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Play PS3 games on PS5: The impossible could happen soon

PS Plus’s new subscription model should make it possible in the premium variant to gamble PS3 titles on the console. However, only as long as you are online, because for PS3 games is currently only playing Via Cloud Streaming. Some fans does not taste that, after all, it would be theoretically possible to run the games via the emulator on the PS5. And according to industry insider Jeff Grubb, exactly that could come later.

PS Plus could get PS3 games via emulator

That’s why: Currently it is not possible to gamble PS3 games on newer PlayStation consoles. The reason for this are technical limits. To offer the titles anyway in the new PS plus Premium, Sony wants to let you stream the games when the service will go live from June 2022.

All information about the new PS Plus and the contents can you get here:

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Could the PS5 play PS3 games? | MR RATCHET
Emulator could come: Not all PlayStation fans want to stream their games on PS5. Whose Internet speed is not sufficient or stable enough for cloud streaming, looks into the tube. At least so far, because according to Nick insider Jeff Grubb, Sony could currently work on a PS3 emulator for the PS5.

In the podcast with Mike Minotti, GRUBB spoke, among other things, that he has asked for his sources as to whether an emulator for the PS5 is still coming. The answer seems to be promising:

“After we talked about it, I’ve looked at, asked, asked. It sounds like Sony worked on PS3 emulation for the PS5. It may take a while. I just wanted it to tell us.”

No warranty for an emulator

When and whether such a PS3 emulator actually appears, is still in the stars. Just like the answer to the question of whether the emulator is then available only PS plus premium subscriber or will be available for all with a PS3 playing library.

After all, the patent submitted by Sony’s at the beginning of the year coincides, which should allow backward compatibility via software. While many popular PS3 games are now published as Remaster for newer consoles, there are still some titles such as Heavenly Sword who never appeared on other consoles.

Do you wish a PS3 emulator for the PS5? Which games would you play on it?

“COD: VANGUARD” “COD: Warzone Pacific” Season 2 will be postpone two weeks. Conducted a criticism of balance and bugs and worked to improve

Publisher Activision announced on January 20 that the start date of Season 2 of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: War zone Pacific will be postponed on February 14th. As it was started on February 2, it will be postponed for two weeks.

The details of COD: VANGUARD and COD: War zone Pacific are not yet announced, but new operators, weapons, and add content such as maps are expected. Such a postponement of the season 2 announced this time has been decided to improve the game experience in both titles and COD: Black Ops Cold War COD: Modern Warfare in the same way. And.

Developer is a two-week additional time born by postponement, improving game balance including weapons and equipment balances, gameplay optimization, stability improvement, bug fix, and full game experience I will polish it. This includes handling dissatisfaction elements from the community. In addition, the flow of core gameplay, mechanics, balance is an important factor, and it is also expressed to adjust continuously.

In particular, in COD: Vanguard COD: War zone Pacific, a number of problems with weapon balance, bugs, stability, etc. are pointed out by players. While developing sources continue to respond to such issues, the modification is not perfect at a patch note, and it may be said that it would have time for a while. Also, the other day, even on SNS, reporting the response, and it is understood that it is listening to the opinion from the community and has dissatisfaction. These comments are not very examples in the past, and it can be seen that it is in a difficult development situation.

In this series, or the operated title of other companies is the same, but balance adjustment, bug fixes, etc. are continuously performed. However, in this series, multiple titles may be linked and operated, and there may be aspects where development is complicated. Even from the fact that Activision is introducing all the umbrella studio into each work, the size of the project can be seen (NGC).

Also, Activision is new to Raven Software’s Payoff, one of the Umbrella studio. The studio is currently engaged in the operation of COD: War zone Pacific, but at least a more than a dozen QA staff suddenly fired at least in December last year. Although the implementation of the layoff is not unusual, it was immediately after the company promised to improve the treatment from the company, and Activision was exposed to a great criticism (related article). In addition, Raven Software also conducts strikes by employees. According to Washington Post conveyed on January 17 this year, strikes are still continuing, and some employees who correspond to the bug fix of the same work are refused to work. Such human factors may also be affected by development.

In any case, the developer continues to work on the top priority of the game balance and the improvement of the game experience. In addition, while listening to the opinions from the community, we have also clarified the policy to publish information more frequently.

  • A collaboration with Attack on Titan will be implemented from January 21st.

Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: War zone Pacific are on sale for PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / XBOX Series X | S. And the season 2 will start on February 14th.

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