS4 version release & Steam version official release decision! [Indie Live EXPO 2022]

OneOREIGHT has been working with Team Earthwars, and announced the official release date of the 2D search ACT “ Lost Epic “, which is currently accessible at Steam, and the PS5/PS4 version on the same day.

This is a 2D search action game with high -tempo battle action and many elements. It is outstanding playful, such as training characters with various growth factors, challenging strong enemies while making full use of items, and touching the world view through quests and sub stories. Originally, it was distributed as an early access at Steam from June 2021.

In this formal release, in addition to the above elements, all stories and final bosses in the main part, the appearance of the boss reinforcements we have been opponents, the addition of the marginal breakthrough weapons and mysteries, and online multiplayer with up to three players., Collaboration with the development team’s past work “Earth Wars” character skin will be prepared.

Furthermore, on May 21, the Steam version will be updated today. New areas, bosses, quests, etc. have been added, and 25%off sale has been held until May 28 to commemorate the exhibition of “INDIE LIVE EXPO 2022”.

Steam early access version May 21 Update contents

■ The final area “Abyss” is implemented. A more powerful story boss has also appeared

In this update, all the main stories of “Lost Epic” will be implemented and will proceed to “Abyss”, which will be the final area. In the abyss, a god called “God of the Darkness” and “Twin Gods” is waiting for the player.

And as a new gospel, you can get “God’s Eyes”. By activating the power of God’s eyes, you can see the hidden roads in the area you have been searching for.

At the end of the road, you will be able to obtain the “Mist” item required for the gospel and capture of new weapons. It is possible to strengthen the characters over the area you have visited so far.

In addition, the boss that appeared in the previous story, called the “re -boss”, will appear. Defeat will lead to more powerful equipment.

■ Addition of the limit breakthrough weapon, mystery

You can further strengthen your weapon status. Add more weapons that can break through the limits. A “mystery” that is activated by combining Singi has been added, and you can build a variety of combo.

■ Additional elements

[Additional elements]
-Sound the story up to the ending
– Additional area “Abyss”

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– Gospel
\ –Singi
– Quest that can be ordered from NPC

-Strengthen Parry
At the time of success, the enemy’s attack rigid up, the guard cuts up during enemy stiffness
-Changed the first shot of a big sword’s weak attack
Attack power and guard shaving up when accumulated
-Changed so that the status menu opens when the menu is opened
-Menu position of items and materials
-Fixed various menus
-Am implemented achievements
-Tatsumi, fishing rods, solid blades, coarse large bowl heavy axes are added to the dark merchant
-Throw material and weapon to the journal
-Fine adjustment, bug fix

The PlayStation version also released a “Premium Edition”, which comes with a digital artbook and soundtrack as one application. You can fully appreciate the character design that Namie has worked on.

The official release of “LOST EPIC” and the PS5/PS4 version release date, where you can enjoy the high -speed battle with enthusiasm, will be on July 28, 2022. We are currently conducting early access to Windows PC (Steam).

Can I play Destiny 2 on Steam deck?

Now, when a new campaign “Queen Witch” came to Destiny 2, players are wondering if you can play the game on the go. Valve has released Steam Deck – a portable device on which gamers can play your Steam library. Destiny 2 is in Steam, and players would be very convenient to try the witch Queen, being out of the house. Only a specific set of games are compatible with Steam Deck, which causes the question: Is it possible to play Destiny 2 on the Steam deck?

Bangui confirmed on the Help page, which Destiny 2 is not supported in the Steam deck. or any system using Proton Steam Play, if not installed and not running Windows. If a player tries to run Destiny 2 in Steam dealer through Steamos or Proton, he will not be able to enter the game. Shortly thereafter, the player will return to his game library.

Bungie also clarifies that any attempt to bypass the incompatibility of Destiny 2 will be encountered by the ban on the game. It is sad for Steam users, especially now, given the launch of the most ambitious game campaign. Although Destiny 2 may be incompatible with the Steam deel, it is reported that more than 400 items from the Steam library will be available on the device.

Will Destiny 2 be playable on the Steam Deck at launch? Steam Deck News

To learn more about Destiny, including How to prepare for the first day raid race in Destiny 2 – Preparations for the world’s first race Continue to read Pro Game Guides.

St.Dex, Called Real Knee – In Ben

The portable steam machine steam deck (Steam Deck), which has been revealed, with the expense of the detail specification through the valve. Horizontal Vertical 298 x 117mm is compared directly with other devices, and the size is as close as possible.

Portable Games Machine YouTube Channel The Cary Golomb (Cary Golomb) has been compared with several portable gaming machines that have been obtained throughout their SNS on the 4-day SNS on the 4th.

Golom, PS Vita, Nintendo switch OLED, and Game Boy Advance, such as Games Boy Advance, a portable game machine, from a portable game machine to Nintendo’s initial 3D game machine Viral Boy, PC-based portable game machine Smach Z, in Korea, the Wii U controller, Compared directly to the steam deck, such as Ayaneo NEXT, which is one of the decks and a rival machine.

Comparison with several devices have direct a huge size of the steam deck marked as a value.

The length of the length is about 3mm long Nintendo switch OLED, and it is about one end of the OLED, and it is the extent to reach the liquid crystal of the steam deck, and the game boy advance is not half of the steam decoder. The device that is a fixed in size of several devices was a portable PC game machine, such as Ayaneo, and it was only SMACH Z to thickness.

However, in the case of steam decks, the 7:10 percentage 7-inch display boasts a much larger screen size than SMACH Z. In addition, the control unit is also characterized by a variety of inputs than other portable game machines, and two analog sticks and trackpads are applied on the front.

Last July, the first steam deck is characterized by a steam machine that is directly presented by the valve. In particular, various operations such as grip buttons, such as grip buttons, gyro recognition, which can be specifically specifiable in addition to trackpads with HD haptic feedback, anti-electrostatic touch, trigger and bumper keys.

However, this feature and the latest games are also proud of the monthly size and weight for the implementation of the processor to be driven. The landscape length is 29.8 cm, and 11.7cm, respectively. In addition, there is a debris protruding by hand, so the thickness based on the thick part is 4.9 cm. Weight also over the doubled Nintendo switch OLED, 319g with 669g. This is a light weight of about 15 g than the largest 12.9-type model of the latest iPad with the M1 processor.

【Dex】Just a Robot (K1-B0/Kiibo fan song) 【VOCALOID Original】 +VSQX
The steam deck is equipped with the GPU of the CPU and 1.0 ~ 1.6 GHz of the CPU of 2.4 ~ 3.5 GHz, the AMD APU. In the case of actual resolution, it is expected that it will operate with a relatively low resolution of 1280 x 800, 1280 x 720, instead of 1080p, and it is expected to produce a great performance.

The valve will be released on February 25, which will be released on February 25, which has been sold in sales through preliminary purchases. On the other hand, more comparative images of the steam deck can be found in the SNS of Cary Gomol.

Devolver Digital is preparing to launch BLIGHTBOUND later in July

Geronimo Games and Revolver Digital have officially launched blight bounds in Steam in 2020. Blight bound is a multiplayer dungeon robot in which three heroes have to leave at an adventure to eliminate the blight, a new mysterious and formidable fog that envelops the earth. Revolver Digital officially announced that BlightBound is ready out of advance access and a full launch on July 27, 2021, on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is currently on sale on Steam for 14.99 USD, but the offer ends on July 8th.

BLIGHTBOUND is an online multiplayer dungeon exploration robot filled with tantalizing fights in which players must fight against abominable monsters to dissipate the fog. Interestingly, Blight bound offers a crossed game between PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which strengthens the cooperative experience. In blight bound, players can explore dozens of maps and different areas while unlocking heroes and recovering booty along the way. With more than twenty heroes available, each with its own skills, capacities and stories that are fully told, players are sure to stay entertained, and the game will offer a true sense of replayability. The graphics of the game are nice to look because it uses a mixture of 3D effects and hand painted characters.

Devolver MaxPass+ Showcase | Monetization as a Service
Players will be able to mix and match the heroes because the class roles reward the team game and the ultimate capacities. While the mage heals, the warrior must protect his allies and the assassin must interrupt his enemies. The world of collaboration is available in the game while players compete in three distinct areas, the strange Trademark, the Undersold oppress ant and the precarious Blood Ridge.

Are you interested in BLIGHTBOUND? If you played there in Early Access, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

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