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With a single sentence via Lost Ark, Amazon creates an excellent atmosphere in the area

It is about the mechanics of Yoz’s Krug. A system that did not fit many.

Inlost Ark once more offered a group upgrade for conversations in the area.

Why is the system removed? Amazon additionally composes a few words in the write-up.

What was revealed in the upgrade? Actually, the mood in the Lost Ark area is rather dispirited. The large upgrade announced for mid-June has currently been positioned on June 30 after 2 shifts, which is demotivated by many players. Lost Ark had done a great deal against the robots in the past couple of weeks, but players in the last game desperately waited for brand-new material.

Amazon himself claims that they are obstructed and the new upgrade can not yet present, which once more triggered a bad state of mind among the followers. However a solitary sentence in the current article obviously changes that completely.

Amazon does not dismiss that Yoz’s jug appears at some time and afterwards comes in an adapted version, but gamers are permitted to take a breath a sigh of relief in the meantime.

After we checked out the style of this system again as well as devoted ourselves to the player feedback, we chose to get rid of Yoz’s jug.

_ AM weekend, Lost Ark, by the method, showed his most recent class in Korea, the Aeromancer: _

I’m really looking forward to the future currently

The neighborhood commemorates the upgrade: The reactions to the post are unbelievably excellent. On Reddit as well as in the discussion forum you will certainly find several threads that would love to thank Amazon for modifications in the west.

In enhancement to the deletion of Yoz’s Krug, one more mechanics will certainly also discover its way right into the video game that is really well received by followers, particularly the Honing Lover for Rate 3. If you currently have a personality with greater Gearscore, this increases your opportunities of better equipment. This system is currently in the ready reduced levels, yet is now being expanded.

The state of mind is entirely positive as well as the very first time in some time is really excellent state of mind in the networks for Lost Ark. A few gamers grumble not to obtain new skins currently, yet that’s truly couple of voices.

What do the fans state? Some of the comments we would like to inform you right here:

  • Purplewedgeman says (via Reddit): Two weeks hold-up for the honey aficionado, fair skins as well as a bin fully with banned robots? The wait was worth every min.
  • Laxxz writes (via Reddit): This is really a defining moment, because not only something brand-new was placed right into the video game right here. This circumstance needs to have begun a big argument in between Amazon and Smilegate. When it comes to Yoz’s jug, keep in mind that this is the first time that a publisher from Lost Ark gave up versus Smilegate. Every various other publisher just added it. […] Amazon is far from being excellent and also some interaction problems misbehave errors, but they make our respect for this and we have to pay them!

* Awakenmaster composes (by means of Reddit): Ha, that’s terrific. I’m interested to see what Korea is doing currently. Not even the gamers there like Yoz’s jug.
The change of the upgrade is so much better thanks to this info. Thank you, Amazon.

Inlost Ark again supplied a group upgrade for discussions in the community. What was announced in the update? Really, the state of mind in the Lost Ark neighborhood is instead depressed. Why is the system gotten rid of? ** Amazon also writes a few words in the write-up.

What do you think about the upcoming upgrade? Did you anticipate Yoz’s container or are you also delighted that Amazon has eliminated the questionable system? Please write it in the comments here on meinmmo, we expect your answers.

Lost Ark: Super-Express Mission – alle Infos

The Super Express mission should help your character in Lost Ark to level even faster. In this guide you can find out:

  • What is the prerequisite for the Super Express mission
  • What rewards there are
  • How you can change the character afterwards

Do you want to make your character even stronger? Then use jewels. In our guide we tell you how you can melt the gemstones.

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Prerequisite and event period of the Super Express Mission

The Super Express mission is a temporary event that takes place until July 28th. You can only start the task until June 30, 2022.

At the start of Lost Ark, a ** Quest screen opens automatically, in which you select the character that is supposed to complete the Super Express mission. Remember: only one character from your squad can participate and only this will get the rewards.

However, there is a prerequisite for participation in the Super Express mission: Your character must have reached Level 50. In addition, the item level may not be more than 1,100.

If you want to change the character during the event, this is possible once. Open the mission menu and click on the gift icon at the top right under the minimap. There you choose a new character and confirms the warning that this is only possible once and cannot be undone.

Caution: If you delete the character , which takes part in the express mission event, you do not have the option of participating again with another or a newly created character.

Super Express mission: All rewards

If you successfully finish the event, you get the Super Express citing box . You get the following valuables from the lootbox:

  • 1,000 gold
  • 3,000,000 silver
  • 1x relic selection chest: relationship
  • 20x card package: legendary – rare
  • 10x card package: legendary – epic
  • 3x legendary card package
  • 1x legendary selection chest: card package
  • 3x legendary selection chest: relationship
  • 5x non -identified mighty stone of swinging up
  • 10x selection chest: navigation coin
  • 20: Selection chest: Epic engraving instructions
  • 20x selection chest: Epic combat engraving instructions
  • 20x growth support: epic accessory chest
  • 30x creation fragment
  • 10,000 RAID seals
  • 10,000 victory seal
  • 10,000 adventure seals
  • 50x leaps of honor

Lost Ark SUPER EXPRESS Mission Guide! Which Character is best?! And HOW to!
* 500x destruction stone crystal
* 1,500 Guardian stone crystal

In addition, your character will receive a reinforcement buff for equipment. As a result, he has a 20 percent more chance of success, The splinter costs are reduced by 40 percent and there are two stages per successful upgrading, which can be expanded to up to 12 levels.

that awaits you during the super express mission

You can find the tasks of the Super Express mission in the menu. There are a total of four mission levels with six missions each. In addition, there is also a bonus level. Among other things, you have to complete chaos dungeons and guards and do unas daily tasks.

Above all, you should devote yourself to Unas’s tasks at an early stage, Since they are updated every day. If you end it early, you can relax the dungeons.

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Roadmap confusion around Lost Ark, developers sign up to speak

Smilegate and Amazon Games wanted to publish a roadmap for the MMORPG Lost Ark. This should be found all content that appears during the next few weeks and months. A such roadmap has recently appeared on the internet, but since then has been causing confusion.

False roadmap for Lost Ark

The above-mentioned roadmap for Lost Ark has relatively quickly turned out to be incorrectly or outdated after its publication. Although there were some interesting information about the planned content releases . Among other things, the Arcanist and the destroyer were listed as new classes. But as SmileGate and Amazon Games have meanwhile clarified, they are not the current roadmap **. This is currently being revised and makes something else in waiting.

_ “Please note that we are currently making some adjustments to our upcoming content roadmap based on the progress of the players. We will publish this updated roadmap after our March update. We apologize for the shift and appreciate your patience. “_

Why is the roadmap delayed for Lost Ark?

Lost Ark: Director's Trailer
The statements of SmileGate and Amazon Games in the Tweet suggest that the players of Lost Ark (now buy 19.99 €) did not solve as quickly as originally suspected. Accordingly, the developers seem to be forced to give them a little more time and thus to kick the content brake . Say: The new content will ultimately wait a bit longer than the developer team actually provided.

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Lost Ark: All Locations on Shangra Island

The world of Arkasia de Lost Ark is full of secrets and places to discover. Among them there are some islands that do not remain in sight constantly and are only temporarily available, as is the case of the islands of Shangra , some mysterious areas that only appear from time to time at certain times of the day.

To throw a cable when it comes to finding them We have prepared the following guide that we invite you to read below.

All locations on Shangra Island

The island of Shangra has a peculiarity and is that it is never found in the same place. Your appearance is completely random between three possible places of the arkesia ocean, so at least you will always know that you can go out in any of these three points so you do not have to navigate from one side to another without a fixed heading.

To be clear about the indicated site you will realize that ** ten minutes before a whirlpool will appear on the island, which will be a fairly evident track that you have given with the right place. Even so, in the alarm menu you can place a notice to be sure that you are not overlooked.

That said, when you have progressed enough in the adventure to travel to the island of Shangra, where you will need to have reached the target level 460 , you can find it in any of these three locations:

Location # 1

The first option can be north of Anikka, through the sea area of ​​death.

Location # 2

The second option can be northwest of North Bern, through the area of ​​the North Bern.

Location # 3

The third option can be southeast of Bern, through the area of ​​the ocean of Atusia.

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All Shangra Locations Lost Ark
* Lost Ark: How to create and join a guild and everything you can do

Lost Ark and its deforestation Terms of Use: You can not play if you are alien, robot or ape

Lost Ark , the new MMORPG of Amazon Games and Smilegate from which everyone speaks, hSmilegate become a global phenomenon with its final launch in PC , seeing Even forced to open new servers before the high demand for players around the world. But before starting playing, does anyone read Kilometric conditions of use of this type of video game? In probably, by 99% the answer is “no”, although in the cSmilegatee of the ARKs, it can result from the most enriching and entertaining , since from Amazon Games they have included a series of clauses of the most hilarious, Pointing up to extraterrestrials, robots and apes with global domination trends .

Are you an alien, a robot or a simian?

Thus, with the intention of taking beyond the fantSmilegatey halo of Lost Ark, from Amazon Games have considered appropriate to include a series of game clauses that have no wSmilegatete . And is that if we want to play Lost Ark we must be “a person (that is, not a society, organization, artificial intelligence element -good or bad, extraterrestrial, non-human primate sensitive, etc.)”. Luckily, this restriction “will not apply in cSmilegatee there is a widespread invSmilegateion of extraterrestrials, robots, simians, or similar of the planet Earth, in which cSmilegatee we will welcome our extraterrestrials, robots, apes or other gentlemen Supreme, Smilegate appropriate, (said parties, “ their eminences **”) to play our games, “add their responsible.

Even so, from Amazon Games do not lose hope and point out that their “eminences” will be “subject to the terms of this Agreement, mutatis mutandis, beginning on the date of the power of power and onwards during all subsequent periods, until the Date in which it is Restore human governance “. We were calmer.

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Although its creators are very optimistic before the future of Lost Ark, since the luxury of ensuring that in cSmilegatee humanity is forced to leave the land, they will need a prudential time to enable new servers through an “ interplanetary logistics necessary, utility, sustainable vital support, Smilegateteroid deviation systems, local stores or distribution services and the rule of law, Smilegate can provide our subsidiaries, our external suppliers, Celestial Beings or Government or Non-Governmental Organizations “.

Lost Ark is now available for PC .

Lost ARK: pre-download, access, packages, server

In just over a week is the launch of Lost Ark. Known all pioneering package owners may already on 8 February 2022 the server. For all other players, then on February 11, 2022 goes to Arkesia. You can expect an action RPG with isometric perspective that looks at first glance like a typical Hack & Slay in Diablo-style, however, turns out to be wash real theme park MMORPG.

All information on the launch of Lost Ark

On the official website of the game there was now the most important information about the launch of Lost Ark:

  • The pre-download will be from Monday, 07 February 2022 18:00 CET possible regardless of whether you bought a pioneer package or not.
  • There is no way in advance to create characters or reserve names. Your names will only be “reserved” or locked when you have completed the character customization.
  • The server will go on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 at 18:00 CET live for the pre-release access. In order to start playing three days earlier, you have to buy a pioneering package. If you buy a pioneer package during the preliminary access, you can watch the rest of the length of the preliminary access play.
  • The official launch is on Friday, February 11, 2022 at 18:00 CET. From then on, all can play the game for free!

information about servers and server lists

Daily and weekly reset of content will be in Lost Ark at 01:00 (or 02:00, depending on the server time and local time on server location). For core content such as raids, dungeons PvP events, the developers plan for each region one time shifts, so that these contents are also available for each “Prime Time”.

Here is the list of European servers among which you are allowed to choose from the February 8, 2022:

Get Ready for LOST ARK! Pre-Load & Early Access Release Date Launch Times
* Neria
* Kadan
* Trixion
* Calvasus
* Thirain
* Zinnervale
* Asta
* White
* Slen

Depending on the workload more servers can be provided by the developers. More information about the game can be found on our topic page Lost Ark .

Lost Ark: Timetable to the release of the Amazon MMOS – activation, Preloads, server

How to Download/install Lost Ark for Steam with Free VPN [LOST ARK] x [Quick Version]
Lost Ark is in front of the release: The new MMOG The Amazon Game Studios will be released on February 11th. Anyone who acquires a pioneer package is already in the world of Arkesia on February 8th. So you can start punctually with your adventure, the Preloads will be available from 7 February. The pre-downloads starts at 6 pm. It does not matter if you have bought a pioneer pack or not – Preload access will receive all players. There is no way to create or book the first characters before activation.

The activation for Lost Ark players with preliminary access (pioneer package) is planned for the 8th of February, at 6 pm. If you buy a pioneer package during the preliminary discount, you can get the rest of the time early in the game. For all other players, the servers open on February 11th at 6 pm: Then all users can immerse yourself in the Adventure of Lost Ark for free.

Info about the pioneer packages

According to the developer, the pioneer packages can be purchased until February 11, 18 o’clock. The benefits of the package will automatically receive you as a steam user. Amazon customers, in turn, get a key for their pioneer package – “either on Monday, February 7, or when buying between 6pm CET on February 7th and 6pm CET on 11 February immediately at order confirmation”. The packages are delivered to the cadre of your account, from where you can obtain the content and apply the skins to the characters of your choice. Note that the skins can only be used for the 15 classes available for the release of Lost Ark.

Details about servers & resets

How to communicate the developers in the Launch timetable for Lost Ark, the server reset times per region apply. Daily and weekly resets are carried out at 1 o’clock at night or after the end of planned interruptions. Further, the makers write that, for example, a dungeon opened 7 pm (UTC) server time in the US region starts seven hours later to make it better accessible to local players.

Consider that in the game the server time is displayed – and not the local time of your computer. For Central Europe go to the Launch nine server online, including Realms like “Asta”, “Wei” and “Kadan”. Amazon supplemented, depending on the capacity utilization other worlds to be added. For the US East, seven servers are first planned for the start, three for the west.



1 2 LOST ARK: Timetable to Release of Amazon MMOS – Activation, Preloads, Server InfosPictures Gallery for “Lost ARK: Timetable to Release of Amazon MMOs – Activation, Preloads, Server Info”

Probably on Thursday we will get to know the date of Premieres Lost Ark online

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (Titled looking for the Lost Ark in Spain, later on Indiana Jones searching for the Lost Ark; and Indiana Jones and the Hunters of the Lost Ark in Latin America) is an American film directed by Steven Spielberg as well as produced by George Lucas, as well as premiered in 1981. It is the initial movie of the Indiana Jones series and the second under the canon chronological terms. The plot explains the search for the ark of the Partnership by the Nazis as well as the initiatives of the Indiana Jones excavator to prevent it.

Lawrence Asian wrote the manuscript after meeting Spielberg as well as George Lucas for 4 days when defined the major elements of the plot. The primary cast was composed of Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman, John Rhys-Davies and also Denote Elliott; While the manufacturing group relocated to England, La Rochelle, Tunisia, Hawaii as well as The golden state throughout the recording phase.
After its best on June 12, 1981, Raiders of the Lost Ark stood as the film with better earnings of the year as well as since after that it is thought about among the movies with the best collections of all time. The success accomplished by the Tape, both critically and also preferred degree, derived in the production and launch of three more films regarding the traveler: Indiana Jones as well as the Holy Place of Doom, Indiana Jones and the last crusade and Indiana Jones as well as the kingdom of crystal skull, which They make up one of the most identified experience series in the background of recent movie theater. He got 5 Oscar awards, out of a total amount of 9 candidate ships and also in 2008 Empire magazine lay in the 2nd put on his checklist of 500 Ideal films of perpetuity.

There are large, even very good chance.

This is about this tweet from the official Lost Ark Online profile (LEG does not mean here Looking for Group, but rather Let’s FUN KING Go ), which indirectly confirms the presence of the game on the largest gala this year.

Lost Ark New Release Date!? Crazy Rumor About Western Release!! Do You Believe it!? Please Be Real!!
BO The Game Awards is not only a hand of the most prestigious awards on the video games market, but also dozens of announcements announcing or promoting events from titles. So you can assume that one of such trailers / teasers will belong to Lost Ark.

And as you probably remember, the announcement of Lost Ark online for the West Market took place at the E3 trade fair. So now there is an ideal moment to disclose the date of the exact date of the premiere.

Gossip say that it will be January 20 (January 17 will move Head Start), but what truth will be… who knows.

Gala The Game Awards 2021 will take place on the night of Thursday to Friday in Los Angeles. You will be able to watch the transmission, for example, here.

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