At there are now 2 retro consoles in the special deal: Both the AMIGA A500 Mini and also the C64 Maxi are available for EUR 99.99 rather than EUR 129.99 (RAP).
According to the comparison systems, both gaming consoles are presently no place less costly.
You can additionally get the A500 mini available at MediaMarkt and at Saturn for EUR 99.99. Retro gaming consoles amiga a500 Mini and also C64 Maxi on offer
Along with the consoles themselves, some devices are likewise reduced, namely a controller and a mouse for the A500 mini as well as a joystick for the C64 maxi.
Nonetheless, every one of these devices are currently included in the range of shipment of the consoles.

What is the Amiga A500 mini?

The A500 Mini is a retro console, which is published in 2022 and also designed on the Amiga 500, which also imitates ready the Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200.
The keyboard is sadly just ornament and not functional (in comparison to the keyboard of the C64 maxi).
For this, nonetheless, a controller with eight switches and a mouse with 2 retro-style buttons is included.
You can also link various other controllers or a real keyboard if you desire.
25 games are preinstalled, including a great deal of big classics that every retro follower must have played, for example One more Globe, The Chaos Engine, Simon the Sorcerer, Speedball 2 or the Director’s Cut of the initial Worms.
More video games can additionally be installed using a USB stick.
Amiga A500 Mini for EUR 99.99 on

What is the C64 Maxi?

In contrast to the older C64 mini, the C64 Maxi is not a miniature, the keyboard of which is pure ornamental.
Instead, it is a replica in initial size that, like the initial C64, not just offers a functioning keyboard, however is also a genuine PC.
You can likewise run other programs on him than the 64 consisted of video games or even program on your own.
Among the consisted of games there are many classics such as Boulder Dashboard as well as Impossible Goal or the Sports Gaming Winters Months Gaming and also Summer Gaming 2. In the collection, there are additionally a much success such as Protector of the Crown or Pac-Man.
After all, a joystick in retro layout is included.
C64 maxi for EUR 99.99 on Amazon
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