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House of the Dragon: Here you can watch the initial episode totally absolutely free!

The brand-new Fantasy series House of the Dragon is on everybody’s lips. Not just because it can encourage the substantial majority of fans and also critics thus far, but also because the very first 2 episodes are currently commemorating the document of viewers. By doing this, the 2nd episode of the show can even enhance the variety of viewers, which is extremely unusual. The majority of the moment they drop after the best. HBO likewise intends to give something back to the followers and has actually currently launched the first episode for free streaming. This allows you to have to spend the long-awaited journey to Westeros comfortably and without money, examination it and after that maybe make a decision to finish a subscription for the further 9 episodes. You can figure out below where the entire initial season of Home of the Dragon is streamed, you can discover here.

where can you stream the first episode totally free?

It should be clear that HBO does not just publish the initial episode of the Video game of Thrones innovators devoid of heart and charity. On the one hand, obviously, you want to take care of people, after the first episode as well as the resulting ideally positive impression to finish a paid registration. Since the rest of the season will not be available for free on YouTube.


On the other hand, the moment for the publication need to not be chosen for nothing: precisely today, on September 2, 2022, the long-awaited mega series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power on Amazon Prime Video Clip.

It is not surprising that you see yourself in direct competitors with the series of the mail order business. Both programs can be appointed to the fantasy category and the fan base need to likewise overlap to a specific extent.

In addition to the series, is offering away the action journey Middle-earth: Mordors Darkness. The first viewpoints on the Lord of the Rings series are extremely favorable. House of the Dragon additionally started with a great deal of praise. Have you already treated yourself to the series in the membership or will you first check the very first episode on YouTube at no cost? Like to compose that in the remarks!

Currently the most vital inquiry that you are all asking yourself when you have currently clicked on the news: Where can you stream the very first episode of the series for free? The only point you have to take into consideration is that you have to confirm your age before starting the episode.

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Not only since it can encourage the substantial bulk of followers and critics so much, but also due to the fact that the initial two episodes are already celebrating the record of viewers. HBO also wants to provide something back to the followers and has actually currently launched the first episode for free streaming. Now the most vital inquiry that you are all asking yourself when you have currently clicked on the information: Where can you stream the first episode of the series for free? Have you currently treated on your own to the series in the membership or will you first test the very first episode on YouTube free of cost?

Recruitment of auditions for auditions for game games, audition for the top 5, audience evaluation teams to participate

The Gyeonggi Content Agency (hereinafter referred to as Kyungconjin) will recruit the audience evaluation team to participate in the selection of the 17th Gyeonggi Game Audition Global Division (hereinafter referred to as the final audition) by August 31.


The audience evaluation team will participate in selecting 5 out of 10 games that passed the first audition at the final audition held at the Pangyo Gyeonggi Creative Economy Innovation Center on September 7. Anyone interested in the game can apply.

The final audition will be presented by the judges and the judges after the game developer presented the audience evaluation and judges on the stage. The screening will be combined with the judges and audience evaluation scores consisting of the global game market experts invited from home and abroad.

If you are selected for the TOP 5 in the final audition, a total of 150 million won will be paid up to 50 million won for the first place (1 team), 30 million won for the second place (2 teams), and 20 million won for the third place (2 teams). In addition, follow-up support such as Pangyo Gyeonggi Global Game Center is located, QA, sound, video, translation, and marketing.

All teams who entered the final audition were △ PlayStation’s Pick Selection Qualifications △ Subsequent Support Program Qualifications △ AkaMai, AWS, NHN Cloud, Microsoft, One Store, Kochava, Later Endson Service △ Game audition entire rider and exchanges (networking) are given.

In the field, various events will be held for audience evaluation teams such as quiz events, souvenirs and prizes. If you want to participate, you can apply on the official website of the Gyeonggi Global Game Center.

Call of Duty: Warzone as well as Vanguard prepare a final period filled with iconic bad guys: day and details

Call of Duty: Lead will certainly have two new maps as well as a final battle against zombies relating to the characteristics of the period in Call of Duty: Lead, the activation experience is extended with 2 brand-new maps and also an end of the world against Zombies. On the one hand, the incorporation of the stage Beheaded , which will take us to a post-apocalyptic Square filled with agitated activity. This uniqueness will certainly pertain to the game as quickly as the season starts.

The final period of Call of Duty: Warzone as well as Vanguard will certainly begin on August 24 We talk regarding the Final of Call of Duty: Warzone as well as Vanguard, which will certainly begin following August 24 . According to the qualities explained by Activision on the official site of Call of Duty, this novelty will have as protagonists several of one of the most renowned villains in the franchise, as well as new game modes, changes in the maps and a great deal of chaos to discharge the Fight Royale prior to Warzone 2.0.

Past this, it ought to be remembered that Activision is additionally preparing the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which will be available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One as well as Xbox Collection on October 28 . When it comes to this new installation, we currently know the days to test your multiplayer beta, although you can also book it to access your complete project beforehand.

Call of Duty: Vanguard will certainly have two new maps as well as a final battle against zombies regarding the qualities of the season in Call of Duty: Vanguard, the activation experience is prolonged with 2 brand-new maps and a final battle against Zombies. On the one hand, the addition of the stage Beheaded , which will certainly take us to a post-apocalyptic Square filled with frantic activity. Those who desire to get involved in A final confrontation versus the Zombies of Call of Duty: Lead are in good luck.

We can protect central heating boiler or sabotage it in the Operation Game Mode: Last Call Among one of the most popular factors of the brand-new Warzone period is the video game mode Operation: Last Call , which will take us to Caldera for Caldera Defend the region or create a large sabotage, according to the team in which we make a decision to be component. Additionally, this will certainly be come with by an additional occasion that, with the name of Supreme Revival , will be detailed in the future.


Starting with the uniqueness in Warzone, from Activision they particularly highlight a volcanic eruption that will certainly change the terrain in numerous maps as well as, as a result, will certainly enhance the normal difficulty of the video game with other troubles such as the breakthrough of the lava or the fall of Rocks This event is gone along with by cosmetic incentives and benefits that will assist us in the game.

Those that want to get involved in A final fight versus the Zombies of Call of Duty: Lead remain in good luck. Nevertheless, the designer research welcomes us to return to Egypt to carry out new missions after the discovery of Shi No Numa’s terrible. Beyond this, from Activision they also make certain that we will certainly see brand-new seasonal qualifiers and rewards that we can get over the coming months.

Throughout it, the 2nd map will certainly end: Citadels . Medium-sized, this place takes us to a sea burial ground packed with ships stranded in the desert. These frameworks will certainly have corridors and electronic cameras that we can take advantage of to make us with positions of power, although from Activision they advise us not to forget the vessel roofing system.

Call of Duty: Warzone remains to enjoy the success of his Battle Royale proposal, yet from Activision they are already preparing a Warzone 2.0 that is not just dated for some time in this 2022, yet likewise observed just how the game that will certainly premiere A new period in sex. And also, to pave this launch, from Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard they wish to release a last traca .

How to rise weapons in Tower of Fantasy

Presently you can allow your weapons rise from no to 6 celebrities, which matches to a full constellation or improvement of Gensin Influence in a lot more preferred terms. Aside from that, much like in Gensin, to be able to climb your weapons, you need to get another copy of it, a service that can be attained by either drawing them back to the video game once again or getting them in the store. Since this will certainly compensate you with his merging core. As soon as you have actually obtained the thing, you just need to weapons and also after that go to the camp. Select your wanted weapon there and click upgrade. As quickly as you have done this, you just need to go to Advancement and validate the procedure, as shown in the image below.

In Tower of Fantasy, gamers can utilize a vast array of various weapons, each of which has their own look, their own staminas, skills and also sometimes their very own moveset. Did you understand that you really rise or, as it is claimed in the video game, allow your weapons breakthrough and not just unlock brand-new abilities, however likewise raise your fundamental values? Versus this background and also to assist all those who either battle or simply wish to be the most effective that they can be, right here is just how to climb weapons tower of creative imagination .

How to increase weapons in Tower of Fantasy (modern).

To summarize it once again, right here is a step-by-step overview of how you can climb up or advance your weapons in Tower of Fantasy:

In Tower of Fantasy, players can make use of a wide array of different weapons, each of which has their own appearance, their own strengths, skills and in some instances their very own moveset. Did you know that you really increase or, as it is said in the game, let your weapons advancement and not just unlock brand-new abilities, yet likewise enhance your fundamental worths? Against this background as well as to aid all those who either fight or just desire to be the ideal that they can be, here is just how to climb weapons tower of imagination .

  • Power a merging core of your preferred weapon (pull for an SR or SSR weapon that you currently own/ get your own weapon in the video game’s store).
  • Go to weapons as well as after that to the warehouse tab.
  • Select your preferred weapon.

* Click Upgrade.
* Click on progress and after that confirm the process to boost your weapon by 1 star.

You can presently play Tower of Fantasy on PC, Android as well as iphone.

Woori Bank implemented a ticket booking service for 2022 LCK Summer Finals

‐ ‘2022 LCK Summer Final with Woori Bank’

-Interpark ticket linkage, provided round-trip transportation when purchasing Woori Bank ZONE ticket on Interpark website

Woori Bank provides a service that allows you to book a ticket for ‘2022 LCK Summer Finals with Woori Bank’ through ‘Woori Banking’, a mobile application.

The newly opened ticket reservation service is ‘Woori Bank X LCK Bus Tala’ at the ‘event’ category after logging in ‘WON Banking’ app. Train?! ‘ From the 3rd to the 12th, the event authentication code will be received and the customers who purchase the final ticket of the Woori Bank Zone on the Interpark App or on the website will receive an additional round-trip bus boarding ticket.

The Woori Bank Zone, which can be booked through Woori WON Banking’s certification code, consists of 600 seats, consisting of S and A seats. In particular, Woori Bank secured a total of 1,000 Woori Bank Zone, including a premium invitation seat for this final.

On August 28 (Sun), the LCK final ticket reservation service held at Gangneung Arena, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do on Sunday, will be ‘Woori Banking’ and ‘2022 LCK Summer Final with Woori Bank’. It is open simultaneously from the poem.

An official of Woori Bank said, As a 2022 LCK Summer Final Main Sponsor, we have prepared an event that provides ‘Woori Bank Zone’, including premium invitations for all fans who love Woori Bank and all fans who love LCK. We will continue to expand our contents such as ‘Open (General) LOL League’ and ‘The 2nd Lower League’, which can be participated by any LCK fan in the future.

FFXIV: How to show online shop

_ **** _

Final Fantasy XIV has an extensive online shop with countless objects, mounts and more that players can buy and acquire. In view of the fact that you spend your hard earnings for the articles, you would of course want to try the articles first before making a final decision. Regardless of whether you want to look for additional hatching-idea event equipment or want to dress up for the experience as a lightning, the online shop options offer you all of this and even more. This guide article leads you through the process of using FFXIV DREAM fitting function.

How to show MOG station store articles with Dream Fitting

Discussing The FFXIV Online Store
To display a preview of the articles, you don’t have to take many steps to try out the online shop articles on your character. First you should visit every inn room. For example, if you are a new player in one of the starting cities, be it Gridania, Ul’dah or Limsa Lominsa; You will be able to find an inn you can visit. These are located in the main nodes of each city, where you will initially receive regular quests in the first few hours in the game.

Rent an inn room and your character will be transported to another room. This room has everything you need so that your character can rest well and also work on his hair image as soon as he has completed a certain activation quest if he decides, among other things. To use the Dream Fitting option, go to the “Comfy Feather Bed” and interact with it.

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Final Fantasy XIV race explains: Which race should you choose and play it a role?

Select the “DreamFitting. (Try equipment from the online shop.) “And then your character lies in bed and begins to fall asleep while you are in the Dream Fitting Menu and can start scrolling and trying out objects for your character. Now you can try out the articles from the online shop you may want to buy. Regardless of whether you are looking for a new outfit for your bard playing or another job/another class, here you will find numerous outfits.

_ Final Fantasy XIV _ is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Attack of the fanboy / captain / FFXIV: How to show online shop articles in the game with Dream Fitting

Solving mysterious mystery of mysterious island A box garden Slow life “Piccondia” formal version 1.0 Update delivery-Memorial sale that is 20% off until April 14

Fly High Works distributed Final Major Update “1.0” that is a formal release version of the box garden-type slow life RPG (@ kan_kikuchi), who works (@ kan_kikuchi).

This work is a game where the hero who woke up from a long sleep on a fushigi island can experience an adventure, agriculture and interaction with residents while solving the mystery of the island. STEAM early access started on November 7, 2020, and a large-scale update has been done so far. Game * SPARK also published play reports immediately after the release.

In this update that is a formal version, we added main quests and endings. In addition to adding event conversation logs, new systems such as “raining altars” and “decimals” appear in the game. In addition, we will continue to be a bug fix and the necessary reactions for feedback.

STEAM is also undergoing 20% off until April 14 to commemorate the “Piconetia” official version release. Please be careful when purchasing because it will be the price of the official version after the sale is completed.

In addition, Fly High Works established a unique media “ Fly High Times “, which publishes a variety of information such as the title, news release, developer interviews, which will be released from now on. From the establishment of 2011, the company that celebrates the 11th anniversary in April seems to be a place to send various information and content that has been cultivated so far.

The complete list of DLC from WWE 2K22 includes Ronda Rousey, Logan Paul, NXT Stars and more

WWE 2K22 is in the final stretch of its early access period, but 2K still had some surprises under the sleeve, including the full disclosure of its next DLC. Previously we had received suggestions from who would be included in the DLC packets for 2K22, but now we have the complete list, which is distributed in five packages that will be launched over the next 4 to 5 months. The new packages include a mixture of WWE Legends, NXT stars and most recent additions from Raw and Smackdown, including Ronda Rousey, Vader, MSK, Doudrop and celebrities such as Logan Paul and Machine Gun Kelly.

Packages are divided into Banzai Pack (arriving on April 26), MOST WANTED PACK (May 17), Stand Back Pack (June 7), Clowning Around Pack (June 28) and The Whole Dam Pack, which arrives on July 19

You can find the complete summary of the new additions to the list below.

Banzai package
Date of launch: April 26

Kacy Catanzaro.

Most searched package
Launch Date: May 17

Cactus cat;
The man of the sack;
Ilja Dragunov;
Indi Hartwell.

Backpack with support
Date of launch: June 7

Helms from the hurricane;
Stacy Keibler;
Wes Lee;
Nash Carter.

Package Clowns
Date of launch: June 28

Doink the clown;
Ronda Rousey;
The British Bulldog;
Mr. T;
Rick Boogs.

All the DAM pack
Date of launch: July 19

Rob van Dam;
Logan Pablo;
Kelly machine gun;
The gentleman;
Xia Li;

WWE 2K22 DLC Release Dates | Stars and Legends Confirmed!
Commander Azeez.

WWE 2K22 arrives on March 11 for PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What do you think about the new additions? Let us know in the comments and, as always, you can talk about everything related to wrestling with me on Twitter @MattaguilarCB!

Rumor: These games would leave Game Pass along 2022

Final Fantasy (ファイナル ファンタジー, Fainer Fantasy) is a collection of role computer game (RPG) produced by Square Enix (originally Square Soft) and also launched by Hironobu Yamaguchi in 1987 in Japan on the NEW with the Final Fantasy game. The first game of the series is a last effort of Yamaguchi to hand over his job after several commercial failings: he fulfills a fantastic industrial success.
Given that then, Final Fantasy advances with every living-room console generation as well as is occasionally adapted to other systems. She has ventured right into various other kinds of computer game whose on-line function play, race, firing games in the third individual, battle game and rhythm game. She then expanded in regard to style, giving birth to movies, animals, manga as well as stories.
The bulk of Final Fantasy games are made up of games in entirely independent history, there are a number of usual points. This commonness consist of specifically circumstance components, names and also varieties of games and play technicians. The classic scenario of a Final Fantasy game uses up the story of a group of young heroes who combat evil while creating their Clean personality and also partnerships in between them. The songs typically composed by Noble Seats participate in the on-line reputation of the collection and also its consistency.
The computer game collection meets a genuine industrial and essential success. It has more than 135,000,000 devices offered in between its creation and 2017, and also is considered a major series of the globe of video clip games given that Final Fantasy VII. She had a substantial impact on the usual play mechanics of the role video games and also joined the democratization of the category as an entire beyond Japan.

Although Xbox Game Pass is one of the best services at the time, it is not the optimal option to have a permanent game bookstore, since the Third Party titles, sooner or later, will have to leave this platform. This is why recently filtered a list with the games that will leave Game Pass in the near future.

Through the application of the Microsoft Store on PC, users have realized that some Game Pass games already have the 20% discount that it usually appears when a title is about to leave the service, and have a specific date for your departure from the service. Some of these, such as yakuza 3 Remastered, will no longer be available at the end of month , while others, such as dragon Quest Xi, will be within reach of the players until next year.

Below is the list that has been found so far:

Yakuza 3 Remastered (Windows) — January 31, 2022

Yakuza 4 Remastered (Windows) — January 31, 2022

Yakuza 5 Remastered (Windows) — January 31, 2022

A plague tale: innocence (windows) — February 1, 2022

Control (Windows) — February 1, 2022

The Medium — February 1, 2022

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (Windows) — February 16, 2022

Alien: Isolation (Windows) — March 1, 2022

yakuza 6: The Song of Life (Windows) — April 1, 2022

Sociopath Traveler — April 1, 2022

outriders — April 1, 2022

Dragon Quest Builders 2 — May 1, 2022

Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster (Windows) — May 16, 2022

Yakuza: Like a dragon — June 16, 2022

dark Alliance — July 7, 2022

children of mortal — July 16, 2022

Hades — August 16, 2022

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard — September 1, 2022

Final Fantasy XIII (Windows) — September 1, 2022

back 4 Blood — October 16, 2022

Star dew Valley (Windows) — December 1, 2022

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Windows) — December 1, 2022

overcooked! 2 (Windows) — December 16, 2022

among US — December 16, 2022

outer Wilds — January 1, 2023

Gorgon — January 1, 2023

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of An Elusive Age — Definitive Edition — January 1, 2023

Scarlet Nexus — January 1, 2023

injustice 2 (Windows) — January 16, 2023

However, other games, such as EAD CELLS, do not have a removal date, so they will be available at Game Pass for an indeterminate time . Although this information comes from the Microsoft Store application, none of these dates have been confirmed.

Considering that in the next few days we will have more details about the games that will arrive and go from service, It is only a matter of time before having clear information about the future of Xbox Game Pass . On related topics, the Trilogy of Hitman will arrive at Game Pass this week. Similarly, Xbox has revealed why they changed the name of this service on PC.

Editor’s note:

While it was obvious that we would eventually have to say goodbye to these games, the filtration makes it clear that no Title Third Party will be available forever in Game Pass. It is part of the process, and we should not get angry at the end of the day.

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