The golden mask in Sons of the Woodland is among the strong late video game products and also really valuable.


You can learn below how you get the part and what it brings you.
Where can you find the golden mask?
You will certainly quickly have explored all the keys readily available on the awful Woodland Island if you are looking for the gold mask.
That is why you additionally require one of the key cards to be able to get to the mask whatsoever:
Upkeep Key card/ Upkeep essential card
Place listed below in the post
Right here you will discover the shelter with the gold mask on the map.
The location will be shown on your GPS gadget as an eco-friendly dot:
The bunker is hard to go across, loaded with adversaries as well as the story is also continued.
Just with strong devices in the shelter.
Open up the looter box if you wished to know which various other things you can locate right here:
Items in the shelter
Flashlight add-on
Golf club
Golden armor
Golden mask
Email-Safe in Cube
Email-Classified Scientific Information
Email-Golf Balls
Stock Price Chart
Cross for the golden mask on flooring 1 and flooring 2. You are now in a stairwell as well as can go down several floors.
Searched flooring 5 as well as you will discover the mask.
A spoiler-free video clip with the path in the shelter, without an opponent, can be seen here:
Just how do you obtain the Maintenance Key card/ Upkeep essential card?
You need the shovel to reach this essential card.
To do this, you need to cross a total amount of 3 caverns, check our overview on the subject: Children of the Forest: Schaefer Find-this is exactly how you get the crucial progress item.
The area is shown on your general practitioner tool as a blinking green dot:
Examine the dirt at this location.
You will certainly discover areas right here for digging and also will find a bunker.
Take a look at the below ground facility and also in a living area you will certainly locate the key card on the desk.
Have a look about, there is a lot to loot down right here.
What does the golden mask bring?
Similar to the red mask you can produce in a 3D printer, you hold the equipped mask in front of your face.
Cannibals can be discouraged from it.
They assume you are among the bosses and leave you alone.
If you are not already in the fight with the invasive next-door neighbors, you can stop aggressiveness towards on your own.

Regrettably, the mask can refrain anything against the adversary in your warehouse: Kelvin was just the hero in Kids of the Forest-but players currently mean: Do not trust him!