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Guerrilla Games, Horizon Series did not end

The Horizon series of Guerrilla Games was a title that represents the playstation. The first game, Horizon Zero, has exceeded 2 million cumulative sales volumes of cumulative sales by February this year, and the next work Horizon Forbidden West has further developed an open-world play with theme as a theme.

And the journey of Aoyli does not end. Guerrilla Games predicted the appearance of the next work through an interview with the British Game Q & A VG247 on the 14th (local standard). This story is linked to Horizon Forbidden West Ending. On the second side, ALOLO is focused on Restoration of Terra Forming system and faces a new hostile forces. It is difficult to talk about the ending specifically, but there was a louder that seems to have something to do after the ending.

Horizon Forbidden West Spoilercast With Guerrilla Devs

For this guerrilla game Mathijs De Jonge Creative Director, “Horizon is a story about Mystery. Each story was to dig the present and the mystery of the ancient world. I have a rich background story that establishes a new story line and create a new mystery in the conventional setup. “

“In fact, this game is usually ended again with another big cliffer (cliffer, and the story technique that it is ending without releasing the conflict to the next game).”

In the first game, Horizon Zero Dunn, Horizon, who repaired Gaia, and the production team has established a new story based on this. Therefore, the next work is also expected to start from the unresolved part of the previous work. The specific contents of the Horizon series have not been disclosed, but etheries and the party are expected to face a big challenge again.

Forza Horizon 5: Currently no new information for DLC 1 planned

Forza Horizon 5 - When To Expect Expansion #1 - WHERE IS IT?
When does the first DLC appear for Forza Horizon 5? And what will DLC 1 contain? These exciting questions may probably remain unanswered a slightly longer time as the developers officially announced that you have no plans at present to announce new things to the first Forza Horizon 5 extension. Instead, the developer team wants to focus on bugfixes, adjustments and monthly updates. > Playground Games announced: “I can tell you that the team works on monthly content as well as updates and troubleshootings, and that at the moment there is nothing to proclaim a DLC.” Forza Horizon 5 players must continue to practice patience and master the weekly challenges.

Forza Horizon 5: On Carnival

Forza Horizon 5 | Series 5 Evolving World – PR Stunt Carnival

In the current series 5 of Forza Horizon 5, PR stunts at the topic of carnival take place. For this purpose, the Horizon stadium was turned into a stunt park with ramps, drift zones, loops and destructible objects. Mexico was also decorated in accordance with festive and the Horizon Rush Festival outhouse celebrates with fireworks and confetti. Also missing the new seasonal PR stunts, parade wagon races and also looks for the new dinosaur piñata collective objects to unlock exclusive rewards. Look at the trailer and learn what to expect in Forza Horizon 5.

Horizon Forbidden West: Thats how it wevent your amazing launch event

We take a couple of weeks touring the exciting west forbidden at Horizon Forbidden West , the new Aloy adventure developed by Guerrilla Games for PS4 and PS5 consoles. It is one of the great launches of the year 2022, so to welcome you over high from PlayStation Spain organized a complete event full of surprises and faces known event Nathy Peluso , who presented Your new video clip emergency, and Michelle Jenner , Aloy’s voice in the Spanish version of the title.

Here we make a summary of what the event gave of itself, in which the Grand Prix wevent also delivered by the Cosplay Contest organized in the weeks before the launch of the expected sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn.

This wevent the Horizon Forbidden West event

Horizon Forbidden West Best Armor - I Was Wrong, This Is Amazing (Horizon Forbidden West Armor)

Given the restrictions related to the pandemic, still active around the world, the launch event wevent performed online and all the spectators were able to follow it through the Twitch channel of PlayStation Spain. With a spectacular musical performance to give the pistolletazo to the meeting, diverse artists and musicians with suits set in the Universe of Horizon appeared on stage to interpret one of the main themes of the work. After that, a complete and kinematic trailer of the game emerged on the screen to remind us of the keys of the title that concerns us.

After this introduction, Alba Horcajuelo and Ipandarina welcomed us and began to present the event. Throughout an hour and a half, several content creators and relevant personalities were appearing, online or face-to-face, to greet the community and celebrate the premiere of the game. Paracetamor, Darío Eme Hache, Aroyitt, Javier Ruescevent and Rodri Fáez are some of those we could see on the screen with the Hype by the clouds for being able to take the title soon.

event part of the promotion, it wevent revealed that from day 18 until February 22 it would appear an imposing Garrirapor in the Plaza de Callao de Madrid . During those days we were able to get closer to take some photos next to the imposing metallic beeventt, in addition to participating in a contest to make us a real edition signed by the very Michelle Jenner.

Speaking of prizes, the next personality to get on stage wevent Andrea Compton , creator of content that, together with Illisia a spot focused on becoming Aloy thanks to the cosplay creation skills of her companion. With a first award centered on offering a PlayStation 5, a Game Regalla edition and € 500 in ceventh, wevent Laliluleahlo (Leah_cosplay) the lucky winner who took this pack home.

Nathy Pelus He then climbed on stage to talk about her’s impressions and offer us a series of reflections about the creation of emergency, the new topic of it with video clip in collaboration with PlayStation on the occevention of the game:

“It hevent been an artistic setting that hevent made me a lot of illusion. I imagined what he could do with all that red energy or tide that surprises her (Aoy) and suddenly everything begins to destroy. I thought we could refer to that red with one of the suits that appear in the video and create a character through the movements. I also inspired the protagonist to create the desert suit, since she reminded me of the armor she carries in the game. It hevent been an artisanal work to put together the two parties (music and video game) and that is an experience, “said the singer.

With long teeth because I have to wait until 00h to enjoy the video clip, the presenters gave way to fifth-level podceventt members: Jen Herranz, Borja Pavón and Oriol Vall-Llovera, who offered their first impressions and a phrevente a Mode of summary of what I thought your first contact with Horizon Forbidden West.

Michelle Jenner came to the event to tell us about her experience by playing Aloy once more: “It’s very funny, a luxury for me to be able to get into the skin of this warrior and feel me even a little while. It is wonderful event an actress to be part of this universe of battles, machines and others. All an honor that they have counted with me again in this cevente. ” In addition, the actress wevent excited to see a compilation video live with several testimonies, among which wevent that of her own father of her, to give her congratulations for her work by playing Aloy once again.

To offer something more show related to the protagonist and his skills, Inés de Veleventco, an Olympic Athlete of Archery, appeared to make a demonstration and Michelle wevent encouraged to try his luck, with an amazing result that would make the most imposing terremamut tremble. After that, the event finally concluded leaving us with a lot of desire that 00h will arrive and the game will be activated to start with our great adventure in the West West Prohibited. We remember that Horizon Forbidden West is already available in five different versions for PS4 and PS5 consoles exclusively: Standard edition (in PlayStation Store or stores at € 79.99 (PS5) or € 69.99 in cevente From the version of PS4, Edition Digital Deluxe (by € 89.99 in PS Store), Special Edition , Collector Edition and Edition Regal (available exclusively in Game stores in the cevente of Spain).

Falling graphics cards

Is this about a silver stripping on the graphics card horizon? A look at the price development of the last weeks shows that the coveted hardware of AMD & Nvidia is finally cheaper. Is the hardware nightmare soon over?

Current graphics cards are cheaper

For PC players there was nothing to laugh in the last few months. Who was looking for a new gaming PC, usually handle the finished calculator, as the prices for graphics cards shot up to the height.

Now, however, there is hope again. Anyone who has thrown a look at the price development of current graphics cards by AMD & NVIDIA within the last few weeks is likely to have made an exciting discovery – because slowly but safe seem to reduce sales prices :

Since the turn of the year, the graphics cards of AMD and Nvidia are becoming ever cheaper. At the beginning of January, sales prices on the free market were still nearly 80 percent above the EIA – the cards on average are only distributed around 50 percent above the official retail price of the manufacturer (Source: 3DCenter).

What makes this difference shows a look at the prices of a popular RTX 3070 from Asus. The Asus Tuf RTX3070 V2 was still traded at the end of 2021 for just under 1,140 euros, but is now for a little less than 900 euros in the official shop (look at ASUS).

Watch graphics card bestsellers at Amazon

_ And what else is important in the gaming and technology world happens? We’ll tell you in the AMD HEADLINES: _

Cheap graphics cards: beginners come at their expense

While the high-end graphics cards are still still well above the official UVP, seem to slow down prices for low-end and mid-range models – that is likely to be pleased, especially beginners.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 , which is suitable for playing in Full HD, is already available for around 370 euros. Although this is still almost 90 euros above the EIA, but is a real bargain compared to the prices of the last weeks. Who wants to dust a still cheaper model, attacks at RX 6500 XT from AMD, which is not exactly future-proof due to the strongly limiting video memory. But AMD’s entry-level GPU is currently only about 240 euros – offers a reasonably priced transitional solution.

_This graphics card models are especially in demand in this country: _

However, we advise all the PC players to wait for something – there is something else! Well possible that the prices fall even further in the coming weeks and we soon finally reach the EIA level. We press the thumb.

Horizon Forbidden West: How to beat Slithfang easily

Tea Horizon Prohibited West Sliding Fang is the giant serpent giant machine that you will find at the beginning of the game. It is quite large and can spit acid, which will cause significant damage to Aloy if the attack lands. To help you beat this slippery snake, we will guide you through the best method to quickly destroy Slithfang and deactivate some of the most powerful attacks.

Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay - NEW ARENA combat vs Slitherfang (Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West)

SlithFang is a huge and fast combat machine that can attack long distance. When it is in rolled position, you have access to your entire arsenal as the rotating parts of your body fit in place.

All SlithFang components in Horizon Forbidden West

  • Body : The hard outer housing protects your synthetic muscle and operating systems.
  • Sonic Hood : Large and Vibrant Metal Plates that are located on the back of the Slithherfang. They are only vulnerable when they extend. Separal them or destroy them to deactivate the Sonic explosion distance attack.
  • Earth crusher : Toothed ground beaters capable of crushing almost anything that traps. Start to pick up.
  • Luminous explosion boat : Glowblast storage. It starts to collect this resource or shoot with a plasma arrow to detonate.
  • Bite Metal Bag : MetalBite Storage. Destroy to disable acid attacks or leave it intact to add booty to the corpse.
  • Spark : Shock storage, which is on Slithfang’s side. These blue boats can be started to collect this resource, or you can shoot with a shock arrow to detonate them.
    • Purge water container **: Purge water storage. These boats can be started to collect them as a resource or can be triggered with a purge water arrow to detonate them.
  • Acid boat : metalbite storage. These are green boats that are on the sides of Slithherfang. Arrácales to collect them as a resource, or shoot with an acid arrow to detonate and cause massive elemental damage.
  • Resource Container : Storage container for valuable resources. Start to collect your content.
  • Data link: Central processor. Especially vulnerable to damage if it is exposed. Found in the depths of Slithfang’s chest.
  • Purge water bag : Purge water storage. Destroy to disable purgewater attacks or leave it intact to add booty to the corpse.
  • Shock orb : You can find three shock orbs at the end of the SlithFang queue. These are used to boost all shock attacks and rotate on your axis to load.

Easily overcome the Horizon Forbidden West Slithherfang

Exploit your elementary weaknesses

By formidable that may seem Slithherfang, it’s actually relatively easy to tear down if you know where to focus your attacks. You can do an even lighter job of this mechanical serpent by exploiting its weaknesses of frost, fire and plasma damage.

If you have weapons that have this type of elementary ammunition, it will make it to defeat Slithherfang much faster, although, in the case of the first fight with the boss, you must focus on exploiting your weak points and using your own weapons. Against.

Use your weapons against him and point to the weak points

Your priority here is to concentrate on eliminating the shock orbs at the end of your tail. Not only are relatively large objectives, once deleted, but can also be used as a heavy weapon against SlithFang and deactivate all the clash attacks from it.

With the weapon that releases the Shock Orbs, you will want to focus on sparkers on the front and sides of Slithherfang (or your left if you are looking at it in front). As the weapon inflicts shock damage, you will trigger a massive elementary reaction that will inflict a great damage to Slithfang itself.

Once deleted, it is time to take care of the EARTHGRINDER just below the head, on the front of the machine. You can use your standard arrows here (if you are facing them at the beginning of the game), or use precision arrows or tears precision if you have access to them to facilitate the work of separating this.

Finally, use any of your arrows to focus on the SAC metalbite on the Slithfang front, just below the EarthGrinder.

By destroying this, you will provoke a great explosion, disabling all your metalbite-based attacks and inflicting significant damage.

Keep your distance and dodge to easily avoid Slithfang attacks

At this point, the Slithherfang will not have many attacks, so you can simply concentrate on eliminating the other parts of him with your arrows. Just keep the distance and you can avoid most attacks and onslaught with which he attacks you.

Now that you know how to beat him quickly, we wish you happy hunting those Slithherfangs at Horizon Forbidden West . To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or see more of our coverage about the game below. Related Posts * The trailer of the praise of Horizon Forbidden West celebrates a hot critical reception * PlayStation Program for planting 3 trees every time this Horizon Forbidden West trophy is unlocked * Horizon Forbidden West Lego Tallneck & Aloy available in May 2022 * Review of Horizon Forbidden West: The Best of the West * Accessibility features of Horizon Forbidden West detailed by PlayStation Search to get more

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