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Revisit WoWs Trading Post: What You Need To Know Before You Go And How To Handle The Travel Diarys Gl

Whatever might have been so beautiful!
In the minds of the developers of the online role-playing game WoW, the ideal scenario definitely existed;
They supply an update for World of Warcraft and the trading position deals with the spot and with no problems.
However, it did not begin February 1, 2023, as we reported to you, because the trading position needed to be entirely deactivated due to bugs.
Not a terrific start.
In the meantime, the function is readily available once again in the game.


Go to the trading position… but make sure that there are still problem locations of how the WoW devs grant!
In the WoW online forums, Neighborhood Manager Born pointed out that it can happen that development in the travel diary associated with the trading position and the conclusion of certain tasks will be reset.
At some time today there ought to still be a fix, however there is no exact date.
It also takes place that particular raid employers, for instance from the ice crown citadel, are not counted for the needed boss eliminates, as gamers report.

travel journal for trading items inaccurate

It likewise happens that gamers who have actually already reached the 100 percent development in February 2023 in the travel diary do not receive the reward for Mount Ash’ Adar, declare of dawn from the chest.
This issue is also to be repaired today, hopefully by February 6, 2023, at the latest. Even more below you will find the translation of Born’s contribution in the WoW forums.
There are some issues that affect the trading position, and we wish to inform you about the current status of treating these issues.
We know an issue in which the final points for activities in the travel journal are sometimes reset.
We actively deal with the option to this issue and assume that it can be solved today.
Some gamers who have actually completed the travel diary do not right away receive the benefit for the installing animal Ash’ Adar in their chest when trading.
We plan to fix this issue this week.

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Dreamlight Valley: Disney reveals free Animal Crossing

Dreamlight Valley is another, free game that starts Disney. Like Speedstorm, Dreamlight Valley also relies on a well-known and successful formula, but instead of Mario Kart, Dreamlight Valley apparently becomes a kind of animal crossing or the Sims replacement, with a dash of Stardew Valley-and lots of Disney characters.

Disney announces Dreamlight Valley and it looks like Animal Crossing in 3D

If you like the game principle of Animal Crossing and the worlds and characters of Walt Disney, you can look forward to: Dreamlight Valley brings both together. On top of that too free of charge! In Dreamlight Valley we have to bring a removed community back into shape, which is also inhabited by Micky, Wall-E, the king of the lion, Arielle and many other Disney essay.

Is Dreamlight Valley Disney's Answer to Animal Crossing? - IGN Daily Fix

Here you can watch the first trailer for Dreamlight Valley:

That’s what it’s about: in Dreamlight Valley it takes us into the title -giving valley. However, it has already seen better days. Since the so -called “Forgetting”, a big forgetting, nasty thorns have spread everywhere and the former idyll has hardly been recognized again. Fortunately, there is the opportunity to design our own little dream village full of Disney figures.

Free2Play alternative to Animal Crossing: Apparently we can not only close and maintain friendships with Disney hero, but also do a lot of gardening. Of course there is also a fishing, cooked and taken care of the right interior. Various materials, coins and of course quests help, for example from a certain Merlin.

When does it start? Dreamlight Valley officially appears in 2023. The release has not yet been specified more precisely. But well before the launch, there should already be an early access phase that starts in the summer of 2022. Anyone who has an Xbox Game Pass has greater chances of being there.

On these platforms: Dreamlight Valley should appear on most large consoles. The launch is officially planned for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and the PC and Mac. If you can’t wait that long: Lonesome Village hits a very similar notch.

Do you fancy Dreamlight Valley? How do you like the idea?

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