On the third floor of the Susan BEX CO Exhibition Hall, where the G-Star event was held, the G-Star X BIC Showcase 2022 was organized by the Susan Indie Connect Festival Organizing Committee.


The G-Star X BIC Showcase 2022, which runs for four days from 17th to 20th, exhibited 40 indie games selected as excellent works at home and abroad. In the field, you can experience all the latest builds of 40 indie games, as well as developers of each game participated in the exhibition and communicated with visitors.

The showcase is based on the ‘BTI’ test, which led to a good response at the BIC Festival. Visitors were able to recommend game types that were best suited for their tastes through simple questions, and were able to find and enjoy games that fit their tastes in the booth composition separated by each type.

This year’s BIC showcase booth, unlike last year, has a variety of fun to visit each booth and play an indie game you like. The booth visitors enjoyed the indie festival on both sides of the on-offline by enjoying various pre-events and on-site events such as photo box and stamp rally.

In fact, many visitors who came to the scene were able to find two indie games that fit their tastes and play in one of them, and then enjoyed various booth events in the showcase and stayed in the showcase venue for a longer time than normal. It was enough to participate in the lottery event without having to play any indie games on the showcase.

Of course, the biggest attraction of the G-Star X BIC showcase is in 40 kinds of indie games. Finding my favorite indie game, playing the latest builds on the spot, and talking with the indie game developer who made the game is a valuable opportunity for gamers to be one of the years in one year. Can.

In particular, the BIC showcase has a number of titles that are so high that they can be seen as a launch build, which guarantees more than 30 minutes of playtime. It is a characteristic of this ‘G-Star X BIC Showcase’ that has a solid lineup that has no regret to select any game, including a number of titles that were already presented in the BIC 2022, which was already held in September and was recognized for its work. Can do.

G-Star X BIC Showcase, an indie game event that allows you to find and play a game that is close to my taste without having to stand on the waiting line for a long time, will be operated at the BEX CO Exhibition Hall in Susan until the end of the G-Star event.