Dacrons are concealed collectible items in SW TOR that give a long-term stat boost to every one of your personalities within your Tradition on a server.

There are lots of Dacrons spread out throughout both the Republic and Empire intrigues in SW TOR. Each Dacron you gather permanently boosts the stats of every personality you have, consisting of new characters. Every Dacron additionally opens a Codex Access which unlocks Tradition for you to read.

This guide discusses all the Dacrons that you can discover on the earth Alderman. Alderman is available to both Republic and also Imperial players. It’s a Coreward Worlds earth nestled in between Coruscate, Balboa and also Cordelia.

  • Unique Products you may need for some Dacrons
  • Alderman Blue Mastery Dacron Location
  • Alderman Endurance Dacron Area
  • Alderman Visibility Dacron Area
  • Alderman Red Proficiency Dacron Area
  • Alderman Purple Mastery Dacron Location

Each walkthrough sector of the overview constantly starts with the recommended starting factor on the map as well as ends with the place of the Dacron itself and the Information Codex Access.


Unique Products you might need for some Dacrons

The route for Republic players remains in white shade. There are 2 Quick Traveling terminals you can make use of, relying on just how much you have actually explored formerly: Ward post Land or Residence Aide Collection. For Imperial gamers, Outpost Taliban is the closest to the supplier.

There is a vendor on Alderman that sells these things. I will explain all of them in this sector and when I state them in a Dacron Walkthrough, I will reference this sector.

Most likely to the Urban Hills area on Alderman in the southeastern corner of the Globe Map. There, in the bottom best edge, along the Timberland Path, you will find a supplier that provides 3 things. The NPC is called Lain-Ricie.

Right here is her precise location and the simplest means to reach her for both Empire and Republic:

The Non-Violent Little Creature Capture System is a palatable and is not required for any one of the Dacrons, yet while you are right here at this supplier, you may buy a couple of, just in situation. The thing is utilized in various other aspects of the game (acquiring unique mini pet dogs, as an example).



You can use this thing to grapple to hooks positioned by the programmers of the game in calculated places. This product is utilized numerous times for Dacron hunting.

The supplier markets 3 items. Listed below you can review every one of them, where and exactly how to use them. Each time among This is needed for a Dacron, I will reference this sector of the overview and also link to it.

Red Detonate Actuator

This palatable is a consumable and is made use of to explode rocks. It’s specifically required for one of the Dacrons on Alderman.

Alderman Blue Mastery Dacron Place

Await it to find all the method up and as it starts to move down once again, get on top of it. It’s simpler to jump diagonally, so wait for the huge place in the center of the lift to pass you and after that get on it.

From the west end of the bridge, take a left as well as adhere to the snowy narrow course. It will lead you to a platform with a lift hanging on steel ropes. To be prompt, this is remains in the Sunny Vale location.

The Dacron is behind the large container on the ideal side down on the island. After you get the Dacron, you can swim to the other shores.

You can utilize the Dog crate close by if it aids you. Put it on the system if you have Phase Stroll. Not capturing the lift might not eliminate you, but you will not be able to get to the Dacron from the water down as the shores of the small late are as well steep.

Closest Quick Travel for Republic gamers is Ward post Land. For Imperials, its Outpost Taliban.

This Dacron will permanently enhance your Proficiency with +3. It unlocks the Galactic History 43 Codex Access.

The lift is moving exceptionally gradually up as well as down the ropes. If you mouse over it, you will obtain an alert pop-up that it’s a Damaged Lift. It’s still moving.

Heaven Proficiency Dacron remains in the center of a lake, which you reach by riding a lift. The beginning location is a bridge over the river in the Organa Medical Camp location in The Juan Mountains zone.

Efficiently collecting the Dacron will certainly give you +3 Mastery to all personalities as well as the complying with Codex Entry:

Galactic Background 43-The Wonderful Droid Revolution

Discussion had been surging in the Republic over the issue of droid legal rights: Did droids be entitled to the same therapy as organic beings, and also was owning androids tantamount to enslavement? This concern was made moot when a Czerka-built assassin droid, HK-01, went rogue and began reprogramming other droids to rise up against their masters, in what would certainly be called the Great Android Revolution.

Complying with the signal, a team of Jedi ruined HK-01, returning the rogue droids to their initial shows. The happy Republic returned to typical, and also the issue of droid legal rights was not elevated once again.

Republic citizens, surrounded by thousands of rogue androids– every design, from method to sanitation to battle devices– located themselves at the mercy of their previous slaves. A number of earths were ruled over for the droid disobedience, until the signal controlling the androids was mapped.

Alderman Endurance Dacron Place

This Dacron will permanently raise your Stamina with +3. It unlocks the Galactic Background 44 Codex Entry.

Before you venture there, you will certainly require dropping in the supplier Lain-Ricie as well as buy the Red Detonate Actuator palatable product.


The Stamina Dacron is concealed in a small isolated cavern. Its entry is at the back of the Rush Estate in the Kings Pass area. This is the area at the end of the map. The closest Quick Journeys are Ward post Lourdes for Republic and Outpost Taliban for Realm gamers. These are both component of the core transport network for each intrigue.

Behind a Killed Siege Soldier (level 33) you will find a small slot for a Blast Pack. You can interact with it. Click on it to put the Red Detonate Actuator and also blow up the cavern.

When you put the item, do not stand near it. The blast from the surge is lethal. The Dacron is in a tiny cavern hidden behind that rock.

After you get in the cavern, there will certainly be a number of groups of Killing in the passages. Your goal is to reach completion of the center tunnel that leads (nearly) directly east as you go into.

Efficiently accumulating the Dacron will certainly provide you +3 Stamina to all characters and also the complying with Codex Entry:

Galactic Background 44-The Jedi Naomi

Born Naomi Dakota, Naomi was the other half of the Jedi Knight And. Hesitantly taking up the weapon, Naomi masterfully dealt with the criminals off and later on left for the planet Cambria to train under Master Then.

While on Cambria, Naomi uncovered she had an ability for battle reflection– the Jedi gift of influencing and inspiring others with the Force– yet never ever lost her nervousness at possessing a lightsaber. Comes Masters foresaw that she would certainly have a crucial duty to play in the galaxy, which came to fulfillment with the surge of the Wrath cult.

Alderman Visibility Dacron Location

This Dacron will permanently boost your Visibility with +3. It unlocks the Galactic History 45 Codex Entrance.

The beginning of your journey to the Presence Dacron is from the Elysium Foundations location in the Glares Valley. Closest Quick Travel for Republic is Ward post Horne. For the Realm, its Station Ghent.

Near the shores of the river, you will find a special Tyrant transportation. This set is not component of the primary transportation network on Alderman. As a matter of fact, when you find it for the first time, you will certainly likewise receive the Codex Access Tyrant Fable.

Take the Tyrant. It will certainly take you around the large rock development, all to the nest, where you will discover the Dacron. You will certainly land right beside it. After you gather it, glide down on the western side.

Successfully collecting the Dacron will certainly offer you +3 Presence to all personalities as well as the following Codex Access:

Galactic Background 45-The Wrath Cult

Fatal as well as Alma started to hunger for real power. Throughout a check-out to the Galactic Gallery on Coruscate, they spotted a publication of old Sith tradition and rituals and also chose to steal it.

As the Jedi understand only also well, evil can occur from the most not likely of resources. In the years after the Great Droid Transformation, 2 aristocrats, Fatal Keto and his cousin Alma, came to power in the Empress Tea system.

Once they had guide, they understood it was created in a long-forgotten Sith language. But Fatal learned of the planet Anderson, once ruled by the Sith Lord Freedom Add, and also the relatives delegated unlock guides secrets there.

Alderman Red Mastery Dacron Location

The beginning factor for the Dacron is in the Bertha Path area, located to the eastern in the Amos Territory zone (far north on the Globe Map). This is the beginning zone for Imperial players, so you’d have the closest Quick Traveling if you are an Imperial, which is Thus Study Camp.

To obtain the Red Proficiency Dacron on Alderman, you will require the MGGS distinct product from the vendor Lain-Ricie located on the Woodland Path in The Juan Hills area.

The Dacron is right there, resting on a tiny platform protruding from the dams wall surface. Use MGGS to leap to the system.

This Dacron will permanently increase your Mastery +3. It opens the Galactic History 46 Codex Entrance.

You can then obtain down making use of the ladder. I know… ladders in SW TOR. It’s a miracle.

Republic players have to travel all the way up there from Ward post Land, or Home Aide Library if it’s opened. From there, it’s a long trek with The Juan Hills heading north. As soon as you go across into the Amos Territory, turn east and take the snowy mountain flow.

Successfully collecting the Dacron will give you +3 Proficiency to all personalities as well as the adhering to Codex Entry:

Galactic Background 46-Nadd’s Heritage

When ruled by the Sith Lord Freedom Add, Anderson had obtained a dark online reputation. Master Area Jet sent out three Jedi, including the siblings CLIC as well as Cay Melodrama, to act as stewards of the earth as well as bring peace to its individuals. When the Jedi arrived, Onerous leader– Queen Amanda– asked for the Jedi help in shielding her individuals from the warrior Beast Motorcyclists, who quickly recorded her child Gala.

The queens pressures coped those of the Beast Bikers and also the Jedi. Cay Melodrama shed his arm in the fighting, as well as only the arrival of Area Jet– that used fight reflection to turn the fight in the Jedi favor– conserved Anderson. With Queen Amanda loss, Gala and also Iron Kira began rebuilding their world.

Upon examining, the Jedi learned the truth: Gala and also the Beast Cyclist warlord Iron Kira had prepared the abduction together, intending to wed and also unify their warring cultures. Queen Amanda was in fact an offspring of Freedom Add, solid in the dark side, and also the Jedi were among her opponents.

Alderman Purple Proficiency Dacron Place

This Dacron will permanently boost your Proficiency with +3. It opens the Galactic History 47 Codex Entry.

After you go into the castle through the major entrance (beware, there are teams of enemy NPCs both inside and outside), head for the back. The door there is a little open as well as you can undergo it.

Climb up the staircases, get to the 2nd floor, and walk around to the various other end of the to discover the Purple Dacron.

This Dacron is in the Glares Valley area (west on the Globe Map), inside Castle Panther, on the 2nd floor. The most effective Quick Traveling for Republic is Panther Haven. For Imperials, Outpost Ghent is southern of the river, in the center of the area.

Efficiently accumulating the Dacron will certainly provide you +3 Proficiency to all personalities and also the adhering to Codex Access:

Galactic History 47-Naddist Rebels

With Queen Amanda dead, Anderson enjoyed a quick duration of tranquility, however a shadow still hung over the earth. Supposed Faddist Rebels started to emerge, a sect that prized the trainings of the Sith Lord Freedom Add. Master Area Jet has well as his pupils looked for to clean Anderson of Adds influence by relocating Adds sarcophagus to Onerous moon, Dun, however they were assailed by Faddists that took the sarcophagus.

The Stamina Dacron is hidden in a small isolated cavern. The Dacron is right there, resting on a small system sticking out from the dams wall.

While choosing the Faddists, Area Jet found that King Om min, long thought dead, was being maintained active in a secret facility. A fan of Add, Om min signed up with forces with Adds undying spirit as well as managed to record Area Jet. The king got away to a secret garrison while Area Jets trainee, CLIC Melodrama, called for Republic supports.

Each Dacron you accumulate permanently enhances the stats of every character you have, including brand-new personalities. Every Dacron additionally unlocks a Codex Entry which unlocks Lore for you to read.

Not capturing the lift may not kill you, however you will not be able to reach the Dacron from the water down as the coasts of the small late are too high.