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NBA 2K23: What is MT, and How do you get them?

NBA 2K series of games have a rich history. An NBA 2K game is released yearly, and this year’s NBA 2K23 is undoubtedly the most anticipated by players. Recently, players have been affected by the official NBA 2K news and information. When the game starts, many players care about how to get enough NBA 2K MT to experience the game better. So, in this post, we detail what MT is in NBA 2K23 and how to get them.

For longtime fans and veterans of NBA 2K, there’s no need to understand how important MT is, but if you’re a new player, it’s worth knowing what it is and where to get it. Here’s everything you should know!

First of all, what is MT in NBA 2K23?

In NBA 2K13, the game was first introduced – MT, also called NBA 2K MyTeam MT. Just like the currency in other games, it has a very important role in the game. MT is different from NBA 2K VC, another currency in the game. MT can only be used in MyTeam, not in other game modes. At the same time, it is worth noting that the balance of MT will not be transferred to the NBA 2K update.

In NBA 2K23, microtransactions are allowed to buy MT, but this operation may affect your wallet. Players can purchase many important items and player cards through MT to enhance their gaming experience in NBA 2K23.

Where can I buy MT in NBA 2K23?

Whether on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or Nintendo Switch, you can get MT in the usual way. For example, Triple Threat Online, Triple Threat Online, Triple Threat Online, Complete Card Suits, Domination, Play the auction house, Liquidate your collection, Save your MT, and other methods. You can click here for more details.

Of course, these are all NBA 2K23 MT obtained by playing the game. The advantage of these methods is that you don’t need to spend real money to get them, but the disadvantage is that you need to invest a lot of time to accumulate them slowly.

However, when you suddenly need a lot of MT, these ways will not solve your immediate problem. Therefore, you can buy MT through a safe and formal third-party platform. There are many MT trading platforms on the market, but a formal and safe third party is a very important choice. If your choice is wrong, the follow-up will bring you a huge disaster.

NBA 2K officials believe trading MT from third parties is illegal. Therefore, the wrong choice may lead to your game account being banned, so you fall into the abyss.


That’s all for a complete guide to MT coins and where to get them in NBA 2K23. I believe that all the ways to obtain MT in the game and the way to obtain it outside the game have been shown here. Of course, I hope players can obtain NBA 2K23 MT in the game alone. Do not go to a third party to buy MT if it is unnecessary. After all, there are certain risks. Of course, it all depends on your own choice. Finally, I hope you can have a perfect gaming experience in NBA 2K23.

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 Full Game List and Everything That Happened

The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 conference took place this Sunday (12) at 14:00 GMT. Some games like Starfield and Overwatch 2, which were already expected, appeared, but we also had a lot of news.
The event promised that all the games that appear there would be released within a 12-month window, so within a year, we will be able to play all the announced games, even those that don’t have a confirmed date.
Our team has prepared the complete list of everything that happened at the conference, in the exact order of presentation, to ensure you stay on top of all the news.

Xbox & Bethesda 2022 – Games List
Redfall – Consoles Xbox, PC (2023)
High On Life – Consoles Xbox, PC (2022)

Gamepass in partnership with Riot Games:
Subscribers will have access to all champions from League of Legends, Valorant, and Wild Rift, some cards in Runeterra, and Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics.
Plague Tale requiem – Consoles Xbox, PC (2022)
Forza Motorsport – Consoles Xbox, PC (2023)
Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary – Xbox Consoles, PC (Available Now)
Overwatch 2 – Early Access October 4, 2022, and will be Free to Play
Ara: History Untold – Consoles Xbox, PC
Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle – Consoles Xbox, PC (21 de Junho de 2022)
Fallout 76 the pitt – Consoles Xbox, PC (setembro de 2022)
Forza horizon five hot wheels – Xbox consoles, PC (July 19, 2022)
Ark 2023 – Consoles Xbox, PC (2023)Scorn – 21 de outubro de 2022 – game pass
Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn – Consoles Xbox, PC (2023)
Minecraft Legends – Consoles Xbox, PC (2023) Lightyear Frontier – Consoles Xbox, PC (2023)
Gunfire Reborn – Consoles Xbox, PC (Outubro de 2022)
The Last Case of Benedict Fox – Consoles Xbox, PC (2023)
As Dusk Falls – Xbox Consoles, PC (July 19, 2022)
Naraka Bladepoint – Xbox Consoles, PC (June 23, 2022)
Pentiment – Xbox Consoles, PC (November 2022)
Grounded – Xbox Consoles, PC (Full Game September 2022)
Urban; Shadow Legacy – Consoles Xbox, PC (2023)
Diablo 4 – New Necromancer class confirmed, character appearance customization, shared online world, crossplay, and PvP possibility (2023)
Sea of ​​Thieves – Season 7 on July 21, 2022
Ravenlok – Consoles Xbox, PC (2023)
Cocoon – Consoles Xbox, PC (2023)
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Consoles Xbox, PC (2023)
Persona Games – Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5 Royal for Xbox Consoles and PC (P5R confirmed for October 21, 2022)
Starfield – Customization of character appearance, skills, ship, and crew attributes. Exploration gameplay in space and on land. The game has been delayed to 2023.

Gamepass e Day One
Most games will be available on Gamepass from Day One, like Hollow Knight: Silk song and Starfield, and others will be on Game Pass for free, like Grounded and Sea of ​​Thieves. The conference brought us a lot of unexpected news, such as Persona games. Still, it also got everything that was already expected of the event, leaving nothing to be desired.

How to create and where to find Leather in V Rising

Leather is used in V Rising to create better items, and significantly stronger armor, among other uses. The Leather crafting process is simple, but first, you’ll need to eliminate a boss and then build a Tannery to produce the resource.

Where to find the Leather recipe in V Rising?
You must already have the Altar of Blood built in your castle to get the recipe. Use it to track Keely the Frost Archer or find the big boss on the V Rising Interactive Map.
After defeating the level 20 boss, you will have access to two things needed to craft Leather. The first is the Tannery, the structure that will produce the item. The second is the Leather recipe itself.

How to make Leather in V Rising?
Now that you already have how to make the Tannery and the recipe, it’s time to make Leather. If you haven’t created it yet, know that the Tannery needs 8 Planks and 160 Animal Skins to build.
The Animal Skin farm has to continue to create Leather, and this item is also needed. Every 16 Animal Skins make 1 Leather.
You can place the Tanneries in a delimited room in the castle to increase the creation speed of the Leather. If you have an entire floor with just tailoring buildings, the cost of Animal Skins will be reduced.

Crossfire Legion Reviews – Real-time strategy like before?

Rock & roll What sounds like a mission from Call of Duty is the start of the Crossfire: Legion campaign and shows in just a few words what you can expect from this real-time strategy game: a lot of action, a lot of oomph, and not quite as many brains.

As colleague Peter pointed out in his preview, Crossfire is not just any brand. The multiplayer shooter of the same name released in South Korea has been highly successful since 2007. Nevertheless, the series is not very well known in the West – but this may also be due to the 0815 setting.

Anyway, what makes Crossfire: Legion exciting isn’t the scenario – but the fact that it’s finally a real-time strategy game with a single-player campaign again. We found out for you how good it is in the test of the Early Access version.

It suits you if…
You like classic real-time strategy games.
You’re looking for something like Starcraft but easy to understand.
You like to see a lot of things explode.

It doesn’t suit you if…
I am already playing Starcraft.
You expect a thrilling story from the single-player campaign.
You have an aversion to in-game shops.

Hooray, hooray, the mercenaries are here.
Crossfire: Legion is firmly based on Starcraft, even if the setting is more reminiscent of Command and Conquer. This means that you don’t slowly build up an economy and a base like in Age of Empires, but only have seven or eight different buildings, two resources, and little time before things get down to business.

The game is divided into three areas, the campaign, skirmish, a co-op mode, and multiplayer, which is to become the heart of the game. As you can already guess from the introduction, the campaign is characterized by the typical US military hooray, which seems outdated.

Shortly, it is about the mercenary group’s Black List (the good guys who act out of charity) and Global Risk (the bad guys who like to lock people up) known from the Crossfire template.

But in the end, it’s all too reminiscent of American cliche shooters where good muscle-bound Americans with lots of guns save the world from evil muscle-bound Americans with lots of guns. Add a pinch of youthful coolness to the experienced leaders of the world’s most influential organizations, and the box of clichés is almost plundered.

The urge for action is expressed playfully in entertaining missions, in the course of which we shoot our way through a futuristic city and blow up a bunker on a snow-covered mountain. You usually command small and medium-sized combat units or sneak across the map with a single hero unit. After the first two missions, you can then set up your base – and then you have to wait for more content in the course of Early Access. So far, only the first four missions are playable.

A pinch of Starcraft or, even better, two!
So if you’ve played the Starcraft 2 and Extra Story campaigns centered around the Ghost Nova, you’ll be familiar with Crossfire: Legion’s mission management style, as the requirements alternate in a similar way, as does the pacing. Also, the similarities don’t end there. The map design, resource depletion, building, and unit management are also partially the same down to the last detail.

The two resources of fuel and material, for example, can only be accessed at specified locations with another command center, where small worker drones then travel back and forth between the center and the resource field. This is a one-to-one system from Starcraft.

The cards are also predefined, the resources are arranged symmetrically, and the base locations are always in the same places. The starting base has a narrow ramp to the rest of the map for better defense.

With the raw materials, you build supply depots that increase the population limit and barracks, tank factories, and hangars to train infantry, artillery, and aircraft. There are also defensive towers and an arsenal where you can research upgrades.

Control groups forward, another.
You are speaking of upgrades. Some units have abilities, some of which are only unlocked through further development. These can be poison bombs, energy shields, EMPs, or jump attacks. So, if you want to compete in multiplayer, you’ll need to use the keyboard and control panels to get the most out of the troops.

In general, understanding the units helps, whether against the AI ​​or human players. For example, the Titan (Starcraft’s Thor counterpart) has a potent but prolonged attack, suboptimal against a horde of infantry.

The missions are well done, and Crossfire: Legion is fun. However, the game can never keep up with the great Starcraft in staging, mission design, and storytelling.

Terran, Protoss and… more Terran
What we have kept secret so far: Like Starcraft, Crossfire: has three factions, at least two of which seem to be heavily inspired by Starcraft. They have tanks that can go into a static siege mode, while their infantry can give themselves short-term increased movement and rate of fire for a slight loss of health (save the Navy). The evil Global Risk is Terrans.

The third tech group newly introduced in the universe, the New Horizon, takes on the role of the Protoss. Your first infantry unit has two electric blades, plunge into melee combat and get a charged upgrade to get to the enemy faster. In addition to their life bar, your units and buildings also have shields that regenerate outside of combat.

Only the third faction, the Black List, is not directly related to the Zerg. It tends to be characterized by lighter units than Global Risk and is thoroughly average.

Alternate units are the way to balance hell.
The commanders bring a little variety. Depending on which leader you choose for a game, you have two other special abilities. With one, you can heal troops or make them run faster, and the other has a powerful bombardment up your sleeve. Killed or lost units charge the energy for this.

Before an average skirmish or multiplayer game, you can decide which commander you want to use. The same also applies to the units! Crossfire: Legion comes with a deck system, which means you can choose an alternate unit for each unit of each faction. For example, Global Risk can swap out its marines, pardon me, soldiers for shield soldiers, which are slower but can take a lot more.

We can’t comment on multiplayer balance at this point. Still, as seasoned RTS players, we’re confident that while this system might be excellent for gameplay variety, it will be pure balance hell for competitive play.

No, no, no, an in-game shop also had to go in.
And the bad part is yet to come: You have to buy the alternative troops with an in-game currency. You can also earn them, but you are faster with real money. While the devs said matchmaking would take your unit progression into account, we’re skeptical. In a competitive real-time strategy game, an in-game shop that provides access to other units is generally not a good idea.

Apart from this monetization concept, multiplayer offers a lot of entertainment. The sound design, in particular, is compelling, for example, when tanks explode, or helicopters are shot down. It’s fun to flatten your opponent’s base. We can still forgive minor problems finding the way concerning the Early Access status, just like some animations that seem a bit stiff.

So in that sense, Crossfire: Legion is a solid game, no question about it. But in addition to the questionable in-game shop, the title from Canada has a big problem that even Early Access will not be able to solve: Crossfire: Legion has positioned itself so close to Starcraft that it is now entirely overshadowed by it.

Preliminary scoring box

categoryPros and consrating
presentation+ great sound design
+ explosions are impressive.
+ high-quality cutscenes in the campaign
+ nice play of light
– partially stiff animations
game design+ Alternative units can increase replay value and variety.
+ Games are short and the action sets in quickly …
– … but this is sometimes chaotic due to model sizes and bottlenecks.
– The three peoples hardly differ in the basic play style.
? Will there be any more content or will existing content be adapted?
balance+ Even cheap units have their place.
+ Symmetrical/mirrored cards ensure equal opportunities.
– Alternative units will hardly be perfectly balanced.
? Will the balance pass the multiplayer endurance test?
? Are Commander abilities not getting too powerful or useless?
Story/Atmosphere+ Looks plus sound and action exude call-of-duty atmosphere.
– Setting maximally bland (mercenary groups will rule the world in the future)
– Story full of teenage military cheers
– Look of the units and buildings is a bit too clean.
? How does the story continue?
Scope+ campaign and additional game modes (co-op against the AI, payload mode)
+ three factions with very different units
– very few buildings
? What game modes are coming?
? How long do the remaining eleven missions keep you busy?
rating bias65 to 75

Both factors don’t make Crossfire: Legion easy in my hands. Because while it’s undoubtedly a competent game at this stage, I can see little reason anyone would choose this title over Starcraft 2. Blizzard’s RTS king is simply superior in every respect and is now even free except for the campaigns. The only reason I can think of would be that Crossfire: could serve as a genre entry point because overall, it’s less extensive and, therefore, more manageable.

But then there is also the unspeakable in-game shop. The developers can offer single-player content or pure cosmetics in their shop. But other units for multiplayer that you have to earn without additional money first? That’s a pretty stupid idea, in my opinion.

How do get free games are given away on the Epic Games Store?

The Epic Games Store has offered free games every week for more than two years. To claim them, all you need is an account in the store. That’s all. Even if you don’t plan to play these games anytime soon, you can log into your account and keep them in your library. Then, after a while, download and install.

How to get free games from the Epic Games Store on your PC
Go to the free games page on the Epic Games Store;
Click “Sign In” and enter your account information in the upper right corner. If you don’t have an account, you can create one for free;
Decide what game you want to play;
Click “Get”;
Click “Place Order”;
Click “Agree.”

What games will the Epic Games Store give away from May 12 to May 19, 2022?
From May 12th to May 19th, new distributions for the three games began. Russians also have access to two games – Redout: Enhanced Edition and Jotun: Valhalla Edition. And the main game in this collection, the first-person shooter Prey, is not. This is because Bethesda has banned their games’ sale, transfer, and giveaway in Russia. We’ll be updating this section by posting new giveaways in the store.

What free games have been given away on the Epic Games Store since early 2022
When was it released – which games were given away for free
January 6-13 – The gods will fall
January 13-20 – Galactic Civilizations 3
January 20-27 – Relics
From January 27th to February 3rd – DAEMON X MACHINA
February 3-10 – Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair
February 10-17 – windy
February 17-24 – Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
From February 24th to March 3rd – Chris Story
March 3-10 – Fearless
Centipede: Charging
Black Widow: Recharge
March 10-17 – Cities: Skylines
March 17-24 – In Sound Minds
March 24-31 – Devil’s Tilting
From March 31 to April 7 – Total War: Warhammer
city ​​of brass
April 7-14 – Rogue Legacy
The disappearance of Ethan Carter
April 14-21 – XCOM 2
April 21-28 – Amnesia
April 28-May 5 – Paradigm
already dead
May 5-12 – Terraforming Mars

VFB Stuttgart hopes against Mainz on the turn

U13 VfB Stuttgart - 1. FSV Mainz 05 1:0; FINALE Italo-Tedesco-Cup 01.04.2018
Stuttgart (German: [ˈʃtʊtɡaʁt] (listen); Swabian: Schubert [ˈʒ̊d̥ua̯ɡ̊ɛʕd̥]; names in various other languages) is the resources and also the largest city of the German state of Baden-Württemberg. It is situated on the Nectar river in a productive valley recognized in your area as the Stuttgart Cauldron and also exists a hr from the Swabian Jura and the Black Forest. Its area has a population of 635,911, making it the sixth-biggest city in Germany. 2.8 million people stay in the city’s management region as well as 5.3 million people in its city, making it the 4th biggest city in Germany. The city as well as city are constantly ranked among the leading 20 European municipal locations by GDP; Mercer noted Stuttgart as 21st on its 2015 checklist of cities by high quality of living, technology agency 2thinknow ranked the city 24th worldwide out of 442 cities and also the Globalization as well as World Cities Study Network ranked the city as a Beta-status global city in their 2014 survey. Stuttgart was just one of the host cities for the official competitions of the 1974 as well as 2006 FIFA World Cups.
Since the 7th millennium BC, the Stuttgart location has been a vital farming area as well as has actually been host to a number of societies seeking to utilize the abundant dirt of the Nectar valley. The Roman Empire dominated the location in advertisement 83 and constructed a large ca strum near Bad Constant, making it one of the most crucial local center for numerous centuries. Stuttgart’s roots were really laid in the 10th century with its beginning by Rudolf, Battle Each Other of Swabia, as a stud farm for his warhorses. Initially overshadowed by nearby Poor Constant, the town expanded steadily and was provided a charter in 1320. The fortunes of Stuttgart transformed with those of your house of Württemberg, as well as they made it the capital of their region, duchy, and kingdom from the 15th century to 1918. Stuttgart succeeded in spite of troubles in the Thirty Years’ War and devastating air raids by the Allies on the city and also its car production during The second world war. Nevertheless, by 1952, the city had actually recovered, and also it became the major economic, industrial, tourist and also posting center it is today. Stuttgart is likewise a tranRhine Hesse junction, and possesses the seventh-largest airport in Germany. A number of major firms are headquartered in Stuttgart, including Porsche, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz as well as Daimler AG. Stuttgart is unusual in the plan of German cities. It is spread throughout a variety of hillsides (some of them covered in vineyards), valleys (particularly around the Nectar river and also the Stuttgart container) and also parks. This usually shocks visitors that connect the city with its reputation as the cradle of the car. The city’s tourist motto is Stuttgart supplies more. Under current strategies to improve tranRhine Hesse web links to the global infrastructure (as component of the Stuttgart 21 task), the city unveiled a brand-new logo and also motto in March 2008, describing itself as Was nee Her Europa’s ( The new Heart of Europe ). For organization, it explains itself as Where service fulfills the future. In July 2010, Stuttgart introduced a brand-new city logo, developed to entice even more organization people to remain in the city as well as delight in breaks in the area. Stuttgart is a city with a high variety of immigrants. According to Darling Kimberley’s Eyewitness Travel Overview to Germany, In the city of Stuttgart, every third occupant is an immigrant. 40% of Stuttgart’s citizens, and also 64% of the population below the age of 5, are of immigrant background.

Crashed Swabia against emerging Rhine Hesse: in the Fridays game of the Football Bundesliga between the VfB Stuttgart and the PSV Mainz 05 (20:30 / DAZN) meet two teams with completely different series.

While the guests have been unbeaten prior to the kick-off of the 13th match day since five mandatory matches and come to Stuttgart as a table acquirers, the Tables 16 conceded. Last three Bundesliga defeats one after the other and waits in the league since five games on a victory.

CFB coach Pelegrín Matarazzo demands from his players against the fighting and defensive mains, to hold on, to be disgusting, being hard to be intense. And of course to use the rooms for the front, offering the PSV. Show his team a despite the 1: 2 good performance as last at Borussia Dortmund, then they could win the game against Mainz.

Silas probably in the squad — Marmots in Started

In doing so, several offensive forces should help, which lacked for a long time due to injury. Thus, Torturer Silas Atom Mumps is probably back in the squad after eight-month break in a row of a cruciate ligament tear. An attacker Omar Marmots is expected to play from the beginning — and help to end the Rhine Hessey descent to the table cellar. Besides defenders Marc Oliver Kemp, offensive Tanguy Culinary (5th Yellow Card).

The PSV is missing next to the yellow-banned Stefan Bell also the battered central midfielder Dominik Bohr. Nevertheless, coach BO Venison expects his eleven after the moderate performance against the 1st FC Cologne (1: 1) more passion.

Body language and attitude did not like me, we missed aggressiveness and intensity, said Venison. If we want to fill our game with life, we have to put these components in the place. Because of the new Corona Regulation and the exclusion of alarm level II in Baden-Württemberg, the game takes place in Stuttgart at most 25,000 spectators.

They will launch a book that will document the history of the ps vita

Slow but safe, PS Vita It is increasing more and more at its tenth anniversary, so Sandeep RAI, Author, has launched a Kickstarter to publish a 400-page book that documents all the History of the now discontinued device. vita means life, that has a goal of £6 thousand euros, and that at the time of writing it has already overcome the £15 thousand, it promises to take a look at the events that gave life to the console, since it’s announced until Its complex launch and everything that follows him.

The History of the PlayStation Vita - Part 1 - NGP reveal, PSVita announcement
The novel, which is a compilation of three books that RAI has written before, was expanded with new material detailing some recent events. The final product will be divided into four sections, covering the history of hardware, interviews, retrospective, and a comprehensive library of all games listed for PS vita in Western territory.

If you are interested in acquiring it, then you can turn it off right now for £27 euros, and you should be arriving at some April sat of the following year. In case the Kickstarter exceeds £30 thousand euros, the author will also include a manual for collectors on each copy sold.

Editor’s note: Without a doubt it would be an interesting book, especially now that the PS Vita practically already came to an end. Hopefully the author in question complies with the launch of this book, because according to the money collected, he already has more than enough to move forward the project.

Star Wars Will there be a comeback of Kylo ren Adam Driver would be ready

In the Sequel Trilogy of Star Wars, the actor Adam Driver was known to see as Ben Solo Alias ​​Kylo Ren. Since the end of Star Wars Episode 9, it is not clear whether he will ever slip back into this role. Just to this question, he recently expressed himself in an interview.

What does Adam Driver say about the possible comeback in the Star Wars Universe?

During a conversation with the magazine Unclad, the actor spoke not only about some general things, but also about his possible return as Kylo Ren. The answer is not final, but should hope many of his fans.

Ben Solo Is Coming Back! This Is INSANE Adam Driver (Star Wars Explained)

No, I’m by no means against it. For me, it is a medium of the filmmakers. Therefore, it’s all about working with good filmmakers. The size [of the project] does not matter […] I follow only those People in which I have the interest in cooperation — and whether it is the right [project]. Such things just. So no, I definitely do not be averse.

What do other actors say to a star-wars comeback?

Only recently had Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy declared that she would like to continue the stories of the Sequel characters. Thus, among other things, it meant such figures like Rey, Finn and Po E. However, both Oscar Isaac (Poe Cameron) and John Bodega (Finn) have already emphasized several times, not necessarily a comeback.

Thus, a return of the Sequel characters from the Star Wars Universe is not categorically excluded, but the whole thing certainly makes a little more difficult. Which of course does not mean that we could not see some characters again.

Source: Unclad

From André left

25.11.2021 at 11:50

ARK Survival Evolved Annual Turkey Trial has begun

The annual turkey exam is back! Studio Wildcard invites the players to join them in Ark: Survival Evolved for this year’s Event Turkey Trial 5. From now on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, the survivors can go hunting for indifferent super-tatters and collect wishbones to create new ch ibis, a new turkey costume, emotes on the theme of the event and new Ugly sweater to obtain!

Go to one of the ARK: Survival Evolved cards to experience all the truth day celebrations, to see the Dolores tribute and gain desire bones. The Event Turkey TRIAL 5 offers increased rates for XP, harvesting, taming, breeding and more on all official servers, so that the feast will be plentiful for all! For a limited time, the survivors can collect all Thanksgiving sweets, pilgrimages and emotes with holiday motifs as well as new emotes, including:

Brand New Ch ibis: Deinonychus Chili, Kaprosuchus Chili, NYC Chili, Ten Raptor Chili, Gigantopithecus Chieftain Chili

ARK: Turkey Trial 5 Cinematic
Autumn cosmetic items: A new turkey costume and three new Ugly Sweater designs, including Foliage Friends, Turkey Target and a Dodo’s Revenge Sweater

Studio Wildcard continues to develop large free updates and thematic events for ARK: Survival Evolved, including upcoming free cards Lost Island, which appears on December 14, 2021, and Fyodor in the Nordic style and in cold weather, which appears in June 2022. Both cards will bring three new creatures and hundreds of playing hours in the Ark Universe!

Now look at the Turkey Trial 5 to ARK: Survival Evolved in the Cinematic Trailer:

Cacao Famil Ryu Young Joon Joint Representative I will be responsible for social responsibility

From next year, I am a new representative of the new representative of the feminine and BYU Young Jun.

The assistant representative will not be able to do it.

What is Corporate social responsibility (#CSR) ?
The two representatives said they will do our best to do our best to do social responsibility and sustainable growth.

Cacao has opened the board of directors, and the Cacao representative of the Few Cacao and BYU Young John Lee Long Aka Pay Lee, a joint representative, said on the 25th. Both of the two representatives will be appointed as official representatives through shareholders’ meetings and boards scheduled for March next year.

The feminine females have been senior in March 2018, and have led to the growth of Cacao. After his senior, we introduced a beads board and aggressively promoted business and contributed to achieving maximum sales. In addition, in the case of core services, KakaoTalk has been promoting a lot of improvement and change, such as releasing the services that can optimize the service to a meaningful relationship between the simple connection, and the market, and the pure of the wallet that can easily and securely identify the identity on mobile.

BYU Young John’s presidential officer joined the developer in Cacao in 2011 and led Voice development, and he succeeded in Aka Pay, which is a relaxation service, and has established a major milestone to expand its areas.

Since January 2017, the independent corporation is the representative of the Independent Cacao Pay, the ongoing time of releasing the existing discomfort, ‘We have visualized the realization of Cacao Pay, recently led the IPO of Aka. He also has been active as a Korean Pin Tech Industrial Association and has contributed greatly to the development of tech pin ecosystems.

As the leading representative of the assistant, Cacao began to worry new leadership, and the Cacao has begun to worry about new leadership, and it is judging that the feminine ladies that have led to the cacao to be reliably leading to the issue of the Cacao Community I decided to be a reconstruction. Based on the expertise in the business area, it was highly assessed that it has achieved the notable growth of cacao.

BYU Young John said that the presidential assignment was incident in the early days of Cacao, and it has been reflected in the understanding of services such as Cacao’s corporate culture, KakaoTalk, Commerce, and Tech pins. In particular, it is expected that it is an innovative company that is an innovative company that is an innovative company, as a developer, and has been a new challenge and has been successfully led Aka FEI, and is an innovative company, and is expected to lead the Global leap in Cacao.

Are you also interested in topics related to Cacao Games?

As the representative of Aka FEI, Aka, Cacao is a representative of Aka Pay, as the representative of Aka is also changed to Cacao FEI Strategy (CSO).

I know that Cacao will play a better response to the innovation company, and I will play a role in the journey to make a better society as an innovative company, and Aka is an innovation company.

BYU Young John said, There is a challenge of social responsibility, and is a significant point of the Next 10 years of Cacao, and is also a new challenge, and it is a new challenge. We will do our best to ensure that the company can grow bigger based on the core DNA of Cacao, Challenges.

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