The incredibly popular webtoon Solo Leveling will receive an anime following year.
Now a first trailer has actually been released, which likewise limited the launch duration.
We’ll inform you what you need to understand about the brand-new anime of the Sword art online manufacturers.


The very first trailer for Solo Progressing is below

The buzz around the webtoon solo leveling is massive!
During his active term (2018 to 2021), the Manila ended up being that Korean counterpart to the Japanese manga, called on illegal pages more frequently than Dragon Round, Naruto or One Piece.
In this respect, it was guessed early on the network regarding a possible anime execution.
The Manila even led the manga graphs on Amazon for some time:
Solo Progressing 01
EUR 16.00 for
The price might be higher currently.
Cost from 03/22/2023 9:44 a.m. The anime for Solo Progressing was officially revealed by publisher Crunchyroll last year!
Well, a couple of months later on, there is additionally a first trailer to appreciate:
Solo Progressing |
The anime of A-1 Photos is created.
The Japanese studio is primarily recognized for Sword Art Online.
In the profile there are additionally other preferred anime such as Kaguya-Sama: Love IS, 86 or Loris Recoil.
All offered using Crunchyroll!
Anime followers can in all chance expect a premium implementation!
Nevertheless, it takes a while up until the release!
Solo Leveling will probably begin crispy roll in January 2024.

Solo Leveling receives computer game

Along with the anime, there is also a video clip game for Solo Progressing in growth.
We have actually summed up all crucial details regarding Solo Leveling: Arise in this TikTok video clip:
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