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Microsoft update quickly install – Federal Office Increases at the highest risk level

At the beginning of the year, Microsoft closed alone 100 security gaps. But with that the danger is not banned for users.

Germany – both in February, as well as in March, Microsoft presented a number of updates on the patchday – and thus closed various critical vulnerabilities in its programs. That the company provides on the so-called Patchday security updates is not unusual. The warning of the BSI, on the other hand. As security holes * reports, the Federal Office awarded the highest all possible risk levels.

Federal Office warns against security gap: Install updates for Microsoft as quickly as possible

The risk level 5 awards the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI) very rarely. But the gaps closed according to BSI 71 are dangerous: so they can be exploited according to Computer image to run any harmful code on behalf of the user, even with administrator rights. Attackers could also handle safety precautions and thus paralyze the whole PC, change or steal data.

Every second Tuesday of the month is at Microsoft Patchday. The company regularly provides updates for its programs on this day and closes security gaps.

For the past two patchdays in February and March 2022, according to but an unusually high volume of security updates was recorded. As Security-insider reports, it should have been more than 120 vulnerabilities in Microsoft products, just under 100 of them critical or important (more digital news * at security holes).

Warning of the BSI from security holes: Do not move updates on Windows

There were updates for Windows 10 and 11, Office, Windows Defender and many other programs. But the pure number of “security fixes” is not crucial, explains

But obviously it had the security holes closed this time: the BSI warned urgent to install the updates as soon as possible – because only then do users be protected from attacks over the Internet.

Victims of an attack can become users by opening a manipulated file, e-mail or website. Which ones are, however, is often difficult for the layman. Therefore, it is advisable to quickly install deployed updates (more warnings on security holes).

Updates close security holes on Windows: How to install them correctly

So that not only the operating system but also other Microsoft programs are supplied with updates, advises _Computer image, _ proceed as follows:

How to Install Updates on Windows 10

Then absolutely install available updates and restart the PC. But not only PC users threaten again and again drove, and Android users should delete 14 apps better *.

Some as “important” classified and publicly known issues concern about the Visual Studio, the Remote Desktop Client and the Windows Fax and Scan service. Three other vulnerabilities classified as critical vulnerabilities are not publicly known as _ * security holes is part of the editorial network from

Category list image: © Lino Mirgeler, Britta Pedersen / dpa; Collage security holes

Netflix may not simply increase subscription costs

A regional court has forbidden Netflix’s streaming provider to simply change subscription prices.

Berlin – Only at the beginning of the year Netflix has to increase prices in some countries . New customers’ customers seems to be able to prepare the streaming service difficulties, so he fueled sales through this path. About one year ago, the subscription prices at Netflix in Germany also rose . That was not necessarily right.

Netflix: costs for subscription court falls surprising verdict

But as the regional court Berlin announced now, the provider of arbitrary price change is not allowed in this country in this country, reported *. Thus, the Consumer Center Bundesverband (VZBV) with his action against Netflix success, as the Association announced on Tuesday (22.02.2022) in Berlin.

“At Netflix, the conditions are formulated so unclear that they offer the consolidated scope for arbitrary price increases,” explains Jana Brockfeld, Legal References of the VZBV. The Landgericht Berlin has agreed to the view of the VZBV that the conditions for price adjustments are not sufficiently transparent, it was said.

Netflix user conditions are not sufficiently transparent formulated

For example, Netflix writes to the user conditions: “We are entitled to change the price of our subscription offers from time to time in our cheapest discretion to reflect the impact of changes in the total cost of our service.”

NETFLIX PRICE HIKE: Emails Are Going Out to Existing Subscribers Soon!

Examples of price-influencing cost points are, for example, netflix, for example, production and license costs, costs for personnel, marketing, financing or IT systems. However, since Netflix International acts, according to the district court, however, it is unclear to how these cost elements actually affect Germany (more Digital News * at court Berlin).

Netflix is ​​also obliged to discounts at ABOs according to consumer protectors

However, for amendments to the fees, the ruling of the Landesgericht must provide clear and understandable criteria so that customers can understand an assessed price change or at least check for plausibility, the consumer protudder communicated.

“One-sided price changes are only allowed in current treaties if they follow fair and transparent rules,” quoted Jana Brockfeld, Legal Referentin at the VZBV.

Netflix Not for the first time because of subscription costs for court: Can users breathe again?

According to VZBV, the court also contested a lack of balance of the contract clause. It lacks the clarification that Netflix should not only adapt prices upwards, but committed to cost reductions to reduce prices, it was said.

According to the consumer headquarters, the streaming provider has appealed against the judgment in front of the Chamber court Berlin. It is currently not final. The VZBV had already sued Netflix in the past due to an intransparent price adjustment clause. This did not contain criteria for price changes. The Berlin Chamber court explained in December 2019 inadmissible. _ * is like court Berlin part of the editorial network of

Category list picture: © Jenny Kane / DPA

As Dafiti, Tok & Stok and Marisa grew up with Live Commerce

By compass

The pandemic caused movements in various sectors and will continue in the coming years. One is the Live Commerce, which gained more maturity over 2021. Marks like Dafiti, Tok & Stok, Marisa adopted the new model generating good results, especially during Black Friday. And this was an indicator on the potential of a promising market for this year.

Live Commerce, innovative online sales format integrates live broadcasts with e-commerce, created in China, has accelerated throughout the world. Eye in this trend, since 2020, Haus, Stefanini Group, created the Live Commerce solution integrated with the main e-commerce platforms on the market for brands to sell by the new format without having to create another sales channel.


The E-commerce Dafiti platform focused on children’s clothing, footwear, sportswear and women’s fashion, for example, made four lives on the last Black Friday and reached a very consistent frequency. Before, between the months of September and November, they were 12 transmissions valid as a “warm” for the famous last Friday of November.

In terms of results, the brand saw the public involvement of the public through 2021, especially reflecting on the sales goals assigned to the lives and coupons used in them, which grew by more than 72% in the period.

“Lives offer an added value to the purchase experience and each category of product or service has a particular need to boost the conversion,” says Bruna Rodrigues, director of Brooke’s operations, a digital content producer, which integrates the Stefanini Group.

The furniture and home decor sector also adhered well to the system of Live during the end of November. In the case of Tok & Stok, the attractive has been with an already known figure, the architect and consultant of experience and consumption of the brand, Maurício Arruda. Driving via sales channels gave a super-result in business strategy, which counted on aggressive promotions.

Marisa inaugurated the Live Commerce solution entered directly for the first time in the brand’s own application. And the result was expressive because everything was integrated. Customers did not need to go through the URL of the site and received direct notifications in the digital environment of the brand, with a payment directed within the platform itself.

Another done that showed good results was the case of singer Paola Santana, owner of the brand that takes her name and markets exclusive fashion for evangelical women.

According to Haus and CEO of Huia, Alessandro cauduro, with the format gaining more and more adepts and the marks losing fear in using this system that speaks directly with the consumer, the results gained strength and added value to the sales mix of the shopkeepers.

“Through the Haus ecosystem, we can support customers in this innovative format in a full-service format, from the live sales platform to the creation of content strategies and campaigns, as well as training the customer’s team to optimize the results,” he says. Cauduro.

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