A Grand Theft Auto Filter has shared a new GTA 6 leak, which, if necessary, reveals the first radio music in the game. In addition, and again, if necessary, it indicates that Rockstar Games does not skip on expenses with GTA 6, not even when it comes to the songs that sound on the radius of the game. And this would not be surprising. In recent years, Rockstar Games has worked intensely with Dr. Dre, while GTA 5 had artists like Kendrick Lamar. That said, if the above leaks that the game is set in Vice City, the fictitious version of the series on Miami, are precise, the new songs do not indicate so much.

As for the flight itself, the way of Mattheusvictorbr comes who affirms that the following songs will be in the game: Domino Dancing from Pet Shop Boys, Odessa de Caribou, Shoot Youth of Santigold and Numb of Rihana Feat. Eminem.

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According to the filter, these songs were present in an alpha version of the game of 2019. In addition to this, the filtrator says that even in this initial version of the game there was already more than 20 different radio stations.

Mattheusvictorbr does not disclose how they found this information and, so far, Rockstar Games still has to address the filtration and speculation it has created. As always, we will keep you informed as the situation evolves, but meanwhile, take everything with tweezers. This would not be the first false GTA 6 leakage and it will not be the last. If each previous GTA 6 the filtration and the rumor were true, the game would be a dozen games in one and simultaneously and would not be available and it would not be launched up to 2026. That said, and if it serves something, this new filtration does not go on Conflict with any rumor or previous filtration on the game.

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