Since GTA V was launched in PC , this video game has been the house of many modifications, this goes from interesting additions to some a bit more funny. Recently, a user has decided to incorporate a new character into the game, thus being one of the most controversial television superheroes, one that comes from The Boys .

The Darth Knight , a modder of this title whose work also includes adding to Spider-Man, Batman and, Hulk has created the beloved Homelander with skills such as flying, sending cars and spiral trucks through the air with only one blow and cut enemies with his laser gaze. Physics can be seen somewhat forced, but it is incredible to appreciate.

You can see it in action here:

It is worth mentioning that to add this mod of GTA V there will be very few steps, since it requires the download of a specific client and other a bit technical issues. However, the user has left clear instructions on how to implement it so that anyone can cause great chaos in the city at the hands of Homelander .


The mod can be downloaded without any problem on the GTA V mods page, this is totally free, only that the PC should be able to run the video game satisfactorily. Without a doubt, it is a great way to pay tribute to The Boys, a series that will have a fourth season in the future and also a spin off as prequel.