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How the hell do you take 14 shots, youre KD guy– Stephen A. Smith lashes Kevin Durant for underperforming versus Philadelphia Sixers

KD took just 14 shots in 37 minutes, made 9 baskets and ended up the video game with 20 points. Kyrie Irving was the only other Brooklyn player with more points. Irving ended up with 23 points in 31 minutes.

This was KD’s most affordable scoring game this season. What makes the loss even worse is the fact that Philly were without Joel Embed, James Harden and Tyree Malay.

There have been many issues in Brooklyn recently. Kyrie Irving simply returned from suspension and Steve Nash was just recently fired as coach. The group is 8-10 and being in 10th location in the East.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith shared his viewpoint on the video game, where he outlined his dissatisfaction in Durant.

Smith describes this loss to be among the worst he has actually ever seen in the league. Understanding that KD can much more offensively, he criticized him the most for the loss.

Smith made sure that he kept new coach Jacques Vaughn out of his criticism.


Durant is averaging 29.8 points per game this season on 53.5% shooting from the field. Smith is appropriate when he says that Durant is capable of much more.

Kevin Durant was slammed for his poor performance after the Brooklyn Nets lost 115-106 versus the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday night.

Kevin Durant’s worst shooting efficiencies

2022 playoffs versus Boston Celtics: Video Game 1 and 2

In the very first video game of the 2022 playoffs, KD went 9-of-24, and completed with 23 points, four rebounds, and 3 assists. He also had six turnovers.

The Brooklyn Nets entire very first round playoff series versus the Boston Celtics could perhaps be positioned here, however well stick with the first 2 games.

It was throughout Game 6 versus Memphis, when Durant required to seal the offer on the series, but caved.

In the second video game, Durant shot 4-of-17 from the field. KD then did something he had actually never done before– he did not make a single shot in the second half in ten efforts. He had 6 turnovers again in Video game 2

2014 Western Conference Finals vs. San Antonio: Game 2.

KD shot 6-of-16 in this game, finished with 15 points, three rebounds and 2 helps. The Spurs won the series in Game 6

In 2011, Kevin Durant was only in his 4th season in the league, however had currently established himself as a big-time scorer. Durant ended up the playoffs that season having actually scored 30 points or more in seven video games. He scored over 40 points 3 times.

Durant ended up the playoffs that season having scored 30 points or more in seven video games.

Kevin Durant completed the game with 11 points, 7 rebounds and two helps. He shot 1-of-9 from 3-of-14 and deep from the field.

2011 Western Conference Semis versus the Memphis Grizzles: Video Game 6.

KD took simply 14 shots in 37 minutes, made 9 field objectives and completed the video game with 20 points. In the second video game, Durant shot 4-of-17 from the field. KD shot 6-of-16 in this video game, ended up with 15 points, three rebounds and 2 assists. The Spurs won the series in Video game 6

They might need playoff Draymond 20 video games into the season

The Golden State Warriors required Steph Curry’s brilliance, Play Thompsons the best video game of the season and Raymond Greens defense to beat the Houston Rockets. They needed their iconic Huge 3 to be at their best to eke out a 127-120 win versus the lowly Rockets on Sunday.

The Warriors uncharacteristic start has absolutely been due to their horrible defense, which is Greens domain. Rob Mahoney, on The Expense Simmons Podcast had an appealing concept as to why the Bay Location group has actually struggled on that end:

This seasons edition of the Golden State Warriors doesn’t have the high-end of such firepower at their disposal. They will require the best version of Raymond Green to play terrific individual defense and lead the Warriors protective revival.

After Raymond Green broke the trust of the Warriors, he hasn’t been his typical demonstrative and no-holds-barred self in holding colleagues liable on defense. Barking at Jordan Poole, who is generally the weakest link on defense, may not be as effortless as it utilized to be.

In each of the Golden State Warriors 4 champions in 8 years, they have actually always been a great to excellent protective team. Anchored by Raymond Green, they were first, 2nd, 11th and second in protective rankings throughout those title-winning projects.

Raymond Green and the Golden State Warriors will require their protective identity back to repeat as champions.

When Raymond Green punched Jordan Poole in the face, the Golden State Warriors greatest off-season drama occurred. Both have refused to dwell on the incident and pledged to be professionals, there might have been unintended outcomes.


One such result of the unsightly fracas was possibly Green compromising his management, particularly on the defensive end. He has normally been the man who calls out and even chews out teammates in the past for blowing assignments.

After a closely-fought win versus the Houston Firecrackers, holders of the second-worst record in the NBA, the Warriors defensive ranking has actually marginally improved. They’re now simply 24th out of 30 groups regardless of Greens solid work on the defensive end.

(Begins at the 14:05 mark).

They still dominated the 2017-18 season despite sporting a not-so-great defense primarily since of their frustrating firepower. The presence of Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and the pre-injury Play Thompson regularly concealed their defensive mistakes and still burnt out opponents.

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On a lot of the Warriors defensive breakdowns, trust and absence of communication have actually been significant issues. To regain his teammates’ trust while still attempting to be the defensive hub of the group, Green may have to toe a very delicate line.

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