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The best sets of movements for CAW in WWE 2K22

In WWE 2K22, players can load or create their own superstars for use in various game modes. The option “Create a fighter” allows you to create an ideal personality by configuring each aspect of his game style, including the correct sets of movements. There are many sets of movements that players can set up to get an advantage in the ring. Ideally, you want the superstar to have movements that will affect several parts of the enemy’s body at the same time. Below is a list of all reception sets that we recommend that players add to their CAW in WWE 2K22.

The best racks for CAW in WWE 2K22

Easy attack

  • Bowl punch 3
  • Combator blow 5
  • Blow in the throat, Sicilian slap to the right
  • Combined lock
  • Price at 4

Hard attack

  • 24-carat uppercut
  • Superkik 16
  • Murphy Combo
  • Mia Yim Combo
  • KTFO

Easy capture

  • X-Factor
  • Turn of fate 4
  • Helmet of the 110th street
  • Superkick and German Suplex combination
  • Hurricanna 1

heavy capture

  • Air raid bomb
  • PILEDRIVER to adjust the relationship
  • Suplex City`
  • RKO 2
  • F-5 3


  • Blow with rude shoe
  • Shoulder capture 4
  • Running double axle handle 2
  • Belt rope for the left hand 2
  • Jumping from linen rope 1

The best ground movements for CAW in WWE 2K22

on the back

  • Randon orthon stomp
  • Hugan falling legs 2
  • Back
  • Falling head
  • Folk elbow


  • Dropkick 5 basement
  • Stomp Basement
  • Fast fire of the curb stomp
  • Clover Destroyer
  • Stiring foot

On the knees

  • Beaten on the blade of a knife 13
  • Preference strike 10
  • Double axle ax 10
  • Sleeper Hold shirt
  • Ripcord Lariat 1


  • Paipers Pete
  • Giant swing
  • Foot DDT
  • Neck destroyer in air raid 1
  • Sliding European uppercut

The best corner techniques for CAW in WWE 2K22

Based on

  • Beaten on the blade of a knife 4
  • Party of violence
  • A knee blow in a hang on a rope
  • Shining wizard Bulldog 1
  • Spear 14

upper rope

  • Avalanche Powerbomb 2
  • Super throttle 2
  • Muscle baster 1
  • Frankenstein 4
  • Inverted soup reverse DDT


  • Running hip attack 1
  • Porcop Dropick 2
  • Hilliotin Horned Lelrop
  • Inverted Senton 1
  • Launch of meteor 3

Tree of sorrow

  • Tree of sorrow mushroom clatter
  • Launch of meteor 4
  • Rise knees in the run 5
  • Slingshot
  • Elbow of sorrow

The best ropes for CAW in WWE 2K22

Based on

  • Cactus linen rope
  • Inverted Alabam helmet 1
  • Bite in the forehead 1
  • Top suicide
  • Thermal circuit missile

Average rope

  • Rise knees with a rope 1
  • Decapiter 2
  • Body avalanche
  • Fint Tiger
  • Switzerland19

The best movements of the Irish whip for CAW in WWE 2K22

Attack with a rebound

  • Orton Tes Press
  • Fire transfer Spinbuster 2
  • Plant blade
  • Tilt-a-whirl gourdbuster 2
  • Backstage

repulsive attack

  • Holding the finger of the leg with stretching back
  • Sliding cervical braver
  • Rooting hurricane
  • Throwing thigh back
  • Delaying Spinebuster

The best techniques for CAW in WWE 2K22


  • Reward 2
  • STF 3
  • The installed palm beats along the crossbar
  • Feel the radiance
  • Boston crab 4

The best final techniques for CAW in WWE 2K22

in the ring

  • 450 elbow drop
  • beautiful girl
  • RKO 2
  • Last trip 1
  • The driver of the death valley 3


  • Bazyzyller
  • Canadian DDT stand
  • Surest one hundred
  • DDT 15

Team Tag

  • Double shining wizards
  • Double power bombs
  • Double punch

The best branded techniques for CAW in WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 Top 25 Best New Moves (Awesome)

in the ring

  • F-5 4
  • Shagover DDT
  • Full Nelson Facebuster
  • Sniper 4
  • rock bottom 1


  • Bankrupt
  • X-Plex
  • Clipper wing 1
  • Turn of fate 4
  • The taste of pain

Visit the “Creation of the Community” section and go to the “Loading” tab to see all user superstars. You can download and add them to an active list. This method allows players to add cult wrestlers, superheroes and other pop culture figures to the game. Do not forget to choose sets of movements that are fast and attack several limbs at the same time to quickly get light falls of the pin!

To get even more guidelines for WWE 2K22, read the section “How easy it is to avoid the PIN-FOLS in WWE 2K22” in the guidelines for the Games for professionals.

G-complement S and I have a reserve. Sediment

Katashiro are the key to salvation of spirits in Tokyo in Ghostwire Tokyo. They enable them to keep the ghosts of the citizens Tokios before they rescue them. And the more they have, the more spirits you can hold before they deposit them in a telephone booth. So, what is the maximum katashiro amount you can hold?

Well, there are quite a few Katashiro, which you can buy in shops throughout Tokyo, the pretty expensive 3,000 Meika cost. Katashiro are human shaped dolls of paper, which according to Yokai tradition have a variety of purposes. But in Ghostwire Tokyo, her sole purpose is to keep the mood of citizens to Tokios.

To find out Maximum Katashiro Quantity in Ghostwire Tokyo Continue reading to see how many you can buy before keeping the maximum possible number.

Ghostwire Tokyo Max. Katashiro amount

Reservoir Sedimentation [ Estimation of sediment accumulation in Reservoir analysis ]

The the maximum Katashiro amount you can hold in Ghostwire Tokyo is 50 . As soon as you have 50, you will hold as many Katashiro as you can.

If you get 50 Katashiro, you also turn off the trophy or success “limitless mind”.

This covers the maximum Katashiro amount in Ghostwire Tokyo. More tips and information about the game can be found in our walkthrough to Ghostwire Tokyo.

Lost ARK: pre-download, access, packages, server

In just over a week is the launch of Lost Ark. Known all pioneering package owners may already on 8 February 2022 the server. For all other players, then on February 11, 2022 goes to Arkesia. You can expect an action RPG with isometric perspective that looks at first glance like a typical Hack & Slay in Diablo-style, however, turns out to be wash real theme park MMORPG.

All information on the launch of Lost Ark

On the official website of the game there was now the most important information about the launch of Lost Ark:

  • The pre-download will be from Monday, 07 February 2022 18:00 CET possible regardless of whether you bought a pioneer package or not.
  • There is no way in advance to create characters or reserve names. Your names will only be “reserved” or locked when you have completed the character customization.
  • The server will go on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 at 18:00 CET live for the pre-release access. In order to start playing three days earlier, you have to buy a pioneering package. If you buy a pioneer package during the preliminary access, you can watch the rest of the length of the preliminary access play.
  • The official launch is on Friday, February 11, 2022 at 18:00 CET. From then on, all can play the game for free!

information about servers and server lists

Daily and weekly reset of content will be in Lost Ark at 01:00 (or 02:00, depending on the server time and local time on server location). For core content such as raids, dungeons PvP events, the developers plan for each region one time shifts, so that these contents are also available for each “Prime Time”.

Here is the list of European servers among which you are allowed to choose from the February 8, 2022:

Get Ready for LOST ARK! Pre-Load & Early Access Release Date Launch Times
* Neria
* Kadan
* Trixion
* Calvasus
* Thirain
* Zinnervale
* Asta
* White
* Slen

Depending on the workload more servers can be provided by the developers. More information about the game can be found on our topic page Lost Ark .

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