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Ardiis Valorant configuration (2022)

At the higher levels of skill, you will find Valorant players as Ar dis «Armies» Ovaries, a two-year-old Valorant veteran and three others playing CS: Go professionally. He frequently delivers to Jet, Kay / O and Chamber, although in the past Ar dis a name was made using NOVA. Armies has a very aggressive game style, so if you agree with yours, here are Armies Valorant configuration by 2022 to complement.

Armies mouse configuration for Valorant

Armies uses a Logitech G Pro

PPP *: 800
Sensitivity : 0.295
Survey rate/Hz *: 1000
DPI : 236
Windows sensitivity : 6
* Uncreated entrance buffer : We

Armies keys combination configuration for Valorant

For the most part, Armies uses predetermined keys combinations in Valorant; However, some notable changes are the skills:

walk *: left shift
Hold : Left-ctrl
Jump : Space bar
Skill 1 *: V
Skill 2 ????
Skill 3 : vs
last *: x
Use object : my
Equip main weapon : 1
Equip secondary weapon *: 2
Equip Melee : 3
Team peak : 4


Armies Point Configuration for Valorant

Armies has its point of view in cyan, with internal and external lines remarkably thinner. If that does not work for you, see how to change the color of your point of view, along with all the spotlight codes of the professional players in Valorant.

Color *: cyan
Contours : off
central point : off
Interior lines *: activated/1/2/1/0/deactivated/deactivated
Exterior lines *: Light/2/1/1/off/off

Armies map configuration for Valorant

Turn *: us
Fixed orientation : Based on the side
Show map regions names : Always

Armies video configuration for Valorant

It is not surprising that Armies, like many other Valorant players, establish most of the very low video settings:

Visualization mode *: Full screen
Resolution : 1920 × 1080
Appearance ratio : 16: 9, fill
Multiprocess representation *: We
Material quality : low
Texture quality : low

Quality of detail *: low
User interface quality : low
Miniature : off
SYNC *: off
Softened : SAA 2x
Anisotropic filtrate : 2x
Improve clarity *: off
flourish : off
Shadows in the first person : off
* Distortion : off

With that, we have covered everything related to Armies Valorant configuration in 2022. If you have dedicated a lot of time to Valorant and wants to try something new, has a selected list of 8 games like Valorant. Alternatively, newcomers must compare their PC with the requirements of the Valorant system to ensure that they can join fun.

The previous information comes from prosettings

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BREATH OF THE WILD 2: Nintendo brings bad news to Zelda

Bad news for all Zelda fans: Breath of the Wild 2 will not appear anymore 2022. The successor of the acclaimed open-world role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch is postponed. After all, Nintendo calls a new release window in the same breath.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 does not appear anymore 2022

A shock for Switch Players: Zelda-Producer Eiji Aonuma announces as part of a video that the release of Breath of the Wild 2 shifts.

Although no concrete reasons for the delay, but a new release window are called in the short clip. Breath of the Wild 2 should now appear in spring 2023: **

Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild 2 DELAYED UNTIL 2023!

A precise appointment does not use aonuma in the video. For Switch players, this means that Breath of the Wild 2 is expected to appear between mid-February and at the end of March 2023 . Purely hypothetically, a release would be conceivable in January. But we do not assume that Nintendo brings his new switch hit shortly after Christmas.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [Nintendo Switch]

Now from 54,00 € at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 29.03.2022 16:09

Why does Breath of the Wild 2 appear later?

An official justification for the displacement of the release date is not available at the moment. However, it can be assumed that the development team simply needed more time to complete the successor of Breath of the Wild and to bring on a reasonable technical condition . Nintendo will attach great importance to commit the same error as CD project Red with Cybepunk 2077.

In the video, Aonuma also indicates that the size of the game world could play a supporting role for the shift. Finally, Switch players in the new Zelda game are not only able to explore HYRULE itself, but also the sky. Well possible that the area to be explained in the new offshoot is still huge . In addition, link has access to further new skills and even more equipment.

Although a timely release of Breath of the Wild 2 would be nice, we are still glad that Nintendo has decided to postpone his next switch hit to finish him in peace. As soon as there are news, we keep you up to date.

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