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Fortnite: gripping glove

In our gripping glove guide to Fortnite

  • What the gripping glove stations look like

* Where on the map you can find gripping gloves
* Tips for swinging with the gripping hooks

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Where can I find the gripping glove in Fortnite?

In Fortnite you can swing through the ventilation again: Epic has distributed gripping gloves everywhere on the map. You can recognize the pink gripping glove foundations from afar. You can always find a gripping glove in the pink gripping glove tool boxes with the gripping hook symbol on it.

All gripping glove foundations on the map

So that you can secure a gripping glove right at the beginning of a game, we have marked all locations on the map .

tips for using the gripping glove

You have to actively equip the gripping glove like a weapon and can then use the shot button to hang on trees, buildings and rocks. If you swing three times in a row, you will receive a speed boost .

Attention : If you end up on the floor and stay there for a few seconds, you cannot use the gripping glove directly, you have to wait for a cooldown.

Bonus tip : You can also use the gripping hook objects such as weapons and items.

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Cacao Fei Securities New Investment Experience Giving IT Professional Company

Cacao Fei Securities announced the blueprints that will be reborn as an IT specialized company that provides a new investment cultural experience based on the Securities Industry License.

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Kakao Fei Securities, who was launched after the launch of June 20, 20020, held a press conference through Youtube’s live broadcasting on the 5th, and shared the future growth direction.

Lee Seung-hyo, Cacao Fei Securities Lee Seung Hyo, said, “Kakao Fei Securities will be able to make such an IT professional company that can be a company that can be completely rearded from the beginning of the Securities License, not one of the securities firms.”

Cacao Fei Securities is a policy to develop retail financial (retail) services to present an investment experience in everyday life. Cacao Fei Securities is based on a recent mobile trading system (MTS), based on stock beta services, and service overseas stock decimal trading.

It is also a strategy to expand the user of Cacao Fei securities by using a tenth of the “KakaoTalk”, a national use platform. CakaoTalk is preparing to share stock event information and presents a service to a KakaoTalk friend to present overseas stocks. The shares futures feature will be released in the second quarter, and the service will be available for all of the services that allow stock trading within KakaoTalk.

In addition, for users who need additional funds, we are also preparing a variety of loan services, including new duty, stock collateral, selling,

In addition to retail, the DNA of the ‘Right Investment & Securities’, which was a compassion company, is also a policy. It is to strengthen the capacity of retail and fleet, as a real estate project financing (PF) and the investment bank (IB).

Cacao Fei Securities Kim Dae Hong said, “In the case of fleece, he is a strategy to raise the return and focus on the part of the middle of the medium securities,” Cacao Fei Securities said, “I will take a strategy to raise the return and focus on the part of the medium-sized securities.” “I explained.

Kim said, especially in Kakao Fei Securities’ strengths in ‘platform’. He said, “Kakao Pay is a maximum financial platform that 80% of the people over 15 years of age,” said that it is the maximum financial platform to trade near 100 trillion won, “he said,” It is possible to connect with a variety of financial services I would like to provide a differentiated experience in the differentiated elements, “I will continue to provide differentiated experience.”

Meanwhile, Cacao Fei Securities has been providing fund services since its launch. In two years, 2030 million people have traded 2,300 million, W1.78.3bn. Since September 20, 2020, the number of personal publicity fund accounts for Cacao Fei securities is 33% of the securities industry in 22.1 million.

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