DIOS OF THE WAR: Ragnarok is scheduled to launch this year through PS4 and PS5, but it is not yet known when you will arrive exactly at the pair of consoles PLAYSTATION. Unfortunately, there is still no information on an accurate, official or unofficial launch date. That said, there is a new update of the game and its launch by an expert and featured filter of the industry, and has good news, although nothing too exciting.

There is a growing speculation that the exclusive of PlayStation will be delayed until 2023. In fact, there has even been one or two doubtful rumors that suggest it. However, it seems that there is nothing in these rumors, if you think the reporter of Bloomberg Jason Schreier at least. According to one of the most prolific experts in the industry, the game will not be delayed until 2023.

Now, how much of this is speculation versus internal knowledge, we do not know. There is a possibility that it is a mixture of both. Whatever the case, if there was concern between Santa Monica Studio and Playstation that the game would be delayed, you would assume that Schreier at least would have grabbed a breath of this.

Inos de la Guerra: Ragnarok is in development for PS4 and PS5. While the predecessor of the game came recently to the PC, there is no news of dios of the war: Raganrok arriving at the PC. However, considering that the first game took almost four years to migrate to the PC, this is not very surprising. In other words, do not guide too much in this silence if you are on a PC and you expect to play someday.

PlayStation Insider Shares God of War: Ragnarok Release Date Update

“Since Santa Monica Studio arrives, the sequel to the acclaimed by the criticism of war_ (2018)” is read at an official launch of the game. «Kratos and Atreus must travel to each of the nine kingdoms in search of answers while preparing for the prophesied battle that will end up with the world. Together, Kratos and Atreus enter the nine kingdoms in search of answers while the Asgardian forces prepare for war. Along the way, they will explore impressive mythical landscapes, they will bring together allies of all the kingdoms and will face fearsome enemies in the form of Nordic gods and monsters. As Ragnarök’s threat approaches more and more, Kratos and Atreus are choosing between the safety of his family and the safety of the kingdoms… “