There are many useful elements that can be found in the recently released sequel to The Forest, Sons of the Forest.
These can vary from tools to weapons, or even several foods.
In addition to the most anticipated weapons that can be found, such as axes or guns, there are some that do not necessarily adhere to what a player would normally consider a useful element during combat.
One of them is the putter, a special weapon that is not very useful by itself to attack, since it inflicts little damage.
Instead, it is a fun addition that can be combined with golf balls to play golf.
If you want to know where to find the putter in Sons of the forest below.


Putter rental sons of the forest

While playing Sons of the Forest, you may have found emails that mention golf or sports related articles.
If you want to find the putter yourself, the first thing you should do is open your GPS map and find the location shown below.
There is a golf course there with two putters to find about abandoned golf carts.
Image source: through end night
Once you get to the area, you should see a small body of water.
Just after that body of water there are golf carts that house a putter, as shown in the image below.

Simply Steele the putter once it locates it, either in the back of the cart or on the ground, and press the letter e on its keyboard to obtain it.
Now he will be inside his inventory ready to use along with the golf balls when he wishes.
You can also equip him by clicking on him and using it as a weapon, although it causes little damage.
Image source: through end night
Now that you know where to find the putter in Sons of the Forest you can return to your favorite corner of the island and play golf.
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