This may appear like an inescapable conclusion, but we have actually seen last-gen consoles avoided over for DLC launches in the past. In 2015 when CD Project Red revealed the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Freedom expansion, the designer additionally exposed the new DLC would not arrive at PS4 as well as Xbox One platforms.

Elden Ring’s newly-unveiled DLC will be on last-gen consoles.


Today, this is literally the only details we need to go on bordering the Elden Ring DLC. We don’t have a release window for Darkness of the Eritrea, neither do we recognize which personalities, if any type of, the new DLC will certainly concentrate on. It’s plainly still very early days for the brand-new development, yet Elden Ring followers will certainly no question be eager for any kind of information, despite how tiny, moving forward.

That’s according to the official Elden Ring Japanese website (opens in new tab), that is. It’s an alleviation for last-gen players that FromSoftware will not just up and also abandon the following they have actually invested years cultivating on both PS4 and Xbox One systems.

Earlier today on February 28, FromSoftware very casually revealed Shadow of the Eritrea, a new DLC expansion for Elden Ring. Lost in the occurring disorder was the reality that the brand-new expansion will be readily available for PS4 as well as Xbox One players of Elden Ring, as well as current-gen and computer systems.

It’s worth directing out Cyberpunk 2077 has typically had a hard time on last-gen console systems, whereas Elden Ring has actually managed wonderfully. The technical problems were no question a consider CD Project Red dropping the growth from last-gen systems, which merely wasn’t the situation for FromSoftware’s video game.