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Joey City Eun-Jean Crypto Contribute, World War II Content Update

Joey City (CEO) said on the 21st P2E game ‘Embedded Municipal: Crypto Contribute updated new content world war.

World War II shall only participate in the union and some of the soldiers who have obtained server governance through the competitive content to each other’s strongest union.

If you defend the ruling base of the server you belong, you can acquire the point by occupying the ruling base of the relative server at the same time.

The French Resistance (World War II)
World War I will proceed at the next two weeks at the beginning of the first start. Depending on the contribution, you can acquire a variety of compensation, including medals, and you can purchase new Legendary fighter F-14 TIGERs through medals in a dedicated store.

In addition, new content clubs were added. Clubs can be used to use gems or titanium as a shooting mini game that can be enjoyed within the base. Titanium, Legendary Aircraft Merchandise Design, etc. can earn Elizabeth, and more than 100,000 titanium per 100 times. At the time of Titanium shooting, Legendary Aircraft carriers and fighter designs can be obtained, and a buff box (7 days) is given every 1,000 times.

In addition, we have reversed the performance of the general and city titanium collection island, and the balance patch was made, such as lowering the cost of repair of fighters and warships.

When we succeed, our chances are good

“We want to tackle the encounter like a home game and occur with the same conviction, as it was the case against the MSV Duisburg,” explains Marlon Ritter before the game in Würzburg on Friday evening (19 o’clock, live! At home game) in an interview On “”. “If we succeed, our chances are good.”

After Knight has already risen with the SC Paderborn into the 2nd league, he feels a similar team spirit in the team of the FCK. “We work very well as a team. This shows, among other things, that we only collect a few goals,” praises the midfielder.

The variety of different scorers is a starch that knights considered helpful in the rise battle. These strengths must now continue to play the FCK concentrated. Knight explains: “So we are able to decide narrow games for us.”

“The support of the fans is something special”

Good Will Hunting | 'Your Move Chief' (HD) - Matt Damon, Robin Williams | MIRAMAX

In front of 28,000 spectators on the Bayenberg, the FCK could beat sovereign Duisburg. The return of the fans has felt knight very important: “We have felt the support of the fans directly.” Knight regrets that the retreat of Turkkücü Munich can not take place the last home game of the season. “A home game in front of a large backdrop to the season finale would have been a great thing.”

The 27-year-old is already looking, also thanks to the exciting table situation, full of anticipation of the derby against Saarbrücken on April 17, where it is likely to be significantly more fans than against Duisburg. “With a successful game in Würzburg, we want to ensure that the starting position remains at least as good as now,” says Knights.

The residual program of the 3rd league

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