Fuel is always a problem in minecraft. You need it for your melting furnaces, but the use of valuable coal or wood coal means that you will lose torches or other materials. Fortunately, there is a very effective way to make fuel for all your melting furnaces using a small gameplay to duplicate carpets. Carpets are not the best fuel source in Minecraft, but thanks to this duplicate you can produce more than 500 carpets every five minutes, which means that your fuel problems have ended forever.

Materials necessary to create a fuel powder

Here are all the materials that you will need for the manufacture of this thing:

  • 2 x chest
  • 3 x bunker
  • 1 x sticky piston
  • 1 x lever
  • 1 x observer
  • 6 mucus blocks
  • 1 x coral fan
  • 10 x Obsidian
  • 30 x glass
  • 3 x carpet (any)

As an alternative, you can replace the chests with a stove to instantly load fuel into it.


Create your carpet PUPER

Start by creating chests and placing funnels in the next configuration. Make sure that the funnels enter each other so that the blockage does not form.

Place the sticky piston under the upper bunker and dig a 1 × 2 hole in front of it. Place the lever next to the piston to be ready to turn it on.

In the second part of the hole, place your observer. Make sure that it is directed away from the piston, moving the block behind it.

Create mucus blocks six pieces high over the observer. Place your coral fan on the third block and three carpets above it.

Place your obsidian next to carpets and fan. Mucus blocks will not be able to shift obsidian.

Gather the glass around the device, and now it is ready! Twice switch the lever to run it, and enjoy the huge number of carpets that it will produce.

If you use a white carpet, you can also use it to grow any type of painted carpet and make carpets for your large projects.

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