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15 Most Successful Cids Minecraft Worlds – Re-create a World with the Armed Forces in February 2023

Sides are identifiers of a certain world generated in Minecraft.
You can use them to recreate a certain world with all its details, which helps to share worlds with certain properties.
Sometimes the player was very lucky, and he found an accidentally generated unique world with abundant resources, defined topology or other unique features.
Here is a list of the 15 most successful chides in Minecraft.

15 The most successful seats in the world in Minecraft

15-Beautiful Mountain Range

  • Maps:-8427444967367737379
  • Minecraft: Java
  • Version: 1.19
    This excellent seed will generate you in the middle of a snowy mountain chain with incredible peaks and beautiful gorges.
    An additional bonus is an extensive system of caves under the mountains if you want to explore the caves.

14) Village in a large canyon

  • Maps:-4651105460712845864
  • Minecraft: Java
  • Version: 1.19
    If you are looking for an adventure in canyoning on the slope of the mountain, this is a seed-what you need.
    You will appear near a large canyon with a small village that appeared right on the edge, and there are even several houses at the bottom of the canyon.

13-Desert city

  • Maps: 6630997395534342573
  • Minecraft: Java
  • Version: 1.19
    With this seat you will appear near the coastal desert city with some interesting geographical features.
    There are many research options, since the nearby desert area is rich in diamond fossils and gorges.

12) X-shaped village on the ice lake

Maps: 346037736138
Minecraft: Java
Version: 1.19
In this world, you will appear near the frozen lake from the X-shaped village floating along it.
If you dive under the ice, a huge funnel will meet you.
If you are looking for an underwater adventure, this place is ideal for the construction of structures and their connection with the village at the top.

11-Unusual rock formations

  • Maps:-2679078815986345699
  • Minecraft: Java
  • Version: 1.19
    You will have to go north to get to these beautiful formations similar to the dining rooms, but it’s worth it!
    The immediate territory around these rocks is filled with gorges and ravines, ready for research.
    Mountains are great for stone construction, ideal for a castle or fortress.

10) Mountain slope with a variety of BIOS

  • Maps: 883950225
  • Minecraft: Java
  • Version: 1.19
    This seed will make you appear on a ridge near a small lake in barren lands.
    The immediate territory is characterized by an incredible variety of biomass and exciting geographical features, as well as a good combination of mountains and gorges that you can explore.
    There are also several hidden treasures in this area, for example, the wreckage of the ship near the mine and several diamond fossils.

9) Ancient city under a variety of BIOS

  • Maps: 5155879575039368840
  • Minecraft: Java
  • Version: 1.19
    On the surface of this world, you will have a vast boom of barren lands, mixed with a couple of others, including an outstanding mountain range and a nearby village.
    But the true beauty of this seed is hidden underground in its vast system of caves and an ancient city, which lies directly below it.
    This seed will give you many hours of research for all of you, adventurers.


8) a village on a hill slope with a mine

  • Maps:-5587104679448810605
  • Minecraft: Java
  • Version: 1.19
    This seed will appear next to the beautiful village on the slope of the hill next to the river.
    On the other side there are a pair of deep ravines connected to the mine forming a network of tunnels and caves full of zombies, spiders and skeletons.
    Be careful when researched, because you can find several chests with treasures among the web.

8) Double dungeon village

  • Maps: 8027769604411866328
  • Minecraft edition: Rain breed
  • Version: 1.19
    This is a real rarity seed.
    You will appear on the banks of the river flowing through the pine forest.
    You will find a crack on the hill’s slope if you are looking for an early adventure.
    Right above the meadow you will find the village on the top of the hill.
    Right in the center of the village there is a small hole with spanner of zombies and skeletons.
    This feature makes this village ideal for growing creeps.

7) Vertical open dungeon

  • Maps:-5249478346376846453
  • Minecraft edition: Rain breed
  • Version: 1.19
    Finding open dungeons is a rare opportunity in Minecraft, but finding a dungeon on a steep hill is just a different level.
    The place is ideal for creating a giant spider farm.
    Below is the village of Kuznets, and nearby there is a fragment of the ship thrown ashore for additional research opportunities.

6-Tropical Kingdom

  • Maps:-450156990
  • Minecraft edition: Rain breed
  • Version: 1.19

This seed is ideal for you if you are looking for a real eye candy in the world!
You will appear near the tropical jungle with many vertical features of the area.
Beautiful arches, hidden overgrown caves and gorges are waiting for you to detect and explore them.
If you are ready to travel further around the world, you will see more great and various biomes.
On the other side of the lake where you appear, you will find two temples, a destroyed portal, anapest and three villages next to each other.

5) Big Mountain Cave

  • Maps: 1727502807
  • Minecraft edition: Rain breed
  • Version: 1.19
    This SID explores the very limits of the landscape of the landscape in Minecraft, since it generates the world with a vast cave system built into the mountain right next to your Renaissance zone.
    Go to the bay to the right of you and immediately begin to explore this underground beauty, consisting of cascading waterfalls and magnificent luminous ceilings.

4-mansion on the rocks

  • Maps: 5943345
  • Minecraft edition: Rain breed
  • Version: 1.19
  • Interesting coordinates: 4315, 60, 550
    You will have to go through more than 4,000 blocks to experience this incredible miracle of the random landscape generation, but it’s worth it!
    A rock mansion is really a sight, especially with graphic updates installed in your Minecraft.
    It is also a great base for operations and playing scripts with friends.

3) Double Ancient City with the end portal and a village nearby

  • Maps:-113283445815570664
  • Minecraft edition: Rain breed
  • Version: 1.19
  • Interesting coordinates:
    -160, 100, 815
    -240, 25, 771
    If you go to the coordinates that we indicated above, a small and peaceful village will meet you next to the snowy mountain.
    Go to the forest valley to the left of the village and find a giant crevice in the slope of the mountain.
    This discovery will bring you right to the huge ancient city!
    In fact, there are two united ancient cities next to each other.
    If you shine below and go to the second set of coordinates, you will also find the portal of the edges in an underground room with many hidden treasures.

2-Lake eyes

  • Maps: 93755696010991909
  • Minecraft edition: Rain breed
  • Version: 1.19
  • Interesting coordinates: 600, 355, 650
    The magnificent and diverse world created by this seed offers many interesting locations and beautiful landscapes created in the vicinity of your Renaissance.
    The first small lake is surrounded by double layers of the meadow and forest, and the second has a small island right in the middle.
    The entrance to the cave from stone deposits is located right in the center of the island and leads directly to the double ancient city connected to the mine, which makes it truly successful seed!

1-shipwreck merged with the village

  • Maps: 6592136838641330615
  • Minecraft edition: Rain breed
  • Version: 1.19
  • Interesting coordinates:-505, 75, 516
    This seed will create an exciting Y-shaped village based on the above coordinates.
    The shipwreck merged with one building in the village, and even one person was inside!
    Near the village there is a giant Savannah bay with attractive rocky arches and a destroyed portal.
    The portal teleports you directly to the bastion of the ego.
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Minecraft Default Skin Steves chin mustache is back! Alexs appearance is also fine -tuned

It has been reported that MOJANG has changed the appearance of the default skin of Minecraft .

In this change, the appearance change of Steve and Alex, the default skin, was implemented. Steve’s beard, which existed in the past version, has been revived, and Alex’s appearance has been made minor.

Steve’s mouth mustache was deleted from a very old version, such as Java Edition Beta 1.0 in December 2010. Since then, although it has become a skin without a beard, works such as key art for large updates, Minecraft Dungeons and Dead Brawl Smash Brothers Special use the appearance of a mustache. The appearance did not match.

There are various reasons why the chin mustache has been deleted, but to be mistaken for a smiling mouth and Mr. Notch, the creator, Aiming for gender neutral in avatar, the appearance and name of the default skin. There are various reasons, such as the description of regrets.

How to make an endless fuel carpet in minecraft 1.19

Fuel is always a problem in minecraft. You need it for your melting furnaces, but the use of valuable coal or wood coal means that you will lose torches or other materials. Fortunately, there is a very effective way to make fuel for all your melting furnaces using a small gameplay to duplicate carpets. Carpets are not the best fuel source in Minecraft, but thanks to this duplicate you can produce more than 500 carpets every five minutes, which means that your fuel problems have ended forever.

Materials necessary to create a fuel powder

Here are all the materials that you will need for the manufacture of this thing:

  • 2 x chest
  • 3 x bunker
  • 1 x sticky piston
  • 1 x lever
  • 1 x observer
  • 6 mucus blocks
  • 1 x coral fan
  • 10 x Obsidian
  • 30 x glass
  • 3 x carpet (any)

As an alternative, you can replace the chests with a stove to instantly load fuel into it.


Create your carpet PUPER

Start by creating chests and placing funnels in the next configuration. Make sure that the funnels enter each other so that the blockage does not form.

Place the sticky piston under the upper bunker and dig a 1 × 2 hole in front of it. Place the lever next to the piston to be ready to turn it on.

In the second part of the hole, place your observer. Make sure that it is directed away from the piston, moving the block behind it.

Create mucus blocks six pieces high over the observer. Place your coral fan on the third block and three carpets above it.

Place your obsidian next to carpets and fan. Mucus blocks will not be able to shift obsidian.

Gather the glass around the device, and now it is ready! Twice switch the lever to run it, and enjoy the huge number of carpets that it will produce.

If you use a white carpet, you can also use it to grow any type of painted carpet and make carpets for your large projects.

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Exactly how to conserve a hot bar in Minecraft

_ |* _

If you desire to swiftly accessibility elements in other games, you usually stored hot bars in between which you can successfully scroll back as well as forth. It needs to be pointed outMinecraftlikewise has the feature of conserving hot bars, which is extremely good to understand.

Save hot bars in Minecraft

If you plan to switch over in between essential item sets during the experience, save hot bars is a function that you ought to certainly use.

If you have specific options for your major Hotbar, you may want a much easier way to accessibility each set you have developed. Here saving a hot bar makes points more easily accessible. To conserve a hot bar, you can hold the C button on the keyboard. Press any type of number in between 1 and 9. You have actually successfully saved a hot bar if you have done it.

In the past, it was understood that the Optifine mod has a various essential task connected to the C switch. So see to it that the mod is deactivated or that the key task has been altered if you mounted issues when saving a hot bar with the setting. If you have saved the hot bar, you can load any stored hot bar by holding the X switch and after that choosing a number in between 1 as well as 9 with your kept hot bar. You have accessibility to your hot bar once again.

_ Minecraft is currently offered for PlayStation 5, Xbox Collection X | s, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, COMPUTER, smart phones and several other platforms.

It needs to be pointed outMinecraftadditionally has the function of saving hot bars, which is very good to recognize. Make sure that the mod is shut off or that the essential task has actually been altered if you mounted issues when saving a hot bar with the setting. If you have actually conserved the hot bar, you can fill any type of kept hot bar by holding the X switch and after that choosing a number between 1 and 9 with your saved hot bar.

Play Minecraft with buddies – thats how it works

How do you play Minecraft with pals?

There are a number of methods to play Minecraft in multiplayer setting. Below are some of them:

Establish up a devoted server that runs day and night and which you as well as your good friends can join at any kind of time. To do this, download and install the Minecraft Server Jar documents and begin it.
2. Start Minecraft as common if you desire to play together with someone else in the exact same network of Minecraft. Create a brand-new world or load a video game. Now press Retreat and afterwards most likely to Open up to Lan two times. The video game currently gets a port that is presented in the conversation window. It can currently be gotten to in the local network.
Costs might use to the server that you can share with your good friends. Depending on the supplier, the charges are various, but they get support if server issues happen.


Establish up a devoted server that runs day as well as night and which you and also your pals can join at any kind of time. To do this, download the Minecraft Server Jar data and start it. If you desire to play with each other with a person else in the exact same network of Minecraft, start Minecraft as common.

Minecraft will receive graphic improvements like the Ray

A few days ago we met the arrival of Minecraft Preview, an independent application that allows Minecraft players to test the different beta versions of the title of Mojang Studios when desired, replacing the existing beta program.

How to Get Minecraft RTX Ray Tracing Without an RTX Graphics Card (Shader Tutorial)

Available in iOS, Xbox and Windows 10 and Windows 11, It seems that the application has presented a new function planned for Xbox Series X and S consoles with the arrival of the ray plot .

Ray-Tracing Soon Available in Minecraft for Xbox Series?

As you advanced a few days ago, minecraft preview allows players to enjoy Minecraft’s test versions, and very recently, Tom Warren , editor Head of The Verge, shared in the social network Twitter * A video capture in which we can set that your preview version of the game has the option of Ray Tracing *.

In the video, once the ray plot option is activated, we face the cubic world under a new light, with a more real lighting . Landscapes really come alive and the result is more than pleasant. However, despite this good news, It seems that not all the owners of Xbox Series have access to this option yet in the Previewed version that is offered.

This means that the ray tracing is certainly being implemented, but slowly and not at full speed on all machines. There will, therefore, have to be patient again before seeing this option in the Microsoft consoles ultimately.

In addition, with respect to players of PlayStation, there is no news . In fact, this feature is completely absent, either in PS4 or PS5, and there is no information indicating the arrival of the latter to Sony machines. Although I could jump the surprise.

Minecraft 5 highlights you should watch in the new patch 1 18

Minecraft is a sandbox computer game, which was originally created by the Swedish Developer Markus Notch Person and also his started company Moving. The firm including game has been just one of Microsoft considering that September 2014. Minecraft first appeared on May 17, 2009, as an Early Accessibility title for PC. Consequently, Minecraft was released for different other systems and game consoles. Many of them maintained totally free updates with brand-new content routinely.
Minecraft is the very successful video game of perpetuity with more than 235 million copies (State 2021). In the game, the gamer develops buildings, such as buildings or circuits from primarily cube-shaped components in a procedural generated, three-dimensional world, which contains dice as well. This is likewise checked out to the nature of the nature of the nature to collect resources, battle against monsters and to refine discovered resources to new things.

The patch 1.18 Minecraft has changed much on the game. So much that your focus should definitely put on these 5 important changes.

In Minecraft the new patch 1.18 has appeared. The second part of the Caves & Cliffs update brought a lot of innovations, improvements, but also some adjustments to the spawn of different objects. We introduce you to 5 highlights to which you should pay attention to your Minecraft worlds in your Minecraft worlds, because they could dramatically simplify your life — or at least provide beautiful success experiences.

The Best Way To Find Diamonds In Minecraft 1.18 [Minecraft Myth Busting 133]
1. The world is 50% larger

Once you create a new world, you will inevitably enjoy the new panoramas, because huge mountains and gigantic caves adorn the landscape. Some wonders: was Minecraft always so big? The clear answer to it: no.

The game world is grown both down and up for whopping 64 blocks, so a total of 128 levels on which you can now let off steam. Since the previous world reached only from 0 to 256, this is an increase of watts 50%!

First and foremost, this allows again significantly more freedom and creativity, because the new altitude also benefits your buildings, which can now be more gigantic and more detailed.

A small disadvantage: larger worlds also claim more power of your computer. But that should be able to cope when you see the beautiful results.

2 . More diamonds when exploring

There are a new sources for diamonds. Not only the spawn of diamonds was significantly shifted, but also added new possibilities of diamond extraction. We show you in the guide, as you now find diamonds in Minecraft.

If you are traveling in the lowest depths of Minecraft, between the levels Y: — 63 and Y: -8 and there on a fossil, then some parts of the fossil will be replaced by diamonds! Usually parts of fossils are replaced only by coal, but there are diamonds instead in these deep levels.

This makes it particularly worthwhile to explore the cave systems down to the bottom. Not only are large parts of the world revealed there, and you can find many territories on the walls, but sometimes you run directly into a fossil and can build your diamond stock properly.

3 . Axolotl is much rare (but just as cute)

The little Axolotl had conquered the hearts of the Minecraft players in the storm when they were added to the game in Patch 1.17. But patch 1.18 takes a part of this joy again. Because so far, the Axolotl could still spawn in almost every (waters). Completely independent of whether it is a small ponder, a sea or a small river. That has changed now.

With patch 1.18, you will find the Axolotl exclusively under the earth and in a single BOOM, the Lush Caves. So if you want to achieve such a cute companion (or just kidnap with the bucket), no longer comes around to explore the lowest depths of Minecraft.

4 . A whole new kind of world creation

A bit of technical in the details, but pretty important is the revision of world creation. Because not only Minecraft is now creating nature from much larger and more impressive mountains with huge cave vaults — the whole logic behind the world creation has been changed.

Somewhat simplified that your mountains can no longer find only in the appropriate boom — but a huge mountain can span several biomes simultaneously. So on one side of the mountain could be a beautiful, green forest, while the other half coated with a huge snow cover of an ice landscape.

The transitions between these levels are now clearly gentler and fall less drastically. Especially when they take place on high mountains, the sometimes really beautiful areas create, in which you want to build a camp immediately (and gradually pass the place through predator and accidental fire — you know that).

Even more details offers the YouTuber Deactivated:

5 . Light sources are much, much, much better

Who builds his first home in Minecraft, who knows the problem. The whole environment must be overflowed with countless torches, so that just no skeletal archer appears or a created spawn in the dark.

The consequence was that the whole environment was measured by countless torches, just to ensure security.

In Patch 1.18, the paranoid players can also sense this problem. Because from now on, an artificially created light level of 1 is sufficient to prevent the appearance of monsters.

In practice this means that you only need just under a quarter of the torches to make the same amount of space safe. Thus, you can now also be significantly darker areas in your buildings, without having to worry, that the browsing of zombies seems shortly thereafter by your four walls. However, it respects: This applies only to artificial light, such as torches, campfires or lanterns. If only the daylight is available as a light source, enemies can still appear as soon as the light value falls under level 7. What else is so everything in patch 1.18, we betrayed you here.

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