A journey filled with psychedelic puzzles and musical face-offs wait for in this action-adventure video game set in the human mind.

Coins of Vega– March 8.
Enhanced for Xbox Collection X | S/ Smart Delivery.

Problems have actually smashed the Moral Compass, making The Mind not able to work appropriately. Dusty and his ever-optimistic sidekick, Piper, have to take a trip to Creed Valley, where The Minds perfects are developed to bring back tranquility. A trip loaded with psychedelic problems and also musical face-offs wait for in this action-adventure game embedded in the human mind.

Sentry Apotheosis– March 7.
Enhanced for Xbox Series X | S/ Smart Shipment.

Overview a papa as he browses the countryside and a mystical cult-like community in hopes of bringing his daughter residence. Gone along with by his sibling, Logan, you’ll need to look for notes, illustrations, secrets, as well as various other ideas along the road.

In this isometric activity game where enemies are coming at you in droves, attempt to safeguard on your own as well as make it through against the strengthening and also growing threat by making the appropriate strategy and relocations.

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Play as an alien hive-mind who murders managers, steals their abilities, as well as wears their skulls. Sapling Bygone is a twisted metroidvania where you murder your enemies and steal their capacities by using their skulls. Make every inch of the unusual planet your playground as you learn its keys as well as use them to your benefit.

A retro-inspired auto racing video game with an intriguing story, online and also local multiplayer, as well as even more than 80 distinct tracks with complete cars and truck modification.

Fla shout 3– March 10.

Transport Fever 2: Console Version– March 9.
Optimized for Xbox Collection X | S/ Smart Shipment.

Paper is a labor of love and also a love letter to both the craft of paper modeling and to old-school experience games. Let the game transport you right into a globe of creative imagination as well as submerse yourself completely in paper dream as the breakable and soft songs of Flex sets the mood for your journey.

Enter the motorists seat and also put the pedal to the steel! Smash your method with crowds of zombies as well as many barriers in a rip-roaring auto racing gallery. Experience the zombie apocalypse like you’ve never seen it previously.

A 2.5 D experience platformer that immerses the player in a deep, emotional story, as well as allows them check out brand-new planets and also communicate with unusual worlds. A story concerning self-exploration, improvement, and also understanding of the surrounding globe.

Super Game Football– March 8.

Titanium Dog– March 9.

Caverns of Mars: Recharged– March 8.

Streamlined gallery beach ball where you hit the ball and pass it to your opponents’ area. In Volley Pals, you can additionally do several other intriguing points consisting of however not limited to: invading your challengers’ location, utilizing your opponents solution prior to they do, enhancing the elevation of the internet, playing rock/paper/scissors, and also numerous other points.

Super Arcade Competing– March 8.

The traditional transport simulation category has a brand-new gold standard with Transportation High temperature 2. Give the world with the transportation infrastructure it needs and also make a lot of money with customized transportation services.

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Battery Pals– March 9.


A busy football game where you don’t obtain to capture your breath. With straightforward controls that let any individual grab and play, online as well as regional multiplayer, as well as much more, every suit makes sure to get your attention from kick-off till the final whistle.

Monster Power Super cross 6– March 8.
Enhanced for Xbox Collection X | S/ Smart Delivery.

Carrier: Drift– March 8.

Evil UP– March 10.
Enhanced for Xbox Series X | S/ Smart Delivery.

Sapling Bygone– March 8.
Optimized for Xbox Series X | S/ Smart Shipment.

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Mud, fun, adrenaline and sweat: locate the biker in you as well as delve into the action with Beast Energy Super cross 6. Live all the emotions of the Monster Power Super cross 2022 Champion with the official bikes, riders, as well as tracks. Make the most of the vast range of setups to tailor every detail of your game experience, freely choosing the quantity of realism as well as riding convenience.

Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival– March 9.
Optimized for Xbox Collection X | S/ Smart Distribution.

Romancelvania– March 6
Maximized for Xbox Series X | S.

An experience for roguelike and also RPG fans. Fight with savage monsters, discover the dark corners of the labyrinths, and also improve your skills and also personality advancement with challenging quests, different equipment, many types of enemies, and also random generation of degrees that will make your every attempt distinct.

Carrier: Wander is involving Xbox with free-to-play online cross-platform kart auto racing and deep customization. Race in a variety of modes on various tracks with gamers throughout the globe in this most recent access to the Carrier series.

Clash: Artifacts of Mayhem– March 9.
Maximized for Xbox Series X | S/ Smart Shipment.

Figment 2: Creed Valley– March 9.
Enhanced for Xbox Collection X | S/ Smart Delivery.

Play as Pseudo, a master of fighting styles that lives as a monk in the strange land of Cenozoic. When you go across paths with the Boy, a small creature whose mystical powers have actually attracted the interest of Gemini, the Mistress of the Artifacts, you choose to shield him, unaware that much greater forces are involved.

Come down into tunnels beneath the surface area of Mars in a mad dashboard to ruin the reactor as well as the furthest midsts of the enemies base. Dodge particles, clear out barriers, as well as blast enemies, all while conserving ammo as you descend at broadband right into enemy region.

Deadly Structure: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse– March 8.
Maximized for Xbox Collection X | S/ Smart Shipment.

Take a bite into Romancelvania, a darkly comic style mashup, incorporating side-scrolling activity and tongue-in-cheek love right into one unforgettable and entirely absurd experience. Play as a lovelorn, brooding DRAC that, after a century of moping around post-heartbreak, is thrown into a monster reality-dating show, organized by the Grim Reaper.

Initially launched in Japan in 2008 as the 4th video game in the Fatal Frame series, Mask of the Lunar Eclipse returns for current-gen systems with updated graphics together with brand-new settings as well as costumes. After going back to Rogers Island adhering to a mythological occasion when they were more youthful, a group of teenagers will learn to rely upon the Video camera Obscure, a video camera with the power to catch as well as seal away unthinkable scares, as they try to find the reality of their haunting past.

Paper– March 9.

Room Tail: Every Journey Leads Residence– March 9.

Take part in an exciting, head-to-head fight to the surface in Fla shout 3, featuring ultra-fast ships, loops, leaps, as well as fascinating turns! Test your skills on one of the most outstanding sci-fi auto racing tracks and also attempt not to fall back by letting loose rockets, bombs, mines, and weapons to help you level your competition.

A retro-looking cyberpunk video game where you pilot a massive and also active exoskeleton to squash hordes of delirious safety and security drones as well as abominations while functioning to uncover a worldwide conspiracy theory.