After playing the 20-minute Sight demo a few times, I thought I had seen everything I had to see. But before I was done, I decided to try to complete the whole thing without dying. Until then, I found Sight funny and printed, but not spectacular. However, when a trial 15 became 15, I could not stop playing and discovered that at Sight’s exactly like Kung Fu is not about trying and abandoning things, but about mastering everything it has to offer.

Sifu: The First Hands-On Preview
Sight is based on Locals Previous game of absolutely (and a number of others from different genres), but it is effective a roguelike that forces you to move through dungeon-like levels and take it to opponents with opponents until you take the boss or the kung Fu master defeated this case. And this sophisticated core of the game means that it is the most exciting when you align your experience to achieve this goal.

As mentioned earlier, my first passage that was a straight passage was fun, but when I started to face myself challenges and to create my own rules, I became more and more addicted to Sight. Before I wondered, four hours had passed, and I was still unable to survive the 20-minute part of the game without errors.

If I did not have to sleep the next day, to get up to work, I would probably have played continued, slowly disarmed my enemies one by one and perfected my martial arts to complete this perfect run.

This goal to master the game was obvious early in the Level I played. After defeating the first enemies at the entrance of the club, a big nightclub dance floor was presented to me. About a dozen people surround you all the time, and at the beginning I was overwhelmed and could not quite find out how I should manage everyone effectively, stumbled in attacks and bounced against walls as I fled around.

After five or six, however, I knew that I would initially meet three enemies when I opened the door to this dance floor, so I started to formulate a plan. I stepped a stool to turn the only enemy to the left before I’ve made the two right with a thug, which I had collected from the previous room.

Then I went to the right side of the room quickly, threw a bottle on the next enemy before I stepped another stool and blows on those lower, who was left. With effective evasive maneuvers, some timely use of bottles and weapons and spatial awareness, I have nailed this sequence again and again and given me the satisfaction to master the level and my newly discovered skills.

This satisfaction flows from every part of Sights Gameplay, and although there are some problems — namely a camera that does not always offer you the best view — the loop you are in turning into it. It is indeed so contagious that I just want to write about it that I go back and play this a level again and want to lose another four hours to finish it without dying.

Here Sight is special. It packs the soul and roguelike experience of learning attack patterns and the formulation of strategies in a stylistic, smooth and elegant kung FU environment. All experience benefits from this loop, but every encounter is also just as pleasing as you learn and use the knowledge gained to give you an advantage next time.

Sight has many places where it can shine when published in February. Although I did not get much of the narrative, but the gameplay alone made me addictive.

There are abilities to buy an aging mechanic and a lot of action, but after that about six hours with Sight it was the mastery of learning, which caused my attention. I only wish it would be here, because I burn to get into it again and to improve my skills even more.