Destiny is known for being a routine festival for players who want to perform certain activities and get specific farm boots.
However, as part of the Nightfall expansion launch, players have another new consumable article to acquire.
Here is everything you need to know about how to get a polymorphic Shell code in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 polymorphic shell code guide

In Destiny 2 Nightfall, Polymorphic Shell code comes from completing the Nimbus Weekly Bounty in Nominal.
However, players cannot simply approach Nimbus and start taking these rewards.
First they must progress through some steps, in the classic style of Destiny.
The first thing players should do is complete the Nightfall campaign.
With this out of the way, they must go to the Heroes Hall and start the Stargazer search line.
After choosing the archivist’s mission, players must play through this search line and complete the following mission, which is Maelstrom.
Once the Maelstrom mission has been completed, players will finally unlock the Blue Jay mission, which is the real mission that must be completed to get access to Nimbus’s weekly reward.

After completing the Blue Jay mission, players can talk to Nimbus and can start working in their first weekly reward.
Enter it, and a new Polymorphic Shell code is yours.


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