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Gravity Neo Cyan, Indeok University and Game Start -up Club launching Ceremony

Gravity’s subsidiary Gravity Neo Cyan announced on the 16th that it held the ‘Game Startup Club’ with the Department of Game & VR Design.

The opening ceremony of the game start-up club was held with Gravity Neo Cyan’s VM Divier, Kim Sung-yong, Kim Sung-yong, Indeok University Game & VR Design, Lee Chul-seung, Professor Shim Hyo-young, and 9 students in the game.

Starting with the launching ceremony, Gravity Neo Cyan’s practitioner will carry out new game development projects with students in game startup clubs for about three months. Working experts share long-term experience and know-how accumulated so far with students, and through this, participating students will be able to experience the project with the goal of planning, development and launching, and experiencing on-site-centered practical sense.

Gravity Neo Cyan is a mobile content company founded in 2000, and is carrying out a mobile service platform, mobile content development, online marketing, and publishing at home and abroad. In addition, since December 2012, the company has been continuing the Korean service of mobile games ‘Puzzle & Dragon’ for 10 years, and has been developing contents such as various mobile games and SNS games, multimedia, augmented reality, and applications.

Gravity Neo Cyan and Indeok University Game & VR Design Department signed a business agreement and family company agreement in January this year, promising to carry out various activities for mutual development.The game development project is also on-the-job training, joint research and development, technology of students’ field training, joint research and development. It was conducted with the purpose of providing opportunities for maps.

Lee Min-ki, a former Gravity Gravity Neo Syan VM Divi, said, I think that the experience of the practitioner and the creativity of the students will be combined to create a positive synergy effect. I hope you can.

Naraka: Bladepoint: still available in June in the Xbox Game Pass

This month, Naraka should ultimately pertain to the gaming consoles. In the training course of the Xbox Game Pass, as just recently introduced on the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022.

NARAKA: BladePoint-Game Pass release soon

The revitalizing Fight Royale title concentrates on some cutting-edge components, such as obvious close combat, and also lately fractured the ten million player brand name on Vapor. Furthermore, it was nominated for the Best Multiplayer Video game group at the Golden Joystick Awards.

On June 23, 2022 the moment has lastly come, due to the fact that then Naraka comes: BladePoint after his computer release in 2014 also on the consoles. Microsoft starts, where you can dirt off the video game in a few days during the Xbox Game Pass. IGN also reported in 2014 for PlayStation 5.


brand-new setting, brand-new tools as well as release for the PS5

While Xbox owners can beat the katanas around their ears in a couple of days, all other consoleros need to hold your horses. When Naraka: BladePoint for PlayStation 5 is to be released is not yet known extra particularly.

With the begin of Naraka: BladePoint on the Xbox Series X and S, a brand-new weapon comes to which we can readjust to: the dual blades. In addition to the sharp blades, the video game also uses an entirely new campaign mode, which will quickly be added.

Indie Game Show, Beginning of the Indie Game Show, New Special Award

The Gyeonggi Content Agency (hereinafter referred to as Gyeongsinjin) will establish a special award in the non-starting category and Metavus at the Indie Game Show 2022 (hereinafter referred to as Nonix 2022) in August.

At the non-Iks award that selects excellent games among the participation in the game show, the company will establish a special award at the TOP2 △ Metavus in the event of a non-extinguisher.

Since 2016, Kyungconjin has been promoting game auditions, game game academies, and production support for unpaid development and pre-marketing support through the Gyeonggi Global Game Center. He also explained that he has established a special award for the meta bus game in line with the times.

The nonkes award adds 12 games in six categories, including the evaluation of the judges and the audience voting, △ the TOP3 in the launch category, the top2 in the unpaid category, the special award at the Metavus, the judges award, the Encouragement Award, and the popularity award. give.

Nonix 2022 is a festival to support the promotion of indie game companies. This year, the main sponsors, Gyeonggi-do and Seoul, will be the sponsors of Google Play Indie Festival, Twitch, Mega Zone Cloud, Inven, Ruri Web, and Iron Sauce.

Nonix 2022 will be held for a week from August 11th to 17th, and can be accepted online on the official page.

Eligibility is a person or foreign developer or developer over 14 years of age who develop indie games, and can be accepted regardless of platform such as PCs and mobile. The application period is until 5 pm on July 5th, and the fee is free.

From this year, we have been awarded excellent works to expand indie game support from this year, said Min Se-hee, who said..

What is a vanderlost? Exit date, preliminary alpha

Wanderlost puts the players in the place of those who are trying to survive in a world filled with zombies. This game may look cute, but it has its own difficulties that require the player to act quickly and quickly think to survive. Survive in this post-apocalyptic world, engaged in collecting, agriculture, fishing, craft and construction.

everything we know about Vanderlost

When the player is thrown into the desert, having nothing but clothes on his back, he should make his way through a hostile desert, teeming with zombies and wildlife. The player must find food, water and shelter, but he must also try to create life for himself.

Since the Wanderlost world is generated procedurally, it allows you to explore endlessly, each game is unique, and surprises await you around every angle.

when will Wanderlost come out?

Wanderlost does not have the set release date, but you can subscribe to the alpha version today on the website. We will update this leadership when the release date becomes known.

How to subscribe to the preliminary alpha version of Wanderlost

To join Pre-Alpha, you need to go to the website and fill out your e-mail, but there is still no information about who will be selected and when it begins.

What platforms will Wanderlost be on?

Wanderlost comes out for several different platforms, so everyone can play when he comes out. All platforms are shown below:

  • PC (steam)
  • Nintedo switch
  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X | S

Lost trailer

The latest Wanderlost trailer was removed from the IGN Expo 2022. The trailer showed how much you can do in this world, but how difficult it is to actually survive.

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It is interesting to find your own build for 20 minutes, which kicks off the approaching monsters and grows for 20 minutes! [Explosion Repo]

Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAME*Spark readers who are lamenting, saying, I don’t know what kind of game it is! Therefore, it is this project Explosive Speed Play Repo to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, I would like to deliver the content of 20 MINUTES TILL DAWN on June 8, 2022 by personal developer FLANNE and released from Publisher Erabit in early access to Steam.


An action game that survives 20 minutes while fighting a love craft monster that appears on the screen one after another. With the enemies that continue to increase over time, you can enjoy a hard action that will be redone immediately if you die.

The official Twitter introduces the genre of this work as RogueLite Horde Shooter Game. By built with a combination of unique characters, weapons, weapons, and more than 50 random upgrades, you can enjoy different games each time you play. In addition, there is also a release element such as Rune that can get permanent power up.

In addition, 10 MINUTES TILL DAWN, which was released as a free version of this work on May 12, 2022, had a high reputation for overwhelmingly popular in Steam user reviews. In the main part, 20 MINUTES TILL DAWN, the game time has increased from 10 to 20 minutes, and various elements such as new characters and power-ups have been added.

Approach the actual content of 20 Minutes Till Dawn!

The game is a shooter with a look down, and the attack is a form that specifies the direction and presses the attack button. Depending on the character, a button that uses special abilities is also used, but basically it is a very simple and easy-to-understand operation feeling. The weapon is ammunition, and in addition to the automatic reloading when shooting, manual reloading is possible with ammunition remaining.

You can select characters and weapons at the start of the game, but in the early days you can use only the character Shana and the weapon for rotating pistols. When you start the game, monsters appear one after another from the edge of the screen and attack the players. At first, the number of enemies is small, so let’s collect the experiences of dropping while defeating them so that they do not hit them.


By gathering your experience more than a certain level, you can level up the characters and choose one of your favorite things from five upgrades. Upgrades include categories such as attack power, bullet speed, moving speed, and attribute attacks, and by gaining the first ability, the derivative abilities of the category will also appear as an upgrade candidate after the next time.

As time passes, the number and types of monsters have increased, and powerful boss monsters have appeared at a specific time. By defeating the boss, you can get special power-up items such as treasure chests and books. Aim to strengthen yourself while defeating the enemy and survive for 20 minutes safely.

The play ends by 20 minutes or over the game. You can acquire currency depending on the content of the play and use it for characters, weapons, runes, etc. Also, if you survive for 20 minutes, you will be able to choose a new difficulty level, and the game will become more and more strong.

Build possibilities are endless!

By unlocking, a total of seven characters, including Shana, Diamond, and Lilith, will be available for seven types of weapons, including handguns, shotguns, and dual SMGs. Characters have the abilities such as you can reortrol upgrades and If you defeat the enemy, the spirit will attack other enemies, and the HP of the initial state is also different.

The way of fighting is very different just by combining characters and weapons. For example, if you combine the character Scarlet, which has the ability to fly the flame wave every three attacks, and dual SMG with a fast shooting speed, you can generate firepower from the initial state.

Of course, the combination with the upgrade is also important. Considering the combination of weapons and upgrades is the most fun in this work, and the most strategic part. The play style differs depending on whether you take advantage of your strengths or reinforce your weaknesses. If you want a stable battle, it is also recommended to take up the maximum HP or shield.

The treasure chest dropped by the boss is available to enhance the character’s personality. In addition, although the other boss drop book can significantly improve the attack power, there is also a disadvantage such as reducing the maximum HP by 1. By the way, there is an option to do not get for upgrading treasure chests and books.

Runes of the unlock elements have two categories, a sword and shield, and has a permanent effect, such as giving an attribute effect on the attack and increasing the range of items. Above all, the healing of the shield healing that can obtain a heart of HP recovery by defeating a certain number of enemies is very grateful in this work, which has few means of recovery.

Although there are many random elements, this work does not leave the character, weapons, and runes arbitrarily, and the degree of freedom and strategy of the build is quite high.

My own strategy that can be seen by playing!

This work has a difficulty level from 0 to 15, but I think that it will be difficult even if you are not used to it even if you are not used to it. In particular, the boss character that appears in 5 minutes of game time is a powerful entity that stands for players, because the area is limited. I struggled with this boss and couldn’t survive the first number of plays.

After that, I decided to unlock the characters and weapons and try various builds. Personally, it is easy to use the attribute attack of fire, ice, and lightning that causes continuous damage and restraint of the enemy, and the upgrade of summoning that automatically attacks the enemy, and specializes in these, including runes. I made the play stabilized.

My favorite is a combination of a character Fireworks that gives a lightning dazzling due to the attack, and a dual SMG with a lot of bullets. Lightning-based upgrades include replenishing ammunition with probability when lightning hits, and when the build is completed, you will be able to continue attacking without reloading.

In addition, the combination of weapons with a small number of ammunition and activation of ability when the bullet runs out and the combination of weapons and penetration capabilities with a wide attack range are also powerful. Of course, this is just something I liked in a huge combination of buildings. Finding your own powerful build is also the pleasure of this work.

There is also a powerful synergy that can be released by a specific upgrade combination.

20 Minutes Till Dawn introduced so far. It is an action game with a very highly addictive level, a highly strategic build system, a strategic difficulty. It is easy to play with up to 20 minutes per play time, but it is easy to play many times with its ease.

It is the biggest attraction of this work to try the build that thought, Isn’t this strong? Just looking at the screenshots and videos posted on the Steam community hub will have new discoveries and you will want to try it.

Steam early access period is scheduled for about 1-2 months. In the product version, new skills, enemies, and bosses are planned. Also, according to the post at the time of release, it seems that the stage is planning.

20 MINUTES TILL DAWN, which is compatible with Japanese (although it is difficult to understand), is now available in Steam early access.


Compatible models: PC (Steam)

* Play model in the article: > PC (Steam)

Release date: June 8, 2022 (Steam early access)

Author play time at the time of article: 4 hours

Price: 310 yen

Rhythm game Roteno, which is enjoyed by turning the phone, is released in Korea

XD Inc. launched the mobile rhythm game ‘Roteno’, which was developed and serviced by Dream Engine Games on the 30th, on Apple, Google Play, and Tap Tab.

Roteno is a mobile rhythm game that uses gyro sensors to rotate smartphones from side to side. The story was ahead of space travel. In the planet Aqua, where the main character Iro and Hoppe lived, the rain ‘Infinite Lane’, which does not stop since one day, became a difficult environment for people to live. The main character, Io, goes to space travel with Hoppe’s footsteps that first left Aqua.

This is a story about several characters and stars that I meet during space travel. Music in the game was classified into the concept of various planets in the story. The play that plays the music by turning the phone also fits the concept of spaceship control.

The basic version can be purchased for 3,900 won, and additional contents such as music packs can be paid. The default version includes 24 music songs and chapter 1 in the Journey Mode (Story Mode). In addition, you can purchase two additional music packs, and add one new music pack every month.

This Game Slaps

In addition, in commemoration of the launch, you can receive a total of four songs every week from 30 days to one month. This week, Hyun composer ‘極 の の ー ト ー ー’ will be provided, and the other three songs will be released on June 6, June 13 and June 20, respectively.

How many endings are in Trek to Yomi?

Trek to Yomi is a dynamic Side-Square, telling the story of a young samurai named Hiroka. Naturally, in the game itself there are four endings three of which can be earned by simply making a choice in chapter 6 . However, the fourth can be achieved in chapter 3 , although for this you need to defeat the main boss on the first attempt. Otherwise, the story will continue, and the hidden finale will be crossed out.

What way to choose in Trek to yomi

As soon as you reach Chapter 6, you will receive a window with a hint that informs you that three ways have become available. These three paths, being love , duty and gifts will determine the end.

End of Love

The path of love The ending can be considered good, because in it Hiroki returns to his beloved Akio. To get this ending, just select choose love when a choice is provided.

Out of the debt path

Trek To Yomi - All Endings (All Choices) 4K 60FPS
The path of duty in the final of Hiroka returns to the country of the living in order to reunite and lead their people. In return, he is forced to leave Akio in Yomi. To unlock this ending, just select Select the debt when it is offered.

refuse gifts

If you decide reject the gifts , then you will unlock the bad ending. In the final, Hiroka will become a military leader and abandon the love of his life and his people. To unlock this ending, just select the “Reject gifts” option.

Secret Ending

In chapter 3, you will have the opportunity to fight the military leader of the bandits of Kagaro. To continue history, you will need to come to terms with the defeat. But if you can turn the situation and defeat the boss, then you will receive an early ending and get an achievement. Early end .

track for length yomi

The path to yomi is by no means long, and in fact it can be passed in a matter of minutes. four o’clock. Depending on your game style, you can go through the main story and get all achievements in less than five hours.

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Evil dead the game: a bloody and good launch trailer

While he made his comeback in the cinema in Dr Strange in the Multaveve of Madness, Bruce Campbell is also playing by Evil Dead: The Game that comes out today on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, Ps4 and Xbox One

Evil Dead: The Game - Official Launch Trailer
Inevitably, we have the right to a launch trailer to make us a recall bite and show us the bloodiest and most gore images to make hemoglobin lovers want to be tempted.
We recall that this is a multi -game asymmetrical gameplay game, in the sense that the opposing teams who compete do not have the same game mechanics. There are indeed Ash Williams and his team which must face
Kandarian demon, each camp having its specific skills to survive or win the game.

Come on, better than words, here is the launch trailer.

How to cultivate umbral traces in Destiny 2

The season of arrivals in destiny 2 starts with many new quests available for everyone in the game. The season consists in understanding how darkness can be used as a weapon in anticipation of the release of the next extension of the game, Beyond Light, which will start on September 22. A weekly quest that you will have to complete is called Means to an end, and in it, you must exploit a resource known as umbral traces. You will not be able to see it in your inventory, but you can recover it regularly in several places.

There are three places where you use umbral traces in the game:

  • Weekly night outings
  • Nightmare hunts
  • Creuset control

These are the only places you can find this resource. For those who prefer to embark on PVE adventures, the Nightfall: The Ordeal and Nightmare Hunts are probably your best options. You can start The Ordeal Nightfall by going to your director’s The Vanguard part and you should have the opportunity to finish it. You will have to go with at least two other players. The nightmarish hunts are available on the moon.

If you prefer to fight against other guards, you can participate in the cards in the crucible reading list: Control. You will regularly receive Umbral Traces by eliminating the enemy guards, and an excellent way for you is to use the most recent exotic of the season, the Witherhoard, which is a grenade launcher which leaves behind a devastating AOE attack.

Before you embark on one of these activities, you must make sure to visit Zavala or Shaxx to receive bonuses to be completed along the way. These will not bring you more umbral traces, but it is a good way to receive experience points and additional rewards to improve your Season of Arrivals Pass.

Destiny 2 Menagerie Disintegrations - Best Umbral Traces Farming WEEKLY Update
Because Means to An End is a weekly quest, you will probably have to do various activities to exploit the umbral traces for the quest. These will pivot when Destiny 2 resets on Tuesday.

We were here Forever: Launch-Trailer shows Ingame for the first time

Total Mayhem Games reveals the official trailer for the launch of We Were Here Forever, which for the first time has shown in-game scenes of the game since the announcement. On May 10th, in just five days, players can experience the story of We Were here here forever on PC (Steam and Epic Game Store).

The official launch trailer can be seen here:

We were here forever offers a co-op experience at a price of 17.99 euros (RRP) on the PC and a little later for PlayStation and Xbox.

Castle Rock escaped forever

Only a few more days before players can enter Castle Rock again! We Were here forever is an asymmetrical co-op puzzle game that will be released on Steam and Epic Games Store on May 10th and shortly afterwards is also available for Xbox and PlayStation .

The visitors to the Wasd in London and the Pax East in Boston were able to take a first look at the game, and after the positive feedback and the enthusiastic reactions there it is clear that the players can hardly wait to get the game into their hands.

To celebrate that WE Were here forever next week, Total Mayhem Games has released a launch trailer that contains the first image material ever shown from the game itself. In this trailer, the fools’ familiar voice leads through many scenes of the game. These already give a good insight into the puzzles that the players have to solve to escape Castle Rock.

We Were here forever will be the most impressive game of Total Mayhem Games so far. The team behind the title is currently larger than ever and has worked hard to create a WE Were here game that exceeds its predecessors in terms of both graphics and the scope.

This makes We Were here Forever both the largest and the graphically progressive game in the series, with a living world full of small details and over 22 completely new puzzles. Even experienced puzzle can look forward to over 12 hours of fun !

The players explore previously unknown parts of Castle Rock and discover the story of Rockbury, the inhabitant of the city and the escape plans of a resistance that has formed against the king. Hope will lead the players to an eerie cemetery and let them descend into the dark waters of the foundry.

You will learn more about past events that have happened in this mysterious place. While you try to escape from Castle Rock in We Were here forever, you could start believing what you feared all the time. Can you ever really escape Castle Rock?

We were here stories: Chronicles of Castle Rock

Total Mayhem Games gives the players an insight into the history of the WE Were here series with a live action video series that tells the background story of the series and also reveals teaser for the latest part: We Were here_Forever.

The last two episodes of WE Were here Stories: Chronicles of Castle Rock will be released on May 10th a day before the game started. The background story of the cursed castle in the WE Were here game series is told in six chapters from the perspective of Kees Klokkenmaker, namely one of his descendants.

We Were Here Forever - Official Launch Trailer
All episodes and some references to places that the players could visit in We Were here forever can be seen in the Chronicles of Castle Rock series:

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