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The rock thinks that the DCEU and the UCM should have a crossover

Recently Dwayne Johnson or La Roc. And now the actor has mentioned a long-awaited dream regarding his role, one that relates a possible universes union with the worlds and characters from Marvel ** comics.

In the last issue of the magazine Total Film, Johnson referred to the ambitions of the study to expand the DCEU by presenting new characters and Spin-Offs. He pointed out that Black Adam exists in the great umbrella of the DC universe, and this will allow possible crossovers with marks, there could be the possibility of having direct clashes with Marvel .

Here’s comments regarding this possible union:

I am optimistic. Only my nature is optimistic. And especially when it comes to creativity. Especially when it comes to movies. And especially when it comes to the pantheon of superheroes and supervillains of DC. On the other side of the street, we have the pantheon of Marvel superheroes and supervillains. For me, they can not only exist, but in my opinion, they should cross someday.

It is worth mentioning that these brands have joined forces in the past through printed publications, agreements that were not so complicated to specify for copyright. The clearest example was that of Spider-Man Vs. Superman , so some kind of union is possible that is not necessarily canon in each movie line.

Remember that the Black Adam series premieres on October 21 . **

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Marvel Midnight Suns launched the world on October 7th

2K and Marvel Entertainment announced that they will launch Marvel Midnight Suns, which was produced by the Pyractis Games Studio on October 7, 2022.

Marvel Midnight Suns is based on the gloomy background of the Marvel worldview with a new tactical RPG, and was produced at the Pilaxis Games Studio, known as Civilization and XCOM franchise.

The player, with the first original hero ‘Hunter’ of the Marvel worldview, became the Midnight Suns with the legendary heroes such as Dr. Strange, Iron Man, and Blade, and the demon relief with the Haida army and her army. It will be unfolded.

‘Hunter’ creates his own story as a superhero at the secret base, a secret base. Outside, you will have a sense of ties with each hero.


In addition, the new cinematic trailer, which was released today, shows the Heroes of Midnight Suns, including Spider-Man.

In the video, you can see the release of the release of Midnight Suns and the fallen Venom, Saber Tus, Scarlett location, and Hulk.

Bill Rose, vice president and creative director of Marvel Games, said, I am happy to invite the player to the dark and supernatural world of Marvel. I will invite fans to this world in October.

In addition, Jake Solomon, a creative director of Pyractis Games, said, Many fans have been looking forward to Marvel Midnight Suns, but they are honored to introduce numerous new heroes and villains to Marvel fans. We are looking forward to finding the pleasure of fighting like a superhero.

Marvel Midnight Suns will be released as a Standard Edition, Insust Edition, Digital+ Edition and Legendary Edition. You can see the Windows PC version in the Games Store.

For more information on the composition and details of each edition, please visit the official website.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Original

Fans of the Marvel Universe have recognized that a special episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was censored at Disney Plus. Now the responsible persons of the streaming platform have been worded and betrayed that this is only a error , in which unintentionally the wrong file has been published. Shortly, the original episode should be available again.

Marvel actor is looking forward to the attention

The censored episode has beaten some waves in the last few days. Among other things, a comparative image made the round that show the differences between the original and the changed episode. In detail everything turned around Olli Haaskivi , who as dr. Nail has occurred in the MCU series. The blood stains on his face and top were removed in the Cut version. However, the actor was reading more about the many attention he got.

Disney+ Is Censoring Some Violence in Falcon & Winter Soldier Series - IGN The Fix: Entertainment

In a humorous Instagram story he wrote: _ “Nice to know that today these gorgeous pictures of me worries on the Internet for swirls… Yes, I am available for model orders, but please do not all send me a message at the same time “_. Another scene, in which the shoulder of a woman is pierced by an iron days, should soon be contained again in Episode 3 by the Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Next Marvel series started at Disney Plus

On Wednesday Oscar Isaac celebrated in his role as Moon Knight in the series of the same name his debut in Marvel Cinematic Universe . Total six episodes will be published in the coming weeks. The relay finals are available on 4. May 2022 to see. One day after then Doctor Strange starts in The Multiverse of Madness in the cinemas. And the appointment for Ms. Marvel is already fixed. Click here on 8. June 2022 at Disney + lot.

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Mecha! universe! Boy Meets Girl! “Nimbus Infinity” is good with the SF action that various standards are available! [Bob “

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only “I don’t know what kind of game!” And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. I am crying because I can not grasp it until I play. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the raw game to the motto “as soon as possible”, “explosion play repo”.

This time, GameCrafterteam has developed, Gametomo Co., Ltd. is responsible for Publisher, and January 16, 2022, STEAM for Early Accessed SF Mechanical Action for PC (Windows) “ Nimbus Infinity I would like to deliver the contents of life.

# What is “Nimbus Infinity”?

This work is a high-speed SF mechanical action that will be able to get into a general-purpose weapon “Battleframe” from the future of the Futuristic Earth of 2100, and a high-speed SF mechanical action that enables intense battle one after another.

At the time of this or no longer explanation, you can already hear the soul screams by the development of “Mecha and robot mono!” . Please rest assured. The main story is also like that, and which scene is cut off, “I love you!” However, the thermal thickness of the leisure devil (?) Was the universe is pushing through the universe. Let’s introduce it as soon as possible.

# About future updates

** This work should be aware that this work is now “early access”. For example, the switching of the event scene is sudden and slightly stormy.

According to the post-development posting post, the early stories missions (1-6), survival mode (Version 1), English voice (Japanese and Thai translation + subtitles) are early access from the state of early access, It seems to step on the stage from there.

The style “First, aligns the elements you like, and put together the balance of sora,” the style that it will be a single tone, and it will be a very sharp balance in a vague balance. There is a danger.

However, at the moment of this work, it does not flee so far, ** I feel like I’m going to go to work carefully. As it is actually immediately after the start of early access, it is the degree of completion that can be played easily, so it seems to be expected in the future.

Language, Operation, and Settings

It will be repeated, but the language is the state of the English audio (Japanese and Thai translation + subtitles), and in future updates, Japanese speech will also be recorded.

This work supports mouse & keyboard and controller operation. The mouse was more quickly aimed, but there is a hyperpersonal and selfish belief that “humanoid weapons should be operated with the controller” and use the Xbox One controller in this play. It is likely that you can set it freely with keycomd.

For other settings, it is possible to make fine adjustments such as texture drawing distance and resolution, such as fps30, 60, 90, unlimited, etc.

# Main story start

From the title screen, “Campaign mode” and “Survival Mode” can be selected. Although I also mentioned earlier, while in the middle of development, the former can play, especially to Mission 6 of ACT1. Let’s introduce this article focusing on campaign mode.

By the way, it is possible to continue fighting in the survival mode.


Capture from campaign mode to the difficulty selection screen. Even if you choose the most simple thing, you may have a fault scratch depending on the mission, so here is your choice.

Near future. The stage is a Gunma, the main character is a human-type mechanical NFRAME part-time job…… and the element is already a tutorial.

The aircraft is a three-lived radio control operation, and the basic movement is horizontal and vertically. Although it is a humanoid type, there is no motion of walking while making the weight sound tone, but it moves around in a substantially floating style. There seems to be no worries about spilling water that has entered the cup.

The image of a tofu shop part-time job scattered to play.

The mission area has a range limit, and if it exceeds yellow red and subsequent two-step range, it will be extra-explosion and it will be game over. However, unless it is not a doubtful search, there is no particular problem because there is no move out of the area.

While leaving the highlighted destination, I will touch the view of the world through the near future Gunma. However, conversations with reservoirs are flavors for directing their daily sense, and most of the intrinsic illustrations for this problem are fulfilled.

# # Story that starts moving

A certain degree of tutorial will start the movie, and it will be a deployment that is the part of the article explained at the beginning of the article. Robot that has fallen from the sky! beautiful girl! Share Ai! To the battlefield from new pilot registration so as to flow!…. By the way, Mainly accepted introduction in the old and east-west, let’s feel the rising of the story **.


Well, attacks are mainly shooting and proximity attacks, and can be more accurately damaged if you lock on the other party. However, because the track followability is weak, it is sloppy, so it will be off immediately with the camera’s blur, and it often shifts especially when you set up a close battle. Here, I hope that adjustments will be made with future updates.

Booster gauge recovers over time. Since the cool down time is not long so far, let’s jump around the battlefield while rushing to the cancellation of Gangan. Personal ways are personally preferable to hit and get away from long distance. If you can see it again, you will be glad to be able to quick turn 180 degrees with one button….

Cockpit HUD is easy to understand so as not to disturb the view. As personal preferences, the display of the interface may be a little larger. In particular, the size of the rock-on cursor tends to be difficult to see when the screen information is busy due to combat flies.


This work is a style that promotes the mission while pinching the interval in accordance with the story. At the moment, the urban battle is only the tutorial only, and the main battle is mainly. It is very rising that a large amount of debris drifts or fights at high speed.

The content of the mission is mainly due to the ally space battleship guard, which basically defeat the enemy that appears. Any “this is this!”, “This is this!”.


[Nimbus INFINITY] MECHA MECHA Early Access Gameplay (1/?)

In so-called intermissions, you can explore the main character Tayou of Space Battleships that are based in Taihou. Each room has a heroine or perhaps if the genre is different, the elder sister , the older brother, the adult woman who is deceived with him, and the adult woman who is a good captain.

It may be familiar with this world through conversations with them. In addition, when promoting the mission, you access your own machine from the hanger, but once the search screen will end, it will not be returned, so be careful.

# # Preparation for dispatch

Suddenly the texture is in the sky rocket that it was an animation tone so far, so it may be enjoyable. Anyway, from the hanger’s dispatch screen, the machine “Equipment change” and “color change” is possible.

By changing the equipment, you can choose “CIWS”, “Main Crystal”, “Missile” and “Subsidiary”, but at the moment there is no armed addition due to shops, etc..

Each weapon was set to performance, and the magazine capacity and reloading time were important for personal experiences. Battle of the bullet and access! When it comes to a long reload from the immediate booth, the tempo of the battle will be broken.

Each armed can be freely changed coloring by “color change”. It is good to adjust the color of hue, saturation, brightness and put the color of your favorite color… If you can save the color palette or copy the value and apply it to other weapons I’m glad.

If you can change the coloring of the aircraft itself, I will give you a variety of things…… Different, pleasure.

in conclusion

The details will be further built from now on, and at the moment “I’m glad if this is…” There is a lot of this work. However, I touched at the beginning, but at the moment, the future roadmap is also firm in the finish that can be played enough.

Above all, it is very good that development is actively sending information such as progress. As a result, it may be good to be a robot and mechanical work of “this…!”.

SIFU YES will receive DLC content in the future

Even though SIFU arrived at PC and PlayStation a few days ago, their developers have no intention to rest yet. In a recent publication of the PlayStation blog, SLOCLAP announced that this brutal title of kung fu will be receiving DLC ​​content in the future, just do not expect that one day you can have an _multiplayer component. _

Felix Garczynski, Community Manager of SLOCLAP , mentioned that the team “is already working on post-launch content” and that “have exciting plans for free updates”. He promises that in the future they will be sharing additional details, however, he made it clear that SIFU will remain an experience for a single player, and they do not intend to dilute it with online content.

Sifu DLC Confirmed! - New Levels Or Something Smaller?

We do not know exactly what type of DLC could receive SIFU in the future, but considering that it will not be related to multiplayer, it is easy to assume that they could be new levels, outfits, weapons or other things that enrich the experience single-player. At the moment we will have to wait to know the official answer, but by while, remember that you can know what we found SIFU in our written review.

Editor’s note: I think it’s a good idea that you have opted to keep SIFU as an exclusive title of a single player. After all, part of what makes this experience something so unique is precisely their level of difficulty, and how satisfactory is to finish a level after taking hours stuck in it.

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