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Author: Kat G

Announce new presentation of the Remake of Dead Space

It has been a long time since we had some kind of novelty related to Remake of Dead Space , but fortunately, things are about to change within a few days. And that’s what about nowhere, EA announced a second live broadcast that will be carrying out this week.

Via Social Networks, EA published the following:

This presentation will be transmitted next Thursday, March 10 at 12pm Time from Mexico City, Although sadly, EA did not tell us what we could expect from him. However, and considering that the remake of Dead Space should leave at some point of this year, there is a possibility that we finally go to see Gameplay and who knows, perhaps until its date of premiere.

Dead Space Remake Everything We Know 2022

Editor’s note: I have the feeling that Dead Space is not going out this year. We are already in March and we still do not know anything about the game, so if it were going out in 2022, I would have to do it until late.

Regional Sunnut Guide in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Miasma

In the latest extension of Destiny 2, The Witch Queen, as in previous add-ons, players can explore the map of each region to find golden regional chests. In this guide, we will introduce you to all 3 regional chests in the Miazma region Destiny 2 The Witch Queen.

Location of Regional Chest Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Miasma

In Miazme in D2 The Witch Queen there are 3 regional chests. These chests are golden and contain equipment and weapons for mining.

Although the chests are marked with a symbol on the map, they can be difficult to find. This is because these regional chests are not really in an open-air, and you will have to explore a little in the wilderness to find them in various corners and scan.

Destiny 2 All MIASMA REGION CHESTS LOCATIONS in the Witch Queen Savathun's Throne World
Below are the map location of all gold regional chests in Miasma in the D2 The Witch Queen and how you can get to the location of each chest.

Regional Chest Miasms # 1

The first regional chest of miasms can be found in the center of miasms near the technology of contempt. You will also find several scorns nearby. You will find the entrance to the cave where you will find your 1ul. Regional miasm chest.

Regional Chest Miasms # 2

The second regional chest of miasms can be found at the bottom of the miasms. You must climb the ledge on the northern side of the massive woven the colosseum of the hive to get to the chest. Having reached the vertices, move in a circle to get to the chest.

Regional Chest Miasms # 3

The third regional chest with miasms can be found inside a large cave. To detect the entrance to the cave, travel the eastern side of the Miazma region. The chest will be inside this cave.

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