Major e-sports events have players who symbolize the sport. StarCraft’s Lim Yo-hwan, Kartrider’s Moon Ho-joon, and League of Legends’s Faker Lee Sang-hyuk. And there is a knee Bae Jae-min in the Tekken. In particular, following the World Fighting Game Tournament ‘EVO 2022’, which was held on the 8th, the Ten 22 season Tekken 7 Korea-Japan War, which was held in Liberation Day, showed overwhelming performance. In the case of Korea-Japan, the best thing is to play in the first round and catch five Japanese players alone.

‘Knee’ started his career in the game of Game Week Bae Tekken 5 in November 2004. In 2007, he won the world championship in 2007 and announced his name overseas beyond Korea. While the series changed three times to 2 and Tekken 7, he was a top player with countless careers.

Even now, the move continues. The EVO 2022 video posted on the official YouTube channel of the Knee has exceeded 1.7 million views in 10 days, and many fans celebrate the championship through comments, and for the long-term career for the long-term career, regardless of the sports. I was cheering. E-sports athletes, who have been active for 18 years since 2004 and have maintained this performance and performance, are rarely found in Tekken and other sports.

The domestic tekken version, which was somewhat quiet in the ‘knee’ success since early August, is also shaking. Related keyword searches have increased significantly from ‘knee’, ‘tekken’ and ‘Bae Jae-min’. After watching the game, the so-called Tekken Pong was often used to buy a game. ‘Knee’ is also teaching tips for the Tekken through personal broadcasting, so if you are an entrepreneur, you may want to refer to it.

After winning the EVO 2022, ‘Knee’ said, It is dense because it has won the championship that was so hoped for the international competition after a long time in the aftermath of the corona virus. It has been shifted from online to offline one after another, and the e-sports permanent stadium is also open from Busan..

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