New appearance for Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, this new license signed Tokyo Games (Death Come True, World’s End Club) which rings the time of the gathering of Danganronpa executives.


From the scriptwriter Kazakh Kodak to the characters illustrated by Run Komatsuzaki via the Masai Takata music, Dangaronpa enthusiasts will only need a few seconds to recognize the executives in the maneuver behind this new title published by Spike Consort.
The trailer of the day presents part of the characters in this new narrative adventure articulated around a bunch of detective masters each endowed with a special capacity.
These criminality skills range from disguise (imitate the appearance and voice of others), to fine hearing (detect heartbeat and murmurs) via retrocognition (witness of past crime scenes).
Except for the protagonist of history which makes us the blow of amnesia and therefore does not remember its talent, but which in certain conditions will be able to use the entire palette of powers of its partners.

The extraordinary detective league

Yuma Forehead therefore no longer even knows what led him on the detective path, but he can count on the advice of a Kirigami alternating between a form of little ghost and that of a Gothic young girl.
In addition to criminals, detectives will have to face Amaterasu Corporation, a sprawling organization that controls the city and considers the World Detective Organization as a threat to its dark designs.
Strongly involved in unsolved cases, this society plays its enormous influence to make facts or hide them when they do not go in its direction. It erects obstacles to prevent the truth from being revealed, we tell us.
To go to the bottom of things, the game will explore the city in 3D but also to switch to another dimension leading to the truth, that of the labyrinth of mysteries.
We still know little about the gameplay phases that await us here, but there will be a question of facing ghosts that will try to prevent us from discovering the truth.
It will then be necessary to dodge their assertions and decide their contradictions using the blade solution.
All this will be located in French and available on June 30 on Nintendo Switch.