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With a single sentence via Lost Ark, Amazon creates an excellent atmosphere in the area

It is about the mechanics of Yoz’s Krug. A system that did not fit many.

Inlost Ark once more offered a group upgrade for conversations in the area.

Why is the system removed? Amazon additionally composes a few words in the write-up.

What was revealed in the upgrade? Actually, the mood in the Lost Ark area is rather dispirited. The large upgrade announced for mid-June has currently been positioned on June 30 after 2 shifts, which is demotivated by many players. Lost Ark had done a great deal against the robots in the past couple of weeks, but players in the last game desperately waited for brand-new material.

Amazon himself claims that they are obstructed and the new upgrade can not yet present, which once more triggered a bad state of mind among the followers. However a solitary sentence in the current article obviously changes that completely.

Amazon does not dismiss that Yoz’s jug appears at some time and afterwards comes in an adapted version, but gamers are permitted to take a breath a sigh of relief in the meantime.

After we checked out the style of this system again as well as devoted ourselves to the player feedback, we chose to get rid of Yoz’s jug.

_ AM weekend, Lost Ark, by the method, showed his most recent class in Korea, the Aeromancer: _

I’m really looking forward to the future currently

The neighborhood commemorates the upgrade: The reactions to the post are unbelievably excellent. On Reddit as well as in the discussion forum you will certainly find several threads that would love to thank Amazon for modifications in the west.

In enhancement to the deletion of Yoz’s Krug, one more mechanics will certainly also discover its way right into the video game that is really well received by followers, particularly the Honing Lover for Rate 3. If you currently have a personality with greater Gearscore, this increases your opportunities of better equipment. This system is currently in the ready reduced levels, yet is now being expanded.

The state of mind is entirely positive as well as the very first time in some time is really excellent state of mind in the networks for Lost Ark. A few gamers grumble not to obtain new skins currently, yet that’s truly couple of voices.

What do the fans state? Some of the comments we would like to inform you right here:

  • Purplewedgeman says (via Reddit): Two weeks hold-up for the honey aficionado, fair skins as well as a bin fully with banned robots? The wait was worth every min.
  • Laxxz writes (via Reddit): This is really a defining moment, because not only something brand-new was placed right into the video game right here. This circumstance needs to have begun a big argument in between Amazon and Smilegate. When it comes to Yoz’s jug, keep in mind that this is the first time that a publisher from Lost Ark gave up versus Smilegate. Every various other publisher just added it. […] Amazon is far from being excellent and also some interaction problems misbehave errors, but they make our respect for this and we have to pay them!

* Awakenmaster composes (by means of Reddit): Ha, that’s terrific. I’m interested to see what Korea is doing currently. Not even the gamers there like Yoz’s jug.
The change of the upgrade is so much better thanks to this info. Thank you, Amazon.

Inlost Ark again supplied a group upgrade for discussions in the community. What was announced in the update? Really, the state of mind in the Lost Ark neighborhood is instead depressed. Why is the system gotten rid of? ** Amazon also writes a few words in the write-up.

What do you think about the upcoming upgrade? Did you anticipate Yoz’s container or are you also delighted that Amazon has eliminated the questionable system? Please write it in the comments here on meinmmo, we expect your answers.

Square Enix announces new mobile game of Kingdom Hearts

The world of Kingdom Hearts expands once again. Not only a fourth numerical delivery was announced during a special event by the 20th anniversary of the series, but A new mobile game is already in development , and players will have the opportunity to prove it this year.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Announced + New Mobile Game + Dark Road Ending! - 20th Kingdom Hearts Anniversary

The game in question is _ Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link_, which will reach iOS and Android devices in the future to be determined . However, a closed beta will take place at some point of 2022. This is the description of this title:

“Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link allows players to embark on adventures from the kingdom of Scala ad Caelum to the real world. Players can participate in exciting battles against Heartless and discover a new and original story. “

Apparently at the advance, _ Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link_ looks like Square Enix’s most ambitious mobile game, although it is still to see more concrete Gameplay. Along with this, Square Enix announced that the Final Chapter of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, another mobile game, will arrive in August 2022 as a free update Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road.

In this event it also revealed Kingdom Hearts IV, of which you can learn more here.

Farewell a special athlete: Lesser is fourth in his last race

After the furious end of his long career Erik Lesser first picked up a kiss his loved ones. Under the cheers of thousands of fans and the homage of his teammates and competitors, his partner Nadine and Daughters Anouk were waiting at the legendary Oslo. In the future, the whole attention of the 33-year-old bathlet is retired. “I have to fight with the tears that I will not be too soft here,” said the otherwise rational Lesser in ZDF. Despite its magnificent farewell performance with the persecution victory and fourth place on Sunday in the final mass start is clear: a resignation of resignation will not exist. “In no case,” Lesser said.

I have to fight badly with the tears that I will not be too soft here.

Erik Lesser

Cheesy could hardly have been able to color, because after his farewell announcement three weeks ago, he delivered as rare before. Coronation was his third World Cup victory and the audience at the Norwegian King Harald at the cradle of the Nordic skiport and in perfect weather. “I’m absolutely Baff. I can not completely process the victory and the last three weeks,” said the Thuringian, who previously studied the second place of Franziska Prussian in the mass start. If he did not shot two mistakes in his paradised discipline, lying shooting, he would have fought for victory again.

“He will be missing,” said Denise Herrmann. His many years of friend Arnnd Peiffer, who had traveled extra for the farewell ceremony of his former carpenter, said, “Germany is lost a good athlete. But I think in it is an extremely good coach.”

In ex-world champion Lesser goes to Olympic champion Peiffer (34) and ex-world champion Simon Schempp (33) the next Leitwolf. And one of the most prominent and critical athletes, especially opposite themselves. His opinion is still in demand, maybe as a TV expert. “I can imagine that,” he said to the German Press Agency. But now he does vacation first – in Norway. Then he takes a longer break, the family is at the center. Then he starts his trainer training. The way has already been staked with the German Association for a long time.

German biathlets mi light and shadow – Herrmann stops?

Overall, the German ski hunters experienced a season with light and shadow. Outstanding were the single-Olympic victory of Denise Herrmann and Olympic Bronze of the Women Season, the men remained at the climax for the second time after 2010 without a medal. While women brought only a world sculpture through Herrmann, the men in Johannes Kühn, Benedikt Doll and Lesser three athletes were at the top. Overall, the German team took 17 podium sites, six women and nine the men, two in the mixed seasons.

After the residues of Lesser, Maren Hammerschmidt and Karolin Horchler is waiting to see if Herrmann stops. The 33-year-old has fulfilled its sporting goals, builds a house with her fiance Thomas Wick in Ruhpolding and sometime a family. Good possible that you also say before the Home World Cup in the coming year in Oberhof Servus. Vanessa Voigt (24) showed her potential with her first World Cup podium as a sprint second of Otepää. And even the Janina Hettich did not take into account at Olympia came to the end of the season again better.

Nawrath strong, Zobel brings best result

I AM READY TO RACE! *last workout of indoor season*
At the last race of the season, Philipp Nawrath as fifth and David Zobel with his best World Cup result caused a strong result for a strong result for the German Ski Association (DSV). The Norwegian Sivert Guttorm Bakken (0) won in front of Sturla Holm Lägreide (2 / + 0.5 seconds) and Emilien Jacquelin from France (2 / + 13.4).

Lesser made two shooting errors and had 21.6 seconds behind. Nawrath (1) was 31.5 seconds back, watching (1) 49.2. Benedict Doll had to fit a cold at short notice. Lessers had announced his career ending in the World Cup a few weeks after twelve years ago. The Thuringian won three medals at Olympia, two World Cup titles in persecution and season, seven World Cup medals and six World Cup victories, three of them in single races.

The coming season starts at the end of November in Kontiolahti. In January, a World Cup in Ruhpolding is on the program. The highlight are the World Championships in Oberhof from 6 to 19 February 2023.

All results and the race for reading in the ticker…

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