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Japanese style x military horizontal ski STG Red Taishin released on December 15 for PS4/Xbox One/switch! Start reservation for package version

City Connection announced that it will release the PlayStation4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch version of the horizontal scroll shooting red sword on December 15, and has started accepting package reservations.

This work is a transplant version of the horizontal scroll shooting Red Taishin released by Cave for Xbox 360 in 2011. Red sword released in the arcade in 2010, Red Sword Shin, which is adjusted for home use and renewed the system, and Red Sword 3 Red Sword. Includes the work.


This work, which is a tragic and dramatic scenario in a world with rich visuals of Japanese and military, can be played in modes such as Score Attack and Training. Including new arrangement songs by Daisuke Matsumoto, you can switch three types of songs, including the original sound source and the Xbox 360 version arrangement songs.

In addition to the original A4 clear file for the first purchase bonus, the special version includes Special Body BOX and Red Sword Install Panel-style Acrylic Panel and Red Sword Daisuke Matsumoto Arranged Soundtrack CD. increase. In addition, store benefits such as the B2 tapestry set are provided at each package version of the store. Details are available on the official website.

Red Taishin will be released on December 15 for PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch for 4,400 yen for the regular version, 3,410 yen for the download version, and 6,600 yen for the special edition. The Xbox One version is only downloaded.

Everyone can play the Turbo Golf Racing

The developers from the Hugecalf studio announced the beginning of the second beta test for their Turbo Golf Racing racing and sports arcade. Everyone can take part in it, just download the game on Steam.


In fact, we have a variation on the topic of Rocket League, but instead of football we are now offered to play golf cars, and the ball will have to be driven not at the gate, but in the hole. And the events of the game are held in the fields presented in the form of long corridors with a different type of landscape-sand, grass and so on.

The release of Turbo Golf Racing is scheduled for August 4 on PC and Xbox Series X/S. In addition, the game will immediately be available in Xbox Game Pass.

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