In our Pokémon GO Recontact counters, elite incursions guide, we will give you a long list of Pokémon different to use against the new dragon Pokémon.
Obviously, since it is an elite Raid, the fight will not be easy.
You must take action and put the best fighters you have at your disposal.
Let’s get in details, okay?
Pokémon GO RecongreeH counters, Elite incursions guide

The best counters for governor in Pokémon Go

The best counters for regidrago in Pokémon Go Elite Raid (and in general) must have dragon, ice or fairy attacks, since they all inflict 160% damage.
Stay away from fire, water, electricity and grass, because they only work at 63 %.
In the list below, we will give you a lot of alternatives that you can use to easily win this battle.

You will notice that most of them are dragon, which is simply because dragon Pokémon are typically very strong.
There are alternatives, such as Mamoswine and Gardener.


Nor is it necessary for both attacks to be super effective, as in the case of Primal Gordon.
With all that said, we will immerse ourselves directly on the list.
Gardener (Mega or Shadow) with Charm and Dazzling Gleamdialga with Dragon Breath and Draco meteorrayquaza with dragon and indignation tail salience (or any version) with dragon tail and outrage or drama meteordragonite (shadow or regular) with dragon tail and Draco meteorkyurem (any
version) with Dragon Breath and Blizzardppappappal with Dragon Tail and DRAC
and Draco Meteormamoswine (shadow or normal) with snow powder and avalancagagrogroupon primal with dragon tail and precipice blades