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Explore the Bowls of the Dragon Statue in Hogwarts Legacy – Uncover Quests, Secrets and Puzzles!

Hogwarts Legacy is a role-playing game with an open world, filled with quests, secrets and puzzles.
Such as the statues of Emilia to find.
One of these puzzles is the bowls of the dragon statue that you will find in Hogwarts and all over the world.
We have a guide for you if you are interested in what to do in the bowls of the Dragon’s statues in the Hogwarts heritage.

How to solve the bowls of the Dragon Statue in Hogwarts?

To solve the bowls of the statue of the dragon, you need to light a brazier with a fiery spell, such as Ingestion or conferring.

This will light a fried for you, and a sound will sound that indicate that you decided a puzzle.
Pay attention to these bowls in the form of a dragon hanging on the walls;
These statues will need a fiery spell of the farthest bar of the confidence to light them.
Since the field of the field will be inaccessible to the field, you will need to use the action to provide you with the page of the operating manual.

What is the reward for the solution of the bowls of the Dragon statue in Hogwarts Legacy?

The award for the solution of these small puzzles is the page of the field leadership.
In the Hogwarts Heritage you can collect hundreds of such pages.
The pages of the field leadership are used to perform tasks in your field guide that will open cosmetic objects for your player.

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Apex Legends Mobile opens its pre-registers as well as guarantees presents for those that are focused on Battle

EA will certainly disperse gifts to the registered players according to the turning points of signed up customers as normal in mobile video games, EA provides us the opportunity to get ready for the battleground opening up the pre-registers of Apex Legends Mobile for all gamers. This will provide us the possibility to recognize the moment in which the respawn proposition will certainly be readily available, something that just calls for a straightforward document with the main website of the game.

Respawn has actually made certain that Apex Legends Mobile controls adjust to the particularities of smartphones, so we can expect a comfortable as well as fluid experience ** on these tools. Furthermore, this is an important action in the EA growth in the mobile market, although we currently know that Spain will not be one of the very first nations to get the title.

This option is open for practically all locations of the world, EA makes clear that China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao are not discovered in the list of nations offered at the moment, although they likewise point out that pre-registration is not energetic in Russia and Belarus. When it comes to the players who can subscribe at Battle-Royale, understand that the company will certainly disperse unique gifts as supere the milestones of registered users in the coming months.

Apex Legends Mobile SOFT LAUNCH & GLOBAL LAUNCH (Everything you need to know)

The success of Apex Legends has not gone undetected, so it is not a shock that EA has made a decision to offer a brand-new step towards the direction of Android and iOS . This choice has caused an Apex Legends Mobile that, with a launch prepared for this 2022 , will adjust the Battle-Royale functions to the view of cellphones with Seasons and special material .

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