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[Lee Dong -sung] Find Overwatch 1 · 2 wrong Pictures

Overwatch 2, which was hidden in the veil, finally appeared in front of the public. Since the 27th, we have started the first PVP mode test for the public. It’s been almost three years since the first release, and it’s been two years since the update has stopped in one overwatch. Naturally, I received the attention of many people. In the number of Twitch simultaneous viewers, he defeated the League of Legends and achieved 1.4 million people, and the video of the forgotten Overwatch YouTubers appeared in the popular video.

In fact, the game was like Overwatch. Most of the changes that have been changed to 5 to 5 are accepted without complaints, and I like the new characters and the changed heroes. However, it is argued that even those who enjoyed the test have not yet made a clear answer to the naming of “2”. Especially in domestic public opinion, negative evaluation is dominant overall games. I don’t know what has changed.

In fact, PVE’s share of Overwatch 2 is high, so PvP alone may be hard to feel the changed part. However, it is not easy to expect a good evaluation even if you consider it. After three years of waiting, the additional heroes and a few new maps were all. It was too long to wait for a change in the wrong picture.

In fact, in the opinions of domestic gamers, you can see more negative opinions than welcome. Game Mecca ID Binggr – “Please give more heroes”, Sobul meat “There is no big change yet, I want to have a new numbering” “It’s not enough for the numbering of numbering.” McChro said, “The game was already good enough, so it was the right direction to update 1 in the first place.” I stabbed.

Apart from the evaluation, however, this test confirmed that the interest in Overwatch IP still remains. There is a lot of time left until the official launch, and the feedback of the users should be absorbed and reflected. To do this, you need more heroes, more content, and more distinct differentiation points, as many players’ calls.

What if OVERWATCH Heroes were in DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS? (Celebrating Overwatch 2)
One week of the user comments cited in [Egu Dongseong] will be drawn each week (game mecca account) to send a game novel (ripper book) of Zeu Media. The selected user will inform you of the address and contact information by the winning guide email sent by the e -mail described in the member information.

Excellent comment this week: Beef Bulgogi (presented product: World of Warcraft: Illidan)

Fairy tales become a little wild in Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood

Princess Anastasia Story | Story | Stories for Teenagers | English Fairy Tales
Each culture has its fables, but fairy tales recorded by the Grimm brothers are among the most famous in the world. They are scary and charming, flexible and timeless, and whenever we see these old stories with a new layer of paint, we feel a brilliance of childhood wonder. Or, in some cases, terror. Capuche scarlet and the wicked wood is no exception. Created by the Korean studio that gave us _The Coma Series, this fantastic puzzle game will resume the style inspired by Manhwa creators (Korean graphic novels) and will apply it to some classic fairy tales… with a touch of modernity. Instead of being a strong farmer or a fragile woman, the Scarlet protagonist is a rock diva in the making – and although she still fights against a witch, she also becomes one.

Take elements of The magician of Oz and the small red riding hood, _Capuche Scarlet follows Scarlet while it is thrown into the magical world of gloma by a rogue tornado. There, she takes the coat of the red witch who must lead a troop of Munchkins through the naughty wood. In his way is a mysterious, vibrant and mortal land full of witches, iron-white knights, talking beasts and monsters. Oh, and there is both a big bad wolf and a wicked witch there, who are waiting for him. Fortunately, Scarlet has two things from his side: a little fox that serves as a guide and a recursion craft that allows him to relive the same day again and again. The choices it will determine the end of its history.

This adventure game based on a story takes place during seven bad days, during which Scarlet must drive its friends Munchkin safely. The players:

  • _Survive to a narrative time loop.
  • Resolve ridiculous enigmas.
  • Suitate your own story with several paths.
  • Cloccate several ends according to your decisions.
  • OGNE The graphics illustrated by hand.
  • _Use Scarlet’s witchcraft skills to avoid being detected.

Capuche scarlet and the wicked wood will be available on vapor Early access in February.

What is your favorite fairy tale? Let us know in the comments or contact us Twitter or Facebook.

Get the SteelSeries Arctis 3 for simply 34 and also you ll no longer whine regarding not hearing adversary footprints

This is a quite dang excellent Cyber Monday gaming headset deal: the Steelers Arctic 3 is even more than 50% off at Amazon. Yup, you can grab a premium quality video gaming headset for half price at Amazon right now — it’s simply $33.99, which is an outright take considering it’s normally $70.

Steelseries Arctis Sidetone SOLUTION!
We have actually only ever before seen the Steel Series Arctic 3 on sale for around $45 prior to these Cyber Monday gaming headset deals. In late 2020 when the headset debuted, it would have run you closer $100. It additionally works with every platform many thanks to its 3.5 mm connector. Yup, it’ll work with computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and also Xbox Series X, and also is particularly excellent for Xbox and Windows products thanks to its Windows Sonic spatial audio. It’s likewise comfy as well as supplies wonderful audio, so this is a Cyber Monday gaming headset bargain you should not belittle.

That’s why we have actually obtained all the details you need on the Steelers Arctic 3 bargain listed below, and also we included a few other Cyber Monday gaming headset offers to help make the savings even sweeter.


Steelers Arctic 3 |~ ~$ 69.99 ~ ~ $33.99 at
– The most affordable we have actually seen the Steelers Arctic 3 yet, as it’s just recently only been offered for $70 as well as was initially closer to $100. A strong wired headset you can utilize with numerous systems that feels and also appears great.

Sight Bargain.

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