Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated games of all year and the _ gameplay_ announced by Sony in a state of play has further encouraged hype by one of the franchises More successful from all the history of audiovisual entertainment. It has been possible to see many references to the saga, as well as the presence of known faces; But if there is something that really matters to us, they are the spells that can be used in the game. That is why we have compiled several of the spells that have been seen throughout the presented today by the Japanese giant.


Lumos is an enchantment that illuminates the tip of our wand so that it works for a flashlight to be able to illuminate everything around us. This means that we will find many dark areas and this spell will be our best friend.


ACCIO is a conveying enchantment that makes it an inanimate object that is moderately away from you vuele towards your arms . That, it requires that the launcher clearly visualize the object to convene in your mind before doing it.


It is a repair enchantment that is used for fix different things and objects . The vast majority of them are compatible with this spell, so it will not be totally difficult to use this spell within the game.

Hogwarts Legacy | State of Play | March 17, 2022 [SUBTITLED ENGLISH]


Diffindo is an enchantment used for Cut something , either an object or be alive, with precision. But you have to be careful, because if used inappropriately it can cause injury or even death in some cases.


The Sound Fire Conjures a flame jet which aims to turn on different things **, although in this case they have decided to burn different enemies that were along the shore of the lake close to Hogwarts.


One of the most classic spells in the saga, it is an enchantment used to make the objects fly or levitate . It is one of the first spells that are learned at the Academy and we may have it almost at the beginning of our adventure.

Petrificus Totalus

Another classic of the saga, Petrificus Totalus is a curse of full-length paralysis that fully paralyzes the opponent . You often used young, or experienced magicians and witches in the duels.

Avada Kedabra.

Avada Kedabra is one of the three unforgivable curses of the saga, which causes the instant death about the person ** to which he is directed by said spell. The only known counter-spell is the sacrifice of love, which uses the magic of love to avoid the death of the avada.


A spell similar in other minor games of the saga, Verdimillious is a spell that generates a spark jet green from the tip of the wand. It is a dark art that although it does not seem equal to the description, it can change to improve it within this game.


The freezing spell glacius is a speaker that aims to freeze to an objective with icy air created from the tip of the wand **. It can be used offensively or defensive as it happens in the case of this scene against an ogre, so we can play very well with our letters if we press our use with the wand.