After confirming Say’s exits and blows from Loud’s Valiant team and the hiring of the duo by Sentinels, Loud’s co-founder and partner-owner uno Play hard opened a live last Saturday (15) to talk about the now Former players of the azilian organization, and the general tone of the speech was for thanks and recognition of Say’s achievements and hit in the 2022 season.

During Live, Play hard talked about the negotiation process with Say and Back about a possible renewal, which ended up not materializing. Still, the businessman said he could not comment on the procedures of a possible renewal of contract with the players, which did not materialize.

There is no way, no matter how much I want (talking about negotiations), it can’t, because there are things that take behind. I didn’t want to comment because there is a negotiation process, a lot happens. Unlike Twitter, that someone does Post, and the crowd changes their minds overnight, said Play hard.

The businessman also emphasized all the achievements of the Loud winning project throughout the 2022 season, noting that not even he imagined that the team would win the World Cup in the first year of Lineup formed by Say, Pacy, Saddam, Spas and Less.

Valorant’s team that Led closed, was a victorious and one of the most victorious trajectory that ever existed in azilian and world eSports. The guys arrived with the team and the project, we emaced with the structure, several other teams wanted this Cast, and we managed to close with them. By the time we closed, I knew it was going to be a good team, but I didn’t know, no one was sure, that it would be world champion, and we managed to get there, he said.

About Say and Back, Play hard’s exits said there was no hurt with the players, and wished the duo luck. The entrepreneur also praised Sentinels, who is one of the ores with the highest financial power in the International Valiant scenario.

The guys came in with the goal of winning Champions, and they went and won the Champions, the Valorant World Cup, in a year of the project. It closed the cycle. There is no one, no one in healthy, has ingratitude to the players who They represented the ‘org’ and a world title in a year, without losing anything. I must have to be a sucker to have ingratitude to it. The project was done with an absurd success. Say and Bate went to play at Sentinels, which is an org fuck Also, I wish them luck, all the best, they gave a world title to Loud. I’m going to be a fan of the guys forever, I will never forget, said the owner of Loud.