At the Epic Games store, free distribution of “ Jotun: Valhalla Edition ” developed by Canada’s indieveropper Thunder Lotus and “ PREY ” developed by “ PREY ” developed by French developers Arkane Studios. It started for a limited time at midnight on Sunday.

“JOTUN: VALHALLA EDITION” is a single play work that develops from a viewpoint. In 2014, the Kickstarter campaign to raise development funds was successful and released in 2015. It has been introduced in the past by the image that dropped the scales of the boss battle of “** Wanda and Giant (Shadow of The Colossus)” released on PS2 first.

In this work, the player has died of a non -employed viking, “Tora”, and has collected and sealed runes hidden in various places in Scandinavian myths to regain the qualifications of Valhara’s warrior. Fight the tribe Yotun.

PREY ” is a single play (main part) work developed from the first person perspective.

In this work, the player woke up at the space station “Talos I” around the track of the moon in 2032. While using craft -friendly weapons, we will confront the hostile extraterrestrial leak tongue and approach the truth of Transal’s plan, which owns “Talos I”.

In addition, although it is the same IP work as “PREY” developed in Human Head Studios, which was released in 2006, the content is different.

Suddenly, the distribution of the anti -gravity racing “Redout: Enhanced Edition” was also added. Currently in addition.

By performing the obtained procedure within the free distribution period, you can play unlimitedly.