The health and wellness as well as health of our teams is an ongoing top priority, the Ubisoft speaker told Kodak. Provided the size of the development cycle with Beyond Good & Evil 2, the Montpellier development team is undertaking well-being evaluations via a third party for preventative actions as well as to examine where added support might be needed.

This year will certainly note the 20th anniversary of Beyond Good & Wickedness, Ubisoft’s critically-acclaimed experience game. Ubisoft Montpellier has actually been servicing a follow-up for quite a long time, but the job continues to endure from numerous hold-ups and also restarts. According to Kodak, the follow-up has hit another grab, as personnel were reportedly educated last week that taking care of director Guillaume Cardona had left the business for a concealed reason. Kodak likewise notes that the workshop is currently under investigation from neighborhood authorities over an extraordinary variety of designers experiencing exhaustion and also taking place sick leave. An agent for Ubisoft disclosed steps the firm is taking to prevent burnout.


In 2015, Beyond Good and also Evil 2 formally ended up being the lengthiest video game ever in advancement, surpassing a document initially established by Fight it out Nuke Forever. The initial trailer for Beyond Good and also Wickedness 2 was launched completely back in 2008, but the project has actually seen a constant stream of starts as well as stays the last 14 years. A record last November mentioned that the current construct of the video game seemed to be in early development, and had actually relatively been restarted considering that the last time Ubisoft showcased the game.

Now, it’s tough to claim when Beyond Good as well as Wickedness 2 might in fact take place. The original game was a cult classic, yet sold fairly improperly. After greater than twenty years, it’s difficult to envision a follow-up, or perhaps a video game that takes rate because same cosmos. That may be a large contributing factor to the sequel’s battles, as Ubisoft attempts to determine precisely what to do with the game. One thing is for certain: fans are hosting likely to be waiting a very lengthy time to see it.


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Ubisoft Montpellier has been working on a follow-up for fairly some time, however the project proceeds to endure from many hold-ups as well as restarts. A spokesperson for Ubisoft disclosed actions the company is taking to prevent burnout.

A record last November mentioned that the existing build of the game appeared to be in early development, as well as had actually apparently been rebooted since the last time Ubisoft showcased the game.

That could be a large contributing aspect to the follow-up’s battles, as Ubisoft tries to figure out exactly what to do with the video game.

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