Getting experience is routine job, yet Sociopath Tourist 2 makes it less complicated if you are lucky.
Around Celestial live these charming animals called octopuses, which, when success, provide a great deal of experience.
Octopuses constantly avert assaults as well as instantly run away.
How are you going to lower their HP to no before they say farewell?

Just how to win Sociopath Tourist 2

The fastest method to beat the octopus is to toss the rock of the heart (m) or the rock of the spirit (L) at the extremely first turn.
It matters not what component it is.
You can steal them from NPC or acquire them in some stores in succeeding phases.
So, if you see that any type of citizen holds it, you have to buy it, also if you require acquiring it making use of Partition.
An ordinary stone of the soul is also suitable, yet the damages will certainly not be so high.
Whether it’s the Queen of the Ustinov or a straightforward island tourist Ustinov, there is only one way to damage the octopus: with the aid of magic.


Their evasion indicator is too expensive to make sure that any kind of tool can hit it.
Ustinov likewise has a really high element.
– To such an extent that even Oswald will certainly be challenging to damage more than one or two points of life.

Exactly how to obtain even more octopus in Sociopath Traveler 2

Octopuses are unusual beasts that may appear anywhere.
The seeker’s job has a passive ability called much more unusual monsters, which boosts the likelihood of satisfying them.
You can additionally get a pot for the octopus a device from the townspeople to Conning Crick, which raises the chance if you encounter it.
Use Course Actions to capture it!
Nonetheless, when it pertains to a conference with the octopus, it still relies on great luck.
You better pump the degrees in any area where there are the toughest monsters that you can manage presently.
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