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Call of Duty Warzone: Reaction on frustrated players

Players of Call of Duty War zone praise the current playlist, which has gone live with the start of the Season 1 Reloaded updates. Thank God, that Battle Royale is back, writes a Reddit user who connect many players. With the new playlist update, the standard Battle-Royale mode can finally play back in solos, duos, trios and quads. Players had criticized for previous playlists that the Br-Scharmütel merely for quads were available. Who quickly wanted to play a lap alone or for two with a friend, looked into the tube.

Finally again more Br-variety

In the center of previous War zone playlists, the Vanguard mode, which only allows weapons and extensions from the current WW2 shooter. For the standard BR battles, this is different, here all weapons and items are used, the players have been playing since the War zone Release. I can understand the players in the Vanguard modes to sell the game. But, Oh man, it’s frustrating not to play the regular Battle Royale in solos, duos or trios, wrote users Playboy On Reddit. Especially for criticism, the elaborate raining of the Vanguard weapons ensures a reasonable setup.

Please just like it

That’s the best playlist so far. Let it best like it is now, adds a user to Reddit. Raven Software would do a favor, because the developers did not want to adapt the playlist weekly. How long is the war zone and especially the Battle-Royale battles play in this form, remains to be seen. Most recently, the developers commented on urgent bug fixes that need both War zone and Vanguard.

Animal Crossing New Horizons in December 2021 Snowflakes Rare Fish

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers some novelties again for December 2021. We summarize everything for you, which expects you until 31 December.

Snowflake season & Schlemiel, the snowman: info & start times at a glance

In December, a new season is waiting for you with special craft instructions. However, you have to wait a few more days. Your island wraps down on 11th December in snow and ice. Until then, you still have to get along without snowflakes or Schlemiel, the snowman. All the information is already on Gamer.DE:

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Animal Crossing: Snowman Schlemiel perfectly build & giant flakes

Who can not wait anymore, you can also use time travel. How that works and what is behind it, you read here:

29 0

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons — You must pay attention to time travel

Events in December

Toy day

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons is also celebrated Christmas, but the feast means toy day. Her slips on 24th December in the skin of Santa Claus or the Christmas woman and have to make your residents gifts that you have previously purchased based on your wishes. If you manage that, you get a special reward. This is how the event works:

4 0

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Toy Tag only today in Animal Crossing: Everything about wrapping paper, rewards & more

New Year’s Eve

The year’s end is imminent, and maybe Animal Crossing is even the better alternative to celebrate a firework with your friends safely and environmentally friendly. All rewards on New Year’s Eve at a glance:

1 1

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New Year’s Eve only today in Animal Crossing: Get Hats & the Light

All new fish at a glance

December could be interesting for collectors again, because finally the time has come: The legendary Hughes returns. As you can catch him, you read here:

25 0

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Kuchen again in Animal Crossing: How to catch the rare fish

All new fish at a glance :

5 1

All The Fish You Can Catch In DECEMBER |Animal Crossing New Horizons|Northern Hemisphere| KawaiiBeth

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons — All fish with price & location (December update)

All new insects at a glance

In December there are only a few new insects, but still the celestial age for the winter time is very valuable.

All new insects here at a glance :

7 1

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons — Insects with Price & Foundation (December Update)

All new marine animals at a glance

In December there is also new oceanhousers who can catch now. As you can catch her and which there are still there, you can see here:

3 1

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons — all marine animals with price (December update)

Birthdays of the residents

Not only to her itself, also your residents in Animal Crossing: New Horizons their honorary day. In December the birthday children are:

1. December — Robert, Lutz
2 . December — Annalise
3 . December — Claude
4 . December — July
5 . December — Hans, Carola
6 . December — Wolfgang
7 . December — Daniel, Baldwin
8th. December — France
9 . December — Inca
10 . December — Time
11 . December — Horst
12 . December — Lukas
13 . December — Bettina
14 . December — Freya
15 . December — Charlie
16 . December — Gobi
17 . December — Jacques
18 . December — Grimm, Jasmine
19 . December — Sasha
20 . December — Melinda, Heinz
21 . December — Christa
22 . December — Quentin
23 . December — Hannes
24 . December — Chris, Achim
25 . December — Rubin
26 . December — Pamela
27 . December — Bee
28 . December — SCSI
29 . December — Klaus, Michael
30 . December — Hugo
31 . December — Ronaldo

What are you happy in December especially in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

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