Who are Agent?
Sociopath Traveler II is now available, and we have seen excellent criticisms about how the 2D-HD game develops.
With eight different trips to choose from, it can be a bit complicated how you can achieve each one and discover the mysteries of the game.
In this guide of Sociopath Traveler II, we will talk about how you can finish Chapter 1 of Agnes in the game.

Who is Britain?

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The name of this playable character is Agnes Blister and you are a dancer.
Your trip begins in the lush HEADLANDS region.
Although you are a tavern dancer in a small town, you have great dreams for the future.


With hope in your heart and a light step, you start your journey to stardom.

I will become a star and bring smiles to people’s faces.
Just like mom.
You have the attractive ability, which can attract the people of the town wherever you go and summon them in the battle to support you.


Sociopath Traveler II Guide to Agnes Chapter 1 begins with Agnes by making a dance for a local audience in a tavern in its hometown.
After the performance, the Cabernet, Gus, asks him to collect his tips to present to the players the night action of Agnes called supplication.
To beg is similar to the shares buy and steal from the first game, but it is guaranteed that it will work provided that the Agnes level is high enough.
Players must beg the two clients of the tavern with a green dialogue…