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Summers War Chronicle confirmed release on August 16

Com2us (CEO Jae-Joon Song, Lee Joo-hwan) will open the domestic launch date of the new MMORPG ‘Summers War: Chronicle (Chronicle)’ as August 16 and open the world of Chronicle.

In the second half of the year, ‘Chronicle’ is the first MMORPG-based MMORPG based on IP (Intellectual Property), a global hit mobile game that has surpassed 150 million downloads worldwide. Through a differentiated content that takes advantage of the genre features while sharing, it is regarded as a global anticipation that encompasses both the original and MMORPG fan base.

‘Chronicle’, which will show the initial story of the Summers War worldview, will pioneer the new concept hybrid MMORPG area with both ‘Summon Collection’, the core element of Summers War, which swept not only in Asia but also in the Western market. There are three unique summoners, Orbia, Kina, and Cliff, and 350 kinds of summons. You can experience infinite strategic fun with a unique strategy depending on the combination.

In addition, you can enjoy a huge content with MMORPG genre characteristics such as dungeons and traps hidden in dungeons and traps, real-time combat (PVP), party play, quests, gathering, mining, fishing, and cooking, and enjoying the vast contents of the genre of MMORPG. Cross play is possible.

Com2us is currently completing the development of the launch version of Chronicle and is conducting the final inspection for the best completion, and will launch a new world of MMORPG ‘Chronicle’ for the first time in Korea on August 16. You can see the starting point of ‘Summers War Universe’, which expands to various contents such as games, webtoons, web novels, and animations, through Chronicle.

Com2us will increase pre-booking compensation and increase the expectations of prospective users in commemoration of the release date. If you participate in the pre-release reservation in Korea, such as Google Play Store, App Store, and One Store, you can join the existing rewards ‘Flame Summer’, ▲ 1 kind of hairstyle, ▲ 1 kind of costume, ▲ 1 kind of costume decoration An additional new semester school uniform set will be presented.

The preliminary booking of the Chronicle is in progress in the app market, including the official Pay.

Meanwhile, Com2us is planning to target the global market with the C2X ecosystem-based P2O (Play to Own) game, which owns the value of growth after the launch of ‘Chronicle’ in Korea. I plan to go.

What is Void Volatility in Destiny 2?

With the release Queen Witch Expansion in Fate 2 Bungie has released emptiness 3.0 on players. One of the new aspects of this is volatility of emptiness . However, how this ability works and how to use it is not entirely clear.

Damage Testing ALL Void Weapons (Volatile Flow) | Destiny 2 Witch Queen
Void Volatility – Debuff Applies to enemies, like Suppression or Weakening . Bungie describes it like this: “The goal will explode as a result of the detonation of emptiness upon receipt of an additional damage. If the goal is dying before the volatile will receive enough damage for detonation, the detonation will still happen. “

Each class has different ways of application Volatility of emptiness . Warlocks can apply it using a hand-to-hand attack Pocket Singularity. Titans can apply it with the guard shield and aspect of the controlled demolition. Hunters use this ability with the help of its supervoloche of the Mebius.

In addition, the mod called the unstable flow allows players to access unstable rounds after selecting a well elemental well. Finally, a fragment for each class is called echo instability activated after murdering with grenades, and then gives explosive shells for emptiness weapons.

To learn more about Destiny 2, read the general advice on the legendary Destiny Campaign in the game manuals for professionals.

An open world survival DYSMANTLE that breaks anything Everything breaks prototype Developer interview

In video clip games, an open world is a game auto mechanic of making use of a virtual world that the player can discover as well as come close to purposes freely, as opposed to a world with even more straight and also organized gameplay. While video games have made use of open-world layouts considering that the 1980s, the execution in Grand Burglary Vehicle III (2001) established a requirement that has actually been made use of since. Games with open or free-roaming worlds normally lack degree frameworks like walls and also locked doors, or the undetectable wall surfaces in more open areas that stop the player from venturing beyond them; only at the bounds of an open-world game will certainly players be restricted by geographical functions like vast seas or impassable hills. Gamers normally do not run into packing screens common in straight degree designs when moving regarding the game world, with the open-world game using strategic storage space and also memory strategies to load the game world in a vibrant and also smooth fashion. Open-world games still impose lots of constraints in the game atmosphere, either due to outright technical constraints or in-game limitations enforced by a game’s linearity. While the visibility of the game world is a crucial facet to games featuring open worlds, the main draw of open-world video games is regarding giving the gamer with freedom– not a lot the liberty to do anything they desire in the game (which is virtually difficult with current computer technology), yet the capacity to pick how to approach the game and its obstacles in the order and fashion as the player desires while still constrained by gameplay regulations. Instances of high level of autonomy in video game can be located in greatly multiplayer online role-playing video games (MMORPG) or in single-player games adhering to the open-world principle such as the Fallout series. The primary allure of open-world gameplay is that it offers a substitute fact and also permits gamers to create their character and also its behavior in the direction as well as speed of their very own deciding on. In these instances, there is often no concrete goal or end to the game, although there may be the primary story, such as with games like The Senior citizen Scrolls V: Skyrim.

An interview with the developer of the new indie game I’m worried about this project. This time, we will deliver a mini-in-tavy to the open world survival DISMANTLE developer officially released on November 16 to PC / MAC.

This work is an open world survival action RPG in top-down view. In the post-apocalypse world where society collapsed, the player will be the protagonist who escaped from the shelter after a long time, and a violent creature aims to escape from the coming island. For more information on the game content, please visit the play report. Customary to Japanese.

Dismantle is delivered at 2,050 yen (1,332 yen off 35% off until December 1).

— First, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

SAMPO10TONS’s deputy representative SAM PO. He is currently responsible for the PR of this work, and the development team is busy with the development of the update and console version.

Personally, the game I was probably the most played so far is Civilization.

THE LAST STAND Series history + developer interview (Con Artist Games) //  Flashlight

-Why did you start developing this work?

Same First, it started with a prototype that can be broken by anything and making various things from the material. This was a good feeling, so I made an open survival game that was a theme of relaxing post-apocalypse, focusing on this concept.

— Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

SAM PO Simple, Breaking everything broke and a relaxing post-apocalypse wide open-world combination is very characteristic. There is also a player who says that the broken thing in this work is almost all. In addition, this work is full of fun activities that have said agriculture, fishing and hunting. I think all these experiences have become one of this work.

— What kind of person do this work do you want to play?

SAM PO Open World, some mystery, relaxing post apocalypse, please play with anyone.

— Is there a work affected by this work?

Same Open World Elements are affected by the outstanding games. Post Apocalypse Net also appears in this work.

— Did you have an impact on development by new coronavirus?

There was only a Same. We sometimes perform remote work, especially before vaccination, was the main work center. It is a problem that communication is difficult and difficult to communicate.

— Is it okay to deliver and monetize this work?

SAM PO is fine.

— Lastly, please give a message to the Japanese reader.

Please enjoy the SAM PO this way!

–thank you very much.

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