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Psychonauts 2 Physics 2 Edición

The first anniversary of Psychonauts 2 Approaches quickly. Although for the moment we have no information about a new installment in the series, it has been confirmed that next September a physical edition of this game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox consoles will be available.

Recall that psychonauts 2 reached the market in August 2021, but did it in a completely digital way, leaving fans with a vacuum in their hearts. Fortunately, today it was revealed that a physical edition will be on sale from September 27 , and includes:

-Seis art cards


-Seis stickers

-Code to download unpublished materials

-Horted reversible

However, if this is not enough for you, IAM8bit has announced a collection edition at a price of $ 129.99 also for PS4 and Xbox , and includes:

-To Psychonauts 2 Motherlobe Edition as the original Psychonauts on separate discs.

-Seis art cards


-Seis stickers

-Code to download unpublished materials

-The exclusive reversible reversible of the collection edition

-A digital download code for volumes one, two and three of the Psychonauts 2 digital soundtrack 2

-Exclusive set of five pins of the party of the senses

-Pre 18 × 24 ″ black light pester

-I exclusive psychonauts 2 chris lam archetype pamchonauts 2

-To additional stickers

-All in a beautiful exclusive collector’s box!

-The exclusive and collection cover of Arno Kiss

** The pre-orders of the two physical editions are already available.

Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, a great moment to be a Psychonauts fan. It would have been spectacular if the normal physical edition had a code to download the original psychonauts, instead of leaving this privilege to all those who buy the collection edition.

Rhythm game Roteno, which is enjoyed by turning the phone, is released in Korea

XD Inc. launched the mobile rhythm game ‘Roteno’, which was developed and serviced by Dream Engine Games on the 30th, on Apple, Google Play, and Tap Tab.

Roteno is a mobile rhythm game that uses gyro sensors to rotate smartphones from side to side. The story was ahead of space travel. In the planet Aqua, where the main character Iro and Hoppe lived, the rain ‘Infinite Lane’, which does not stop since one day, became a difficult environment for people to live. The main character, Io, goes to space travel with Hoppe’s footsteps that first left Aqua.

This is a story about several characters and stars that I meet during space travel. Music in the game was classified into the concept of various planets in the story. The play that plays the music by turning the phone also fits the concept of spaceship control.

The basic version can be purchased for 3,900 won, and additional contents such as music packs can be paid. The default version includes 24 music songs and chapter 1 in the Journey Mode (Story Mode). In addition, you can purchase two additional music packs, and add one new music pack every month.

This Game Slaps

In addition, in commemoration of the launch, you can receive a total of four songs every week from 30 days to one month. This week, Hyun composer ‘極 の の ー ト ー ー’ will be provided, and the other three songs will be released on June 6, June 13 and June 20, respectively.

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