The football gamers of VFL Wolfsburg are looking onward to the quarter-final first leg in the Champions Organization near Paris St. German (9:00 p.m./ DAZN).
It is extremely unique. We anticipate a big backdrop with an excellent ambience, said nationwide goalkeeper Merle Fr ohms in front of the duel in the Royal prince Park: This is a gratitude for us as gamers.
Tommy Strewn agreed with his goalkeeper: The players make the huge phase, stated the wolf instructor.
The 34-year-old anticipates a game at eye degree, due to the fact that France’s runner-up likewise has a great deal of specific high quality in the Swiss demonstrator Ramona Eichmann.
I do not care, if you are a favorite-I desire to go to the semi-finals, emphasized Strewn.
In the Parisian Royal Prince Park, which will certainly be filled up with about 15,000 spectators, the German champion needs to do without Lena Overdose (knee evaluation).

VFL Wolfsburg believes is a benefit

The failure of the midfielder is to be collected in the collective, perhaps striker Alexandra Pop or wing player Svenja Hugh can additionally slip into new roles.


It is a benefit because the opponent does not know what takes place. We have great choices, said Strewn, that was happy that at Overdose absolutely nothing challenging behind it.

Already on Saturday (5:55 p.m./ ARD) the Bundesliga leaders from Wolfsburg are pending the top at the large rival Bayern Munich.
The lead of the wolf has thawed on 2 factors.
Strewn, to whom all players are available other than Overdose, does not wish to secure.
We are able to win games in this category as well as this rhythm, stated the instructor.